Happy Birthday my sweet angel Neelam!

I love you so much and you deserve to have the best baguettes to toast today.

I've told you before, you share the same birthday as my grandma. That's pretty cool! I am her favorite grandchild, so I hope I am your favorite friend!

I'm so happy that in the past year you became a better communicator and can share with me and those around you when you feel the way about something or if something is bothering you. It's a wonderful skill and I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of you for working at a job for a year, that's a lot of commitment.

I'm proud of you for getting a new job that you're happier with.

I'm proud of how beautiful you feel.

Can't believe you're 24. But the funny thing about aging is that soon you'll have known me for longer than you have not known me. That's wild because that means I've stuck around long enough to have seen you grow up and change and change again.

Happy birthday my love, it's been hard not being around you, see you in a week!

xoxo Kittols