I don't really know how to describe this poem. I'm listening to Avant Garde music and this pops out. I can't decide if it'd finished or not. Logic tells me it's not but writing isn't always about logic.

The moon slowly sails across the sky

There is nothing here for you or I

Yet still you try to hold on

To grasp something from the past

Truly, nothing ever lasts

This barren wasteland

With it's dunes of white sand

While starkly beautiful at night

Will bring death in harsh light

Come away with me

Who knows where this journey will lead

Let us glory in this freedom

Hope is all we really need

Leave behind despair

If it wants to let it follow

We have so much left to share

Between each other and the world

Onto my hand you grasp

Slowly to the west we walk

Chasing the stars with our eyes

Not daring to look back

For fear of seeing sunrise

But with the moon as our guide

In this twilight kingdom

We have nothing to hide

As I place one foot in front of the other

I glance to you at my side

And I can't help but smile

We have been given a chance

They thought to break us

To gift us with death

Our bones will not feed this harsh land

Yet, even if Death comes

How are they to know?

They who never leave the safety of their homes

Our living will be an eternal torment

A delicious thread following where we may go

A frisson of fear, a taste of hope

Hatred and love forever twined

Bound together in you and I

Eternal as the sky

As ephemeral as the heart

We dance on the knives edge

Always reaching for our dreams