She is light and goodness. He is night and comforting.

She is a warm spring afternoon. He is a cool winter evening.

She is clear skies and a sheltered valley. He is stormy nights and a moon drenched forest.

They are strong, loving, exasperating, and mine.

They give me safety, allow me weakness, and make me laugh.

She is my aria, my ashke. He is my shadow, my protector.

They are my selfish indulgence, the chink in my armor, and the keys to me.

The loss of either would cripple me, my world is held up by them.

I am at their mercy.

She smells of honeysuckle and rushing water. He smells of sharp wind, stone, and trees.

She is petite and delicate. He is lithe and tall.

She is a saint. He is a rouge.

I am a hollow shell, with a fragmented soul, and a cold heart.

But somehow they fill me, keep me from breaking, and stop me from freezing.

I love them and I will sacrifice everything that's left to protect them.