Make-up streams down her face,

Lipstick worn away,

Why can't you see she's beautiful?

Why can't she see that, too?

Her auburn hair and dimpled cheeks,

Her smile, shines like the sun,

Why can't she see she's beautiful?

Why is what she sees so wrong?

'Big Girls Don't Cry',

I heard her say,

When she thought she was alone.

She wiped her eyes and stood up straight,

Refused to run off home

A friendly hand of a consort

Who greeted her with a hug.

A smile showed her dimples

And her eyes began to flood.

Now she sees she's beautiful,

In every single way.

Her hair still shines auburn,

And her dimples never fade.

She smiles as she hears him say,

Those words that changed her ways,

'You're beautiful, you know that now,

And each moment you do see

The truth behind the makeup,

And the love that was set free.'