Sucky title I know. But its what went best. This one . . . well, it's about how Anna had to leave, when she didn't want to. We're going through a bit of a rough time, and I made a crappy poem about it. I like it, but . . . anyway, it describes how I feel, and how I think she feels a little bit at least. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it at least. It's my longest yet, I think. Please leave a review and tell me what you think! :DD

Goodbye and Hello

If saying goodbye hurts this much,

If saying goodbye just once can rip me apart,

If saying goodbye just once can tear me up inside,

If saying goodbye just once can make me cry,

If saying goodbye even over the phone can make me ache,

If saying goodbye over IM can kill me inside,

Then how can I bear to say hello,

If I just have to say goodbye again?

Goodbye hurts too much,

And hello won't last forever,

Until you are safe back here,

Once again living under this roof,

Because I don't want to say hello,

If I just have to say goodbye again,

Because goodbye hurts to much,

It rips me apart,

It tears me up inside,

It makes us cry,

It makes us ache.

Hello also reminds us of what we once had,

Of what we once were,

Of how we once were so close,

Of how we once were always by each others side,

Of how once our life was full of laughter,

Of how once we always smiled,

Of how once we wrote forever and ever,

And now we are stuck so many miles apart,

So many hours away,

So many houses apart,

It wouldn't be so bad if you lived here,

If we were in the same grade,

If you and I could see each other everyday,

If you could spend the night more then once a month,

If we could write more then a few hours of the day,

But would be even better is if you lived here once again,

It would be even better if you had never left,

It would be even better if certain people would just UNDERSTAND that maybe you were better off here,

That maybe we needed each other,

But they don't pause to think about us,

They only think about themselves,

It is the way of some of the world,

Selfish, greedy, hypocritical, liars,

Maybe I am being a bit of a pessimist,

But I don't care.

I only state what I have seen.

Now . . .

Let's see if we can say hello again,

But not have to say goodbye.