The sequel to Love's goodbye: Lindsy has come home to see her parents but...where are they? When she goes to find the only person she can think of who will help she discovers the truth behind the lies. Old pain is uncovered and will Lindsy be able to stop her parent's fate? ...


A young girl enters stage right (Lindsy 18). She walks to the front of stage right. She pauses for a moment.

Lindsy 18: (Looking up at the audience) I had to leave because it's time for me to move on. (Pause) I am not angry anymore and the sadness will fade with time. I cannot stay living in the fantasy. (Pause) One day I will find someone like Damien is to Sara (Damien and Sara enter holding hands; they stand at the back of the stage, just a memory). Maybe not now but tomorrow brings a new day and a happier one. (Pause) If you find someone hold on to them and treasure them with all your heart. Love is a gift; it is precious and should not be taken for granted. (Pause) wherever Chloe is now I hope she is happy (Chloe enters smiling. She stands by Sara and Damien, all still memories). It's time for me to find my happiness.

Another girl enters stage left (Lindsy 21) and walks to the front of stage left. She pauses and looks at Lindsy 18, a memory. Then she places her bags on the ground and faces the audience.

Lindsy 21: I still remember them all. (She sighs) Damien. (He steps forward and stands at the side of Lindsy 18. Then he takes hold of her hand lightly. Lindsy 18 just carries on looking ahead.) Hewas there so many times for me and I didn't even know it. (Pause) but he did lie to me (Lindsy 18 drops hold of his hand and he walks away, looking back at her.) Sara. (She steps forward and hugs Lindsy 18. Lindsy 18 carries on looking ahead.) She really did love Damien (Sara looks at Lindsy 18. Damien renters, takes hold of Sara's hand and leads her off.) Chloe (she steps forward and puts her hand on Lindsy 18's shoulder.) How could I forget (pause) she left without telling me (Chloe turns and walks away without looking back.) Now I'm back but...not to see them. (Pause) I have come back to see my parents. (Pause) I shouldn't have left them. Not...not without saying goodbye. (Pause) It's time to return.

She picks up her bags and walks over to Lindsy 18. Lindsy 18 remains looking forward and Lindsy 21 just looks at her for a brief moment. Then she takes hold of her hand and leads her off, as if taking her past with her. As the exit stage right the lights fade.