Crying in the corner,

Dragging me down, the angry shouting and punching.

It was never meant to end this way,

I was meant to be somebody not some nobody.

The lies, glares and rumours around me like a viscous newspaper.

A newspaper that told the whole world what I was, who I was,

But all those lies that crawled into the fibres of my skin chinked my armour.

They knocked me down till I had nowhere left to run, to escape.

I couldn't avoid the tears that ran train tracks down my skin.

To them, I looked dirty.

To them, I was nothing.

To them, I was invisible.

To them, I wasn't even alive.

I look in the mirror and see a stranger staring back.

That flat hair wasn't mine, that plain figure wasn't mine, those boring eyes weren't mine.

Crying in the corner,

A soft touch warms me.

I looked up and see a face.

An innocent face that drew me in.

They didn't need me.

But that hug made me feel alive after ages of feeling like the walking dead.

That soft whisper,

"Big girls don't cry."