She thinks she's ugly when she cries.

She cowers perhaps too often behind her thick brown hair, but opens herself up happily to a small crowd. She is small, but taller than me, despite our one-year age difference in my favor. She wears large, black, square prescription glasses and takes great pride in them. Her face is young and round, appropriate for her character. Smiling brings dimples to her cheeks, and nearly everything brings them a distinct blush.

She stands out quietly, never drawing much attention and losing any possibility of the love she deserves with every step she takes. She looks to me for what she isn't given, but I also am unable of giving it to her. She picked me for a role model, but I can only try to fit the job.

She stares at me with no awkwardness, and I wonder why she's so much braver than I am. She seems so free but always on the verge of leaving everything behind. Her life is a whim and I am a fleeting afterthought.

She insists upon covering her brown eyes in the makeup of so many pop-rock artists, despite my repeated attempts to convince her she looks beautiful without it. She is self-conscious but takes the wrong route to hide it. Maybe she's learning the same things I did.

She can hold in her tears from the world around us, but I can always tell when she is going to cry. She is a force against the crowd of Aphrodite's followers, hiding desperately from the typical masses in her world. Without knowledge I can't protect her and with it I only need more.

She laughs shyly but has the ability like no other to change anyone's mood to her own. She is extremely sensitive to the emotions of others, never allowing a friend to go without some attempt to cheer him or her. She watches over the world with an eye that demands little responsibility and is given no respect.

She is Kira Marie Daniels.