I'm at university now, studying creative writing, and hoping to be able to get back into the habit of writing poetry. As I mention on my profile I miss writing it and I think I need it. Poetry has got me through some of the hardest times in my life and I miss that. But I seem to have some sort of block. And at the moment, I'm basically just trying to find a poem in whatever there may be a poem in and have recently written two poems, one of which was only four lines long, the other 8, both very short for me. But I'm hoping if I continue writing short little poems then hopefully I'll be able to get back into the habit of writing poetry like I used to. This "The Poetry of Change" collection is going to be anything poetic that I write at uni or when back at home for the weekend or whatever. The short little things as opposed to any proper 'decent' poems I write, they'll be uploaded individually. Another thing, these short little poems aren't often going to have titles.

Please R&R and the one thing I ask is, when you review, tell me what you thought the poem was about as well as what you thought of the poem. Poetry is one of the most open things in the world, it is literally different for everyone and once before I asked a number of friends and family members what they thought a poem of mine was about and none of them said the thing I wrote it about, but none of them were wrong, because that's the wonder of poetry. It means different things to different people and it's still amazing.

So to shut up this mammoth of an Author's (Poet's?) Note, I'll get to the first poem. Which is untitled for now.

Freedom's written on the sea
and chains are on the land
and the endless space between you and me
begins with this golden sand