I didn't like standing outside in the rain on a dismal Monday morning. Not for the fact that I was getting wet, no, it was more to the fact that I was probably going to be stood up by this guy, again. I'd been informed that this time, he'll be there, and then, who knows? Maybe I'll get a lead on my next target, or client as I like to put it.

It's been a slow year so far for assassins far and wide. It's like feud had suddenly stopped and everyone has become hippies again, or just following the good natured ways from the sixties without the drugs. I couldn't stand it, the quiet was startling, or rather surprising. I'm never startled.

With a large yawn, I noticed that a rather large car had pulled up beside me. I don't like cars. I always feel trapped in them, and there's no where to go. But motorcycles I like, I couldn't possibly describe the free feeling being on a motorcycle gives me. A guy, middle aged, with whiteish gray hair and dark sunglasses on, rolled down the window, and looked at me.

"Kaynleigh Summers?" He asked, his voice deep and gruff, and I caught a faint whiff of stale alcohol. I nodded, not removing my sunglasses, and keeping my hands in my black leather jacket. I had a gun there, just a small one, and three hidden inside the jacket, strapped to my chest and waist, and a very sharp dagger hidden just inside my left boot. I wasn't going to be caught off guard by this guy.

"Please, come in side the car, so we can chat in private." He said, opening the door and sliding over. I didn't want to get in the car with this guy, only because it was a car, and I hardly knew who this guy was. Shoving my suspicions aside, I got in the car, after thinking that I might as well, he made me stand in the rain nearly an hour longer than he had promised.

"Well, Kaynleigh, I apologize for being so late. I got held up." He spoke, I nodded again. He cleared his throat and motioned to a brief case on the seat between us.

"Miss. Summers, in this case is the files of your next client. He's a wanted criminal and there is a gracious sum in it for you." He said. I eyed the case, I already knew I wanted the Client, but first I wanted to know more about my employer. I cleared my throat, and sat up straighter in my seat.

"You say he's a wanted criminal, what's he wanted for? And who wants him?" I asked. I always asked those questions. It saves me some reading time. This guy I still didn't know the name of sighed.

"It's all in the case Miss. Summers." He said. Damn, he saw through what I was playing at. Oh well, no skin off my nose, or paper cuts on my fingers.

"Alright sir. Since I know nothing about you, and I'm sitting here in your car heading out to wherever you're taking me. I'd like to know a little bit about yourself please." I said, sounding firm, and turning my ice cube eyes on him. He didn't flinch like most people did.

"Well, Miss. Summers, my name is Rathebone, Mr. Rathebone. And I'll be your employer until you resign or otherwise. Do we have a deal?" Mr. R, or Mr. Bossy-bootsin my opinion, spoke. I mulled it over for a second then realized that I needed the money for…. I sighed and shook my head.

"We have a deal." I said, trying not to grit my teeth at how hard it was for me to not curse at him. I bow down to nobody.

"Very good Miss. Summers. Now, I'll reach you by mobile phone, which is included in the case, and I will be the only one calling you on it. And we have come to the end f our journey together. " He said, and I realized that the death trap on wheels had stopped moving. I grabbed the case and got out of the car, back into the rain, and on a street no less than a block away from my house.

"I won't let you down sir." I said. He nodded, and I turned on my heel, and walked quickly through the damp concrete streets. I wanted to get away. Nothing was more creepy or sinister than an employer that wouldn't tell you much about himself. Normally, I'd refuse the case, but, I need the money, Aaron was relying on me, and I wasn't going to let her down. I heaved a huge sigh as I thought about my baby sister and her forever getting worse condition and nothing I could do because my parents left us without money, and I had to become an assassin.

I opened the creaky gate that lead to the stairs, which led up to my run down apartment. I hated taking the stairs, especially here. They were so unsafe and dilapidated, that I was afraid that they would break at any moment. I hate these living conditions, but I have to make do with what I can, so all my money goes to fixing Aaron. I reached the faded blue door, with a rusty 13 on it, I unlocked it and went inside. Adina looked up.

"Oh thank goodness you're home Kayn! Aaron's been begging to see you, and she looks worse, but she won't tell anyone of us what's wrong." She said. I nearly dropped my work, and rushed into the bedroom to see her, but I calmly placed the case on the coffee table and looked at Adina.

"I'll go see her now, please don't touch this ok? And if Gaylen calls, tell him I'm with Aaron." I told Adina, who nodded and moved to sit by the ancient telephone that I somehow managed to keep the bills up to date with. I walk into the back bedroom and see Aaron's slight frame covered with a white sheet, and her dark ebony hair splayed out over the pillow. The circles under her eyes are alarming. She is worse. I pull up the chair that's always in her room and sat beside her, resting my left arm on the sheet, afraid to touch much more.

"Hey, Aaron. I'm back." I whispered, forcing happiness into my voice, and a smile on my face, when I really felt like crying. Aaron stirred, and her innocent blue eyes looked up at me and sparkled.

"Kayn. You were gone…where did you go?" She whispered, I smiled at her, and decided to not tell her the truth.

"I had to go do something really quick this morning Aaron. But I'm back now. Just relax." I patted her hand, trying to not flinch at the icy feel of it. My god she was sick. My heart sank, because I knew there was nothing I could do.

"It's ok Kayn. I trust you, but I just missed you. That's all." Aaron said, then yawned enormously, and went to sleep again. I patted her on the head once then left her room, shutting it softly. I slumped against the solid wood surface, trying not to fall apart. I didn't want to lose another family member, not since I'd just recently lost my mum and dad. I sighed, and pushed myself up, and walked into the living room to see Adina, sitting patiently by the telephone. I sighed at her, and she half smiled at me.

"Has Gaylen called?" I slumped onto the couch, and Adina moved over to me, carrying a coffee cup, which she handed to me. I took it tentatively and sipped the pale brown liquid. It was weak tea, but it was warming. I looked out the window and closed my eyes, and drifted slowly into a dreamless sleep.