I paced around feverishly; I got the confirmation email from Spider that he will help me with this assignment. I still hadn't opened the briefcase, because everything isn't going to be alright if Adina and the others found out that I was what I am. Everything would be wrecked. I sighed, and my computer chimed. I ran to the screen and clicked on the flashing bar at the bottom, a video call. I hesitantly clicked on it, because I didn't recognize the number.

"Hello?" I spoke as soon as the window came up. It was my employer. I felt my face freeze in an emotionless mask.

"Hello, Miss. Summers, I was wondering how the assignment I had given you was coming along." He asked, taking a sip from a large wine glass. I saw the scenery behind him, the guy definitely had money, I was sure.

"Well, if you told me the combination to open the briefcase, it would be going along much smoother. Otherwise, it seems to be going along just peachy, Mr. Rathbone. I will get the job done, I'm sure of that." I spoke to him with a voice so icy; you could hammer a nail into a wall with Jell-O. He laughed.

"Good, good. I would hate for something bad to happen to your poor, sick, sister, Aaron." That tweaked a sensitive nerve.

"What do you know of Aaron?" I asked, calmly, although I want to rip out the man's epilates with a spoon. He chuckled again.

"Calm down, young child, nothing bad will happen to your sister, if you finish the assignment by the end of the week…." And with that, he hung up. I gripped the edge of the desk, my fingernails grinding into the woodwork.

"How dare him…." I snarled, nobody talked about my family, ESPECIALLY a rich prick like him! I got up, and began the pacing all over again. I looked at the case, and decided it was time to open it. I walked over, and grabbed the case from off the couch and, brought it to my desk. I dialed the first combination that popped into my head, my parents' wedding anniversary. To my surprise, it worked, there was a soft click, and the snaps flipped open. I lifted the lid slowly, and I gasped, there was NO WAY I could get into this man's house and successfully assassinate him. His name was Markus Riddler. He was also known as Diablo; he was the most feared man in the entire world, especially when it was in the technological world. I sighed deeply, I knew that I needed the money, but there was a huge tumor of doubt resting in my stomach, and it wasn't benign. I walked over the room that I shared with Adina, and grabbed out my gear, slipping it on quietly, I wrote a note, and slipped into the night.