Meanings of the chapter titles (they are in Latin):

Dictum est matrem ā filiō amārī: It is said that the mother is loved by her son.

Nōlō Ego Timērī; Āmarī Mālō: I don't want to be feared; I prefer to be loved.

Verba tua nihil intellegō quamquam clārē dīcis: I understand none of your words although you speak clearly.

Tuum cōnsilium magnī (pretiī) habeō: I consider your advice of great value.

Nēmō est tam sapiens quī omnia sciat: No one is so wise that they know everything.

Audīvī multa impia esse facta: I heard that many wicked (things) were done.

Nihil mē dētērrebit quōminus ad meum amicum miserum auxilium feram: Nothing will prevent me from bringing aid to my wretched friend.

Multōs metus poenae impedit nē scelera fateantur: Fear of punishment hinders many men from confessing crimes.

Iste est tibi amor deōrum ut vītam piam agās: Your love of the gods is such that you live a pious life.

Tot signa ā dīs missa sun tut errāre nōn possīmus: So many signs were sent by the gods that we could not make a mistake.

Quis pecūniam plūris quam amōrem faciat?: Who would consider money of more value than love?

Tam honestus est ut eī crēdās: He is so honest that you would believe him.

Nihil mē deterrebit quominus ad meōs amicōs miserōs auxilium feram: Nothing will prevent me from bringing aid to my wretched friends.

Inīquōs deōs! Nē umquam nātus essem!: Unjust gods! If only I hadn't been born!

Quī deus es? Quod numen? Namque haud tibi vultus est hominis: Which god are you? For you do not have a human face.

Dī mē amant nec metuō nē poenīs eōrum opprimar: The gods love me and I do not fear that I will be oppressed by their punishments.

Numquam is fuistī ut perīculum mortis timērēs: Never have you been one who would fear the danger of death.

Tantum mē nōn amās quantum tē amo: You do not love me as much as I love you.

Tū quidem mihi obstāre nōn poteris quōminus sententiam dīcam: You cannot keep me from speaking my opinion.

Vix haec fātus eram cum [Mercurium] per umbās cognōvī: I had hardly said these things when I recognized [Mercury] through the shadows.

Sapientis est pācem petere: It is the characteristic of a wise man to seek peace.

Magna (pretiō) ab omnibus virtūs aestimatur: Excellence is valued at a great (price) by all people.

Nēmō, nisi vīcisset, pace bellum mūtāret: No one, unless they won, would change the war to peace.

Mōs maiōrum nōbīs sequendus est: We must follow the customs of the ancestors.

Timēsne ut viam virtūtis invenīre possīs?: Do you fear that you will not be able to find the path of virtue?

Sed nec deī nec hominēs mātrem et filium ā crūdēlitāte patrum dēfendērunt: But neither gods nor men defended the mother and the son from the cruelty of the elders.

Amāsne meam fratrem an nōn?: Do you love my brother or not?

Pax cum patribus facta est: Peace was made with the elders.

Miserum hominem!: Oh miserable man!

Spērābam autem animam corpere solūtam etiam vivere: However I hoped that the spirit, having been separated from the body, still lives.

As you may have noticed, some of them are not exactly like the title chapters. This is because I stole the sentences from my Latin textbooks (Learn to Read Latin and Fabulae Romanae) and then made the appropriate changes.

Thanks once again for reading this!

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