Master's Love

Rated: T

Silver falls in love with the master, Jaeger as they fight and go to save world. Does he feel the same for her and when she does ( if she does) tell him will he turn her away.

Chapter 1

" Silver you have a message from the queen, She needs your help again" Said my pet snake, I nodded in response and heard him slither away. I sighed and hopped down from where I sat on the roof, slipping down to the balcony.

" Snipe" I called to my snake and he came back out.

" I am going to go see what she wants, will be back as soon as I can. Watch the castle till I get back or it will be your head" I threatened

"Of course, Silver" He said with a bow.

Part 1

I hopped from my black castle window and made my way through the forest. Branches crunched under my feet as I rapidly made my way to the castle. Blurs of green and the out of the trees swirled past me. When I looked up I seen the queens castle just up ahead.

When I got there I slowed down making my long silver hair come fly past my shoulders and down across my chest. My eye's were golden and sharp like an eagles. I wore my battle armor as I did every time I came here with my combat boots. I was very thin with skin paler than any other.

I walked into the town, many villagers had stopped what they were doing just to gawk at when I pasted by. I was very respected here not just because of the queen but also because of the reputation I had in this town.

When I got to the castle I was greeted by the gate person. He lead me toward the castle but I dismissed him and walked the rest of the way on my own. I knew the castle well enough to find my way around. A royal messenger seen me walked in and hurried over to me.

"You must be Silver" She said bowing down to me then standing back up. "The queen is very sorry but she had to go to a last minute meeting, she request you to meet her in her library"

"Very well tell her I shall be waiting" I said and the girl nodded and took off at a very quick speed.

I started walking along the long hallway, it had many pictures of the royal family, one in which was her parents when they had once ruled. I had known her parents since they were a mere infant and had even babysat them for there parents. I was very old to the many of the people that knew me but others thought of me as very young. I was not very old, people could not understand that I didn't age like a normal human being.

I had many different powers that could affect people in many way's but my main one was poison. I had used poison in most of my battles but had always tried to use my other elements to keep up with them. I had good skills when it came to fighting with hands, that is why I was looked up to as a good night.

"Silver, it seems like forever since I last seen you, you really need to come visit more" Said the queens familiar and elegant voice.

"Sara, nice to see you again and sorry for not visiting you, people keep me busy these days" I said

"Snipe" She guessed and I nodded. "He is quite a snake, have you found the right person for him to give the power to yet?" She asked

"No, not yet but the person who will earn the power is the person I will love dearly" I said and then asked "What about you, usually you don't summon me like this unless your in need of help, so may I ask what is troubling you?"

"Yes well, there is an up coming war and I need my best fighter to help me win it. The other side has threatened to take over our land and I was hoping that maybe you could help us take action" She said

"Of course, what would you like me to do?" I asked

"Well in the meeting I just came from we came up with a plan" She replied and I nodded for her to continue so she did "I need you to train an apprentice" She finished the last part quickly.

Even though the queen and I were fairly close, I still gave her the chills. She had only seen me fight once and it scared her half to death that I hadn't done it since then. It had also taken a toll on her for when she seen me, she was very careful not to make me mad.

"Well, I guess I wouldn't mind teaching someone but do I get a part in this war?" I asked

"Of course you do, in fact we are picking out our best fighters to teach someone there skills and we are going to use you guys to attack the castle while we are guarding our own" She replied.

"So the fight shall be here then" I said with a grin on my face but it wasn't my usual teasing grin.

"Yes" Answered the queen.

"Well, that is fine, when will I get my apprentice to teach?" I asked looking over to her

"Thank you and we will be getting them here soon enough. You won't have a lot of time to waist to teach them how to fight and that, Silver is why I told you" Said the queen biting her lower lip as she added "But there is something we need you to specifically teach your going to be student"

"And what is that?" I asked

"Because the army we are going up against have special powers, we need you to get into the castle and stop the source of power" She said "That is only if you wish to"

"That should not be a problem I will teach my apprentice some of my poison skills and other skills that he will need to survive. Then hopefully the group we travel with is going to be ready to" I said

"Not be rude but I have to go again, I will have one of my people get you a room to set up in and tonight we will have a meeting in my library, after that you will go to a feast. In the morning we will call you down to get your apprentice in which you can start training with them" She said

"Of course" I replied

After she left the library one of her noble maids lead me to my room. There I changed into something more appropriate for the moment and was getting ready for the meal after the conference. I hadn't put on anything to fancy because that wasn't me and I felt more comfortable in something simple.

By the time they had summoned me the sun was already starting to set so I hurried to her conference room where ever one was going in. We sat down and I seen a lot of powerful witches and wizard but knowing they could never level up to me.

"Thank you for coming every one" came Sara's voice as she walked in wearing a fancy dress for the dinner.

"Hello, my queen" Said the court.

"We are going to discuss why we are her and what we are going to do about it. So far you know that I need your help and here is what I need you to do for me" She said and continued on before anyone could say a word "There is war coming and I need you guys to train an apprentice to help you carry on the order I have for you, every one knows what that is right?"

"Yes, you told us when we came. We are going to take down the source in which is giving the enemy power" Said a chubby guy from the front.

"Yes, you will come to the battle area in the morning to get your apprentice and start training. You will have a couple of months to train them so please don't waist time" She said and added "You will choose who you will train now you may go to lunch"

We all got up and left for the dinning room which swarmed with people. I was about to go to my room but decided to stay here so I wouldn't make Sara feel bad. I made my way through crowd bumping into different people. I finally spotted Sara and slipped past people to get to her.

"Silver are you enjoying the stay, I know you hate groups but please eat first before going to your room" She said

"Of course my queen" I replied and let her carry on.

I got something to eat and talked to some knights in training and other masters known in the castle. I was going to head out, I was tired from a long trip and day. As I went to head out the door and turned the corner, SPACK! I looked up to see someone had run into me.

"I am so sorry" He said apologetically, looking over at me with sympathetic look.

"No problem just next time watch what your doing" I said without care. My head had hurt from the crash but nothing serious was done, it was just a mere accident.

"Here, let me escort you to where you were headed" He offered holding out his left hand toward me.

"Ok" I said awkwardly taking his hand.

He helped me up and lead the way to my room after I had told him where it was. I felt awkward, I had never had anyone want to take me anywhere, I usual did it myself and turned down the person that offered. I hadn't really understood why I had done it just now and was about to argue when he started talking.

"I am so sorry about what happened back there, I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should of" He said apologizing for what seemed like the millionth time.

"No need to worry" I assured him

"Maybe I could do something to make it up to you. You are the queens most prized guest and she would have my head if she knew what happened" He said, I could sense a little fear creep up into his voice as he spoke these words.

"I am fine in was a mere accident" I said and he nodded.

"Well I better be off" He said when we had gotten to my room door and then went back to the dinning room when he knew I was fine from there.

I watched till he was gone then opened my door and entered my room. I changed into my night cloths and decided to go to sleep early. That morning I awoke on my own and took a bath then changed. I didn't bother to eat breakfast but went to the training field instead, where everyone would eat after there morning meal.

I walked around looking at all the different items I could plan on using to train my side kick. This won't due, I will need to take him to my castle to train I realized. I looked over to a noise that had caught my attention and to my surprise it was the boy from last night, I then decided to help him out a little.

"You are doing it wrong, stop prancing around like a little girl and be a man" I said and he turned to me a little surprised but nodded.

I watched him as he did as I told him and surprisingly he learned fast and did it very well. Maybe I could teach him to be my other side to fight beside me, that is the least he can do for last night I thought.

"Grip your sword tighter it looks like it is about to wobble out of your hand" I said watching him. I seen him tighten his hands and continue on as I nodded in approval

I helped him out a little more and was impressed with how much he learned with each passing minute. I was about to help him a little more when I seen people starting to gather and so I turned away from him and stepped in with the crowd.

"Ok, men line up and they will choose" Said the queen and the men as commanded. "Go ahead choose, my loyal masters" She said

I watched as each trainer chose someone but I was looking around for that guy from last night. I still had yet to learn his name and when I looked over at the training area where once been. I seen he had disappeared but I could smell his cent that he was in the crowd.

"Silver, are you going to choose yours?" Asked the queen and I nodded.

I walked into the crowd every one staring in wonder as I made my way over to that strange boy. When I got to him he looked a little shocked but hid it very well amongst the people but he wasn't so sly to trick me.

"I choose him" I said grabbing his arm and carrying him through the crowd of gawking villagers.

"But Silver this is not one of the men I wanted you to choose from, he is a simple weak kid from a farm" Said the queen and everyone around us nodded in agreement.

"Yes I understand that but do you underestimate my teaching skills?" I questioned

"Of course not, if that is who you have chosen than that is who you will train" She said with a sigh but gave me a little smile. I nodded at her and everyone started to leave with mumbling whispers.

"I never thought I would have a chance at being able to fight for the queen, but thanks to you I can" Said the boy

"Well I think you could be a great fight" I said and then asked "What is you name, young man?"

"I am Jaeger" He replied and then added "And you are Silver, goddess of poison"

"Yes, I see you know a lot about me don't you" I replied

"Of course you are famous" He answered, this time when I looked at him he had a gleam in his eye.

"Well, I must go and plan for our first training this afternoon" I said to him and walked away leaving him standing there in awe.

When I got to my room, I was wondering where he was going to be. After planning what I was going to teach him, I went in search for him. When I did I seen him with the other worriers, he was putting a tent up in which I did not like my knew student to do.

"Jaeger, what are you doing?" I demanded and all eye's went from there tent, to Jaeger and then to me.

"I was setting up tent like ordered from the queen to do" He answered looking a little embarrassed.

"Grab your stuff you are coming with me" I said and walked off. I heard him grab everything of his and run after me with quick steps.

I walked to my room, while people kept staring at us but didn't look for long. When we got to the room I pointed out where to put his stuff and where he was going to stay for the time being.

"Thank you but you didn't need to do this" He said intervening with all that had just happened.

"Yes I did, I have my ways of teaching as others have there way and mine is not letting you sleep on the ground outside where you don't belong." I said and added "You are not a little dog, you do not deserve that"

"Thank you, master" Said Jaeger giving me a low bow before standing up and facing me again.

"You can call me Silver, I do not like being called master and I don't rule over myself nor anyone else. I am only me and maybe someday you could come with me to my castle to stay" I said

"Of course I would be happy to some day" He agreed with delight and a grin from ear to ear spread across his face.

"One more thing, don't praise me act like your self, I am not much for that either, meaning no bowing or nothing. I want to be treated like a normal person not like royalty" I said

"Yes ma'am" Said Jaeger and I couldn't help but grin at his enthusiasm.

"Well I am going to order us something to eat, do you like anything special or have you not had there food?" I looked over at him questioningly.

"No, as the queen said before I am a farm boy and don't eat a lot, in fact the only one of my family besides me to make it was one of my cousins" He grumbled. His smile he had once wore slid down into a frown.

"I take it you don't like him now do you" I stated

"Nope, he can kiss my ass. I have always wanted to beat him in a fight but every time I challenge him he turns me down" He said

"Well sounds like he is afraid to fight because he doesn't want to be beat, now I will be back" I said leaving the room.

I walked down the hall and to the dinning room where just the queen and the trainers were walking around talking and happily drinking there drinks. I walked through them and toward the queen when, she seen me she greeted me with a warm smile, welcoming smile.

"Sara if you don't mind I am going to eat in my room and I have relocated my apprentice" I said returning her the warm smile.

"Well that is fine, maybe you can join us tomorrow to" She added a little to busy to really listen.

I just nodded and went to the table where I grabbed enough food for both me and Jaeger then headed back to the room. When I got there Jaeger was sitting on the bed and smiled at me with relief when he seen I had made it back..

"Thank you" He said

"No problem" I replied handing him a plate of food that was almost matching to mine but a couple of differences.

As we ate we talked and laughed and I was having a good time with him. I was even glad I had chose him, or even had met him. We had gotten to know each other better in these last few minutes than I had expected to. I looked to see what time it was and knew we better get started with practice if we were going to get anywhere.

"You are thinking about practice aren't you" Said Jaeger as if reading my thoughts.

"Yes, come we must start" I said gesturing toward the door.

After having someone take our dishes and leftover food, I then lead the way to the training area where all the other trainers where at work with there apprentices. I just simply grabbed a sword and turned to Jaeger, tossing it to him, to have him catch it with one hand.

"Well let's get started than shall we" I said with a grin on my face as we both stepped onto the training field.

I had not a weapon at hand while he had a newly sharpened sword. He was ready in his stance with a look of determination, and was ready to bring on the pain.

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