It's cold. Dark. I've strayed from my usual path, but I'll find my way back. I always do. I've been running through this forest for what seems like hours. Every time I put my paw down I hear a crunch that reminds me of a bone breaking under pressure.

I've been following a scent for a couple miles now, and I think I'm approaching my target. It's not very big, but it'll satisfy my hunger.

I found my dinner. It's brown and much bigger than I last thought. But it will go down none the less. I just need to pick the right moment. One strike to the neck and it's mine.

I'm slowly crawling towards it, my belly almost scraping against the forest floor. Every step I take is a cautious one. If I break one twig or ruffle one leaf its game over. The air is so cold I can see every breath I exhale. I wonder if that will give me away. Probably not. He'd have to look this way. If he did he would see me anyway.

My time is upon me. I launch off my hind quarters and aim a paw right at his throat. I miss. This beast is faster than I thought. This will be a challenge. I like challenges. I launch again, but this time I scratch his left leg. I land right behind him. I jump up and I hook my claws into his back. He's thrashing about, but my grip is iron tight.

Eventually, after getting smacked against a tree a few times, I brought him down. It hurts to breath. I might have broken a rib. But I will eat well tonight, and a couple nights to come.

Further study of this creature shows that it has a lot of muscle. Not my favorite type of meat, but its meat. But if it has such power why didn't it use it? Did it think that I wasn't strong enough to win? Was it weak from a previous fight? No. There are no marks besides the one to his leg and the one to his neck. Both conflicted by me. Interesting. I wish I could study this more, but my stomach is growling. I must give in to the hunger.

I rip into its bare flesh, and take my first bite. Blood gushes into my mouth. So fast I almost choke. I've never encountered such a bloody creature. This is definitely a treat.

I was hungrier than I had thought. Less than half of the animal remains. My stomach is at its point. I will rest here for a while.

Rays of light awaken me. The sun is starting to rise. I must return to the others and prepare for the trials ahead. I am afraid that it will end in death.


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