A/N: I feel my greatest condolences for the recently departed Steve Jobs can be expressed in only one way - through a poem written on none other than the iPhone that Steve himself invented.

As news hits hard, we take it slow
For no one wants to see you go

And though we may not all be compatible,
There is one thing we have comparable
Our lives have been changed; we won't forget
We'll always feel to you some debt
For the wondrous things you did invent
They touched the lives of all of us; each heart with a permanent dent

From Pixar films to each Mac Book Pro,
We watched your career as it seemed to always grow

I remember with the first iPhone
I thought it could do all, even alone
Now I know that was not true,
For the 4S came out with much ado

And though I know you will not see
This poem comes simply from me
May it be known; my thoughts are with your family and with each dear friend
And may you know; your legacy shall have no end