There's no way I can ask for forgiveness for what I have done and the glinting silver blade seemed to symbolise that.

A few small cuts, I knew that was all it would take. It never worked as I wanted, though. I was still here, wasn't I? I could blame it on the fact I adored Sam, the unique girl I saw at college, or that I was trying to prove that I wasn't as much of a monster that deep down I knew I was. I knew the real reason; I was a wimp. I'd done such horrible things but I was still the same pathetic wimp. I used that fury against myself. Gritting my teeth I pressed the blade against my wrist until I saw my pale skin tinged with a dark red fluid.

There was a knock at the door though and so I jumped, hissing at the pain when the blade dug deeper. Dropping the blade, kicking it under the chair, I grabbed a tea towel and covered my wrist. I was at the door and opening it seconds later.

"Wha-?" I asked as I blinked.

Sam, who even managed to look angelic and beautiful whilst surprised, looked up at me. Even in this strange moment, I had to try and stop myself from losing herself in her pair of brown orbs. "They're coming for you."

I didn't react as I probably should have, not to begin with. Did Sam know what had happened? That seemed to be the least important question to me, but it was the foremost question in my mind. She couldn't know... I planned to tell her in my own way, even if I hadn't gotten around to it because I couldn't bear to see her eyes full of hatred...

"Blake! I don't have time to explain, grab a jacket!" She ordered, the authorative side I'd have found sexy if I wasn't worried was evident.

I was glad that at least one of us was able to keep sane. I felt like I was falling apart as I dazedly grabbed my jacket, glanced around the room that I would probably never see again and ran out, Sam's small hand in mine.