Just when things went right

It doesn't mean they were always wrong

Just take this song

And you'll never feel

Left all alone

Take me to your heart

Feel me in your bones

Just one more night

The two girls on stage finished moments later but those words and the smaller girl's face were etched in my memory and I had no doubt they would stay there for as long as I lived. The smaller girl blushed, pushing dark hair from her face as her eyes found me. I could only imagine how stunned I looked. I forgot she sung and took classes with Devon, the taller one behind her. It was amazing to finally hear her though and I couldn't help but grin, proud for the girl I loved.0000..

"And that was Sam and I singing Home Sweet Home. Now, we're going to be singing..." I wasn't listening to what she was chatting about now. I only just noticed how Devon looked next to me, where Tyler was sat. I noticed her smile, aware that he was only here because she was. Still, my eyes were locked on Sam's, just expressing what we wanted to say that way. To think my girl was here and singing was mesmerising. She sounded so amazing and I couldn't believe it. I knew she'd just sung that for me, that she was trying to tell me I'm not alone, that she is with me and we'll be properly together soon enough. Just the thought made all this bearable and I loved her more than I had thought possible.

"Amazing, huh? De sounds like an angel and every time it's just as fantastic, like the first time I'm hearing her," Tyler murmured, his eyes not moving. Devon began singing then, her voice filling the room. She was amazing too, it didn't hold me in the same way as Sam's did for me but I knew it had Tyler. I also knew I'd never get bored of hearing Sam and that it would always be brilliant. Her soft voice would never fail to entrance me. She'd joined Devon with the singing now. They worked well together, their voices matched and never failed to stop me from catching my breath. Shivers were running down my back and I never wanted to move or hear her stop.

I don't really know how much time had passed. It could have been mere seconds or several long hours. It felt closer to the latter but I couldn't be sure. Sam's voice had me lost, too focused and now I had no clue. Reality seemed to bewildering. It took me an eternity to realise I was a prisoner and just being visited by Sam, something that managed to churn my stomach somewhat. Gulping, I ran fingers through my hair, not caring if it was now standing on end. Sam was soon at my side, head resting on my shoulder as a pair of brown orbs fixed expectantly on me. I could read her like a book and I saw the nerves. Why was she so worried? Did she not realise how much of an amazing singer she was?

I smiled and immediately she relaxed. "You were amazing," I said. It didn't describe it fully, there were no words that would describe what affect her voice had on me. I played with a lock of her hair, watching as a smile grew on her face. It made me smile too and, just for a moment, I managed to forget where I was. Nothing but Sam existed. No crime, prison, T or anything. It warmed me up, made me feel like everything was going to be fine. A feeling I don't remember ever feeling before.

Sam just laughed, shaking her head. "Devon is. She's much better." Some girls would stay stuff like that just for more compliments. Sam honestly believed it, I could tell by the way she shifted uneasily in her seat and looked uncomfortable. Yes, Devon was brilliant. She would definitely go far. So would Sam, though. They were so different, they could hardly be compared.

I shook my head, brushing a finger across her soft cheek, savouring her touch. For a brief moment I wondered how opposite I was to her. There was no way I was as pure and sweet but was my skin rough? Rugged? However, I couldn't think about it for much longer. T was behind Sam, a smirk curling his lips, making him look like he was up to something. I fought against my protective urges to pull her to me, to hide her from him, knowing I would look crazy and the determined Sam would not be impressed. Besides, Tyler had done the same to Devon not far away and she gave him one quick glare before moving so she could do as she liked.

"Wha-?" Sam asked, a small frown forming on her face. She'd clearly noticed how Tyler, Devon and I were acting and it confused her. She turned her head and seemed to stiffen when she saw T. He acted like he didn't notice anything as he stopped right behind her. "Yes?"

"You really are something," he mused. My hand tensed into a tight fist. T remained relaxed and I saw his eyes flicker to me. He was waiting for me to make a move, to cause trouble first. I couldn't let that happen.

I just saw Sam raise her eyebrows. She seemed stunned. I was glad she was able to stand up for herself because in seconds she straightened up, a tight and annoyed expression on her face. "My boyfriend thinks so too," she said, taking my hand and making sure T saw. "Theodore, isn't it? Or do you prefer Teddy?"

As if T didn't pale already, when he heard Devon laughing too, his face took on a ghost like complexion and he looked so angry that a vein in his head pulsated, almost ready to burst. I smirked a bit, hand curling protectively around hers. There was no way he was going to touch her. Tyler seemed to think the same, eyeing up T. I saw Devon's boyfriend and I'm sure he's about to beat anyone up for even looking at her rang through my mind. Yes, he was not looking at Devon but it was the same case if he was a danger to Devon in any sense of the word.

T gave all four of us a warning look before he walked off without another word. We all looked at eachother and soon the tension drained. We were laughing. It was just like friends were meant to. Except, not in a prison. I didn't think about what the consequences might be, it wasn't worth considering right now, so I just concentrated on the moment we were having.

Why were things so confusing? One minute I was depressed and hating the world. The next I was made up, happier than anything and about ready to sing. It showed what having a girlfriend could do to a person. I managed to ignore T when his glares hadn't stopped after seeing him with Sam and I even slept well. The next day was fine too, especially when I got a couple of hours with Sam. In fact, things were a lot better than they had been in a while. Studying was going well and Martha was going to be talking for my case today, there would be a verdict within the week. I was nervous but Martha promised I stood a good chance thanks to good character witnesses and the fact I handed myself in.

"'E's lookin' fer ye', kid." I kept myself as away from the prison and other inmates as possible. It stopped trouble, seemed like a good idea and allowed me to concentrate on better things like Sam. Therefore it was a surprise to hear Dom talk to me. He was also just as private and quiet so that made him talking to me a surprise. Yet, I was grateful for his help. I looked towards him, his dark and round face, surrounded by stubble, was as serious as always. There was no emotion, he didn't care for me, but there was no hint that he was lying. I gave him a nod, muttered thanks and headed from the dining room now that I was done.

They may only be five words, his first five to me too, but I knew what he meant. Was it not over? Had he not forgotten? It had been so long ago, I barely remembered. Yet, it could only be T looking for me. I wasn't scared, I had no reason to be when I could be out there with Sam in mere days, but he annoyed me. Theodore clearly wasn't going to let things slip. I debated on going to see him but I changed my mind. It wouldn't look good if we got in trouble and they caught me supposedly after him. I also didn't see why I should go to him when he was the pathetic one with the problem.

To think of it all as a major problem was stupid, though. I couldn't care less. It was the tiniest problem in my life. Except, another problem did happen. It was on the fifth day of waiting for a verdict. I hardly stayed settled, even when Sam promised me things would be fine no matter what. On the fifth morning, as I paced around the room waiting for anything, the door opened. I turned on my heels, an anxious expression on my face as I looked to see who it was. Martha stood there, an unreadable expression on her own face. That made me more nervous. She wasn't the cruel type who hated me. Whatever sort of news it was, I should be able to get the gist from her expression. So why was it so hard to tell what was going on? Unless, she didn't want to tell me...

"Have a seat," she said. I gulped and did as instructed. "Well, you shall be leaving here today, continuing with the project from the start." Was that even possible? I was grinning but then it disappeared. Why was she so glum about it? "However, you are to move and change identity for your protection."

"Sam?" I asked instantly, voice hoarse as if I hadn't spoken in forever.

Martha shook her head. "It's too dangerous for visiting and too expensive for two," she said before quickly going on, making sure I had no chance to say anything just yet. "If you breach it this time, you will be going to prison for a long sentence. There's one more condition this time. You remember how there is a step, if the victim wishes, for them to talk to the criminal so as to help with the rehabilitation?" I gave a small nod. "As you know, Piper declined. She was contacted for deciding what was to happen with this hearing. Anyway, she has changed her mind. As part of your rehabilitation, you shall be having a supervised meeting with her."

"N-no Sam, new identity and a-a meeting with P-p-piper?" I asked, voice small and quiet. Like a child's. I guess right then I felt like a child, a terrified one who'd had the worst news that was possible. It wasn't the first time I'd been close to losing her but each time wore at me and was as bad, if not worse, than the first. I was glad to be sitting down but felt myself sink forward, head falling into my hands.

"I'm so sorry, Blake. I wish there was more I could do. I tried t-" I waved my hand so she would pause. It wasn't her fault and I needed some time, anyway. Sucking in a couple of deep breathes, I soon moved the hand from my face, ready to do what I needed to.

"What if I refuse?"

"Prison. Then, if you refused protection, you'd be out on your own but in danger. Bla-"

"Guess I'm Benjie again, for now," I replied. Blake was gone, Benjie would be and... I don't know who I would be next.