Kastariya walks carefully through the woods, holding the basket with its warm content's aroma rising around her. Shivering in her red cloak, she walks faster and flips up the red hood to hide beneath it. She had shivered, not from the cold of an icy winter, but because this is the first time in these woods alone.

"Never enter the woods alone." her grandmother tells her every time she visits. "There are Witches and Dragons, Shape-shifters and Vampires, Wolves and other Beasts. And if your mother doesn't accompany you, they will pounce on you and eat you." Her grandmother would then jump on the frightened girl and tickle her. The memory comforts her a little.

It is her grandmother she is visiting now; she had sent word that she was sick, and so Kastariya's busy mother had sent Kastariya to bring food and medicine to her grandmother through the quickest route: the forest.

"But mother," Kastariya had cried. "What about the Witches and Dragons, the Shape-shifters and-"

"You're a grown girl, you'll be fine." Obviously, the woman doesn't believe in any of it. Not wanting to be called a coward, Kastariya had went without any further complaint. A girl of seven, she is grown and shoudln't believe in such fairy tales. She does though. Kastariya does and she should.

A howl and a sharp cry of pain in the distance makes Kastariya walk faster. A fireball follows the sounds. Kastariya's mother had always dismissed it has mere thieves, and told her daughter they would only prey on those who have ventured off the path. It doesn't convince the girl. It's far away. It can't hurt me.

The bushes beside her move and rustle loudly, and suddenly, from the bushes leaps... a bunny.

"Hello there little one. The woods are dangerous. Where are you going?" The bunny is black and sleek, as dark as night and death. The only spark of color is its red eyes and gleaming, sharp teeth.

"I'm going to my grandmother's house. She's very sick, and I'm bringing her some food."

"Where is it?" Is it close? You shouldn't be alone in these parts of the woods."

"It's just down the path." She points. The cottage is not yet in view, but she knows it's close. "I really must be going now."

The bunny stands up on its hind legs and waves its little paw in goodbye.

Hurrying down the path, Kastariya finally sees the light at the end. The happy little cottage comes into view soon. Making her way up the garden path in front of the cottage, she steps up to the door. She opens it and calls, "Grandmother! I'm here."

"Yes, come in."

"You sound strange, Grandmother."

"Yes, it is the sickness."

Remembering the illness, Kastariya hurries to her grandmother's bed.

"My, your ears a long."

"All the better to hear you with, dear."

"Your eyes are a bit large and red."

"All the better to see you with, granddaughter."

"You're skin is a bit dark and furry."

"All the better to... feel you with, my sugar plum."

"Your teeth are a bit long and sharp."

"All the better to eat you with, darling." The creature stands up and pulls of the glasses it had taken from the despicable human it had just devoured. Leaping on a Kastariya who had finally summoned the wit to back away, the creature bites the human's throat.

"I'm happy," says the bunny, smiling in a grotesque way. "Are you happy?