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Ranvir stared at his reflection as he trimmed his beard. He wanted to be careful not to shave too much off his left side, he was a perfectionist that way. Everything had to be perfect. He was used to looking nice and having women notice his good looks. Ranvir had had his share of women and flings. Many which were just one night stands. That's the way it was supposed to be, he would have fun and one day settle.

His thoughts drifted off to the woman he couldn't stop thinking about. Annabel's beautiful grey eyes appeared in his mind as he replayed their encounter. He remembered the cute way she blushed when he was staring at her. Everything about her was perfect. Her skin felt so smooth and soft when he held her hand. Her voice sounded like the voice of a bird, dainty. Even her smile was breathtaking. Ranvir craved to see her again. He wondered if she would be at the meeting. He was hoping she would be at the meeting so he could see her again.

He couldn't reason with himself why he was still thinking of her or even what he planned to accomplish with her. It's not like they could be in a relationship since they were both unavailable. What did he want with her? Another problem was he wasn't sure if she even liked him that way. Maybe she was just being nice or even worse what if she was sent by Mr. Goldberg to seduce him. It was very likely Ryan would have sent Annabel to try to manipulate him to go into business with Mr. Goldberg. This suddenly made Ranvir feel anger and sadness at the thought of Annabel trying to trick him. He would get to the bottom of everything, but the thought of Annabel still made his heart race. Before he could think another thought his phone began ringing. He looked at the caller ID and saw it was his sister's number.

"Yes Manjula, what's going on?" Ranvir asked.

"I need you to watch Diyva for this week. I got called out of town to work in New York and I will be busy with meetings. There is an issue with the software and I will have to resolve It." his sister demanded.

"Where's your husband why can't he stay and watch her" Ranvir said annoyed. She always demanded from him more than her husband.

"He's away on project, so she'll have to stay with you. I'm packing her stuff right now so stay home until I get there" his sister said hanging up the call.

Ravir huffed that once again his sister managed to boss him around. It's been this way ever since they were young, but he was her little brother. He had his own sets of business ventures to deal with and would have to fit his niece in the picture, which he didn't mind. He loved his niece and would always be there for her.

After an hour he was done getting ready. He was dancing to the loud music playing in his apartment. Even though the music was loud, he was able to hear his sister banging on the door.

"I'm coming Manj" Ranvir yelled going to the door.

"What's with the bloody loud music? Are you watching a tamil movie?" his sister asked while carrying Divya's suitcase. His sister was in her late 30's and had short straight hair. She wore a traditional Indian tunic with black tights that complimented her thin and tall frame. She stood at 5'7 feet.

"I always listen to music while getting ready to go out" Ranvir said continuing to dance to the music.

"Uncle!" Divya ran towards Ranvir and hugged him tightly. His niece was the spitting image of her mother. She was nine years old, but very intelligent for her age. Her hair was wavy and passed her shoulders. Ranvir cared much for his niece since the day she was born.

"Didi look at you! It's so good to see you" He said with excitement picking her up. "What has your mom put on you? Why are there white boys on your shirt? Who are these guys?" her uncle teased examining the shirt.

"They're One Direction" Divya said laughing at her uncle's reaction. It made her laugh when her uncle was clueless about boy bands.

"Why are they called One Direction? Are they giving directions?" Ranvir teased.

"No Uncle, you have so much to learn" Divya giggled.

Ranvir smiled and began dancing with his niece as the music continued playing.

Manjula went near her brother and sniffed him. "What is with you? Why do you have so much cologne on and why are you dressed so nice? And why are you so happy right now" his sister noticed. She had not seen her brother this happy before. Plus, he was dressed in his finest clothes that she knew he only wore on occasions.

"It's nothing sister, I always look this good." he winked playfully at his sister.

"Right" his sister said skeptically. She would find out soon enough, but right now she was in a rush to leave. "I must be off now. I packed Divya's things, she has everything she needs for the week. I will call when I land" Manjula said while reaching to hug her daughter.

"Diyva I want you to behave and listen to your uncle. Don't trick him into letting you stay up late. I want you in bed by nine" her mother said holding her daughter.

"She will be fine with me Manj, don't worry" Ranvir laughed. It amused him to see his sister get motherly.

"I'm serious Ranvir. I don't want Divya staying up late with you watching movies. Last time she stayed with you, she couldn't sleep at her regular hours. And make sure she brushes her teeth in the morning and before she goes to bed. I packed her bathroom supplies and she needs to take her showers everyday" His sister said seriously.

"Definitely sister, you don't need to worry" he assured her but knew he would not listen.

"Ok I will go now. Take care Ranvir. I will call you when I land" his sister said hugging her brother.

"Bye Mom" Divya waved bye to her mom. She was excited to be spending the week with her uncle, because he was always fun to be with. He let her stay up late and do what she wanted.

"Bye" Manjula said with hesitance. It was always hard for her to leave her daughter but she knew Ranvir would care for her.

Once Manjula left, Divya began to celebrate. She loved her mom but she was ready to have fun with her uncle. "Uncle, I'm ready to have fun! Where are you taking me today?" she beamed with joy.

Ranvir smiled at his niece. "I thought I'd take you with me to a meeting with me? Would you like to come to a meeting?" he asked her.

Divya already frowned at the thought "A meeting? That sounds boring" she said.

"No it won't be boring. It's at Geja's cafe. Have you ever tried fondue before" Ranvir asked trying to make the meeting sound fun.

"What is that?" she asked confused.

"Fondue is melted cheese. They give you sticks to dip melted cheese and give you many fruits, breads, and vegetables to dip. For dessert they light up chocolate with fire" he explained animatedly.

"That does sound fun. I want to go" she said happily.

Ranvir sighed with relief. "Let's unpack your bag first, then we will go" he said feeling glad his niece was willing to go with him.

Ryan woke up an hour before Annabelle and began to watch her. Last night was the best night of his life and the start to their life together. He smiled as he watched his love sleep. Her eyes had wet tear stains and he wiped them off regrettably. It hurt him to see her hurt, but it broke his heart to see her hatred towards him. He couldn't understand why she still hated him. Yes he did some things to her before, but it was in the past. Heck, he made up for all the bad things. He saved their house from being taken away, he's paying for her father's medical bills, and is paying her cousin double then his other employees. This is all being done out of love. Love? Did he love her? He looked at Annabelle and smiled. Yes he loved her. The realization made him smile. She was made for him and they would spend the rest of their lives together. He knew the moment he saw her when they were little that he was crushing. Ryan closed his eyes and caressed Annabelle as he remembered their first meet


Ryan and his mother Carmen arrived at their new house after their 3 day drive. His mother was distant and had dried tears falling down her brown eyes. Her dark thin hair looked greasy and tangled.

"I don't want to be here mom! I want to go back home with Dad! This place is so far away he won't know where I am!" little Ryan yelled at his mom.

"Stop it Ryan!" Carmen snapped at her son. "I'm only going to say this one last time because you are old enough to hear it. You have to forget about your father because he has forgotten about us. Never mention his name again because he never existed. It's just you and me for now. I'm the only person you need and I'm the only person who will care for you. As of today this place will be our house "his mother said with defiance. That day she made a vow never to think of Ryan's dad again.

Once Ryan and his mother settled in, he played with his toys while his mother continued unpacking. He hated this house it was not as nice as his old house. Ryan was going to miss his soccer field that his father set up and the giant pool. But he would miss his dad the most.

Carmen kept her mind busy by setting up where everything was going to go in her new house. She looked down at the boxes. The boxes that held her life, which was not a lot. Sadly, she was used to not having a lot. Her family were immigrants from Mexico and they struggled forever to make ends meet. It was by chance that she got a job working as a secretary for a hot shot attorney. Maxwell Goldberg. By the end of her first week working for him, he had managed to get her in bed. Then within three months, she was pregnant with Ryan. Once the news broke, Carmen's parents were embarrassed by the news. Therefore, disowned their daughter for the disgrace of being unwed and pregnant.

Maxwell provided Carmen and their newborn with a home, though he never planned to marry her. Maxwell went home and lived with them. For years Carmen put up with the verbal and physical abuse he subjected her too. She even put up with all the affairs he was having with his secretaries and hookers. But one day enough was enough, she couldn't live another day living miserable with him. When Maxwell came home she confronted him and told him she was done. Carmen's announcement didn't faze him, if she wanted to leave then he would allow it. However, Maxwell felt inclined to provide Carmen with money and set up an allowance of 7,000 dollars a month. This angered Carmen and caused her to hate him. She refused to take his money, all she wanted was to be free.

Carmen looked at her son staring through the window to his new room. She could see his sadness and felt sad to see him suffer. "Honey, let's go to the park?" she said getting his attention.

Ryan turned to face his mother. "Okay" he mumbled putting his head down.

Carmen and Ryan walked hand in hand while they took in the view around them. It seemed like a quiet neighborhood. There were many people outside working on their lawn and gardens. It was regular suburban life.

When they arrived Ryan ran off to play on the swings. It was empty which meant he could do anything he wanted. He swung side to side quickly. The swing flew high rapidly which caused Ryan to stumble backwards.

He landed on his back and began to cry. Before his mom came he heard a girl's voice.

"Are you ok? I saw you fall!" a girl around his age with long black hair said bending down to comfort him.

Ryan looked at the pretty girl and stopped crying. She had long black hair with a pink bow on the side. Her big grey eyes looked at him with concern. Ryan felt himself crushing on this girl. He didn't want to seem like a wimp so he stopped crying. "It hurts a little" he said staring at her.

"Give me your hand" she said pulling his hand to help him stand.

Carmen ran quickly when she noticed her son fall. Then felt relief seeing him with a young girl. He showed no signs of fear as he smiled at the little girl.

"Ryan honey are you ok?" she asked rushing to his aid to kiss him.

Ryan scrunched his face. "Yes mom! I'm ok!" he said wiping his wet cheek.

Carmen turned to face the girl and smiled. "Thank you for comforting my son. My name is Carmen and this is my son Ryan. We just moved here. What is your name?" she asked.

"My name is Annabelle" she said smiling at Ryan.

"That's a pretty name. How old are you Annabelle?" Carmen asked.

"I'm seven years old" Annabelle answered happily. She felt like a grown girl.

"That's how old Ryan is. You two are going to be good friends" Carmen smiled. It made her happy that Ryan made a friend. Maybe this would be the start of something good for Ryan.

Ryan and Annabelle went to play on the swings. He pushed Annabelle back and forth. "Do you want to be my friend Annabelle?" he asked nervously.

Annabelle smiled and laughed. "But I'm a girl and you're a boy" she answered back.

"So? We can still be friends" he demanded.

Annabelle nodded her head. "Ok Ryan I'll be your friend" she said hopping off the swing. She turned to face him.

Ryan smiled that he got his way and Annabelle agreed to be his friend.


Ryan returned back to reality as he felt his love stir in his arms, she was waking up. Now twenty four years later, here they were still together.

Ryan's blue eyes were the first thing I saw when I woke up. "Good morning my love" Ryan purred as he gently cupped my face. It took me a minute to realize I was still in his bed. The horrible memories from last night came back. My hatred and anger boiled up inside me.

"Morning" I said wanting to get away from him and go to my own house. I couldn't stand to be around him.

"Did you sleep nice? How are you feeling?" Ryan asked me with concern. Fake concern! I hated when he tried to sound nice. When would the real Ryan arise?

"Yes I slept nice. I'm feeling sore but it's nothing a bath won't fix. I think its best I go home" I said trying to sound cordial.

"Don't be silly Annabelle you could stay here and shower. What is your rush to go home?" Ryan growled already getting angry. He was the most infuriating person I ever met!

"Very well then I'll shower here" I said beginning to untangle myself from Ryan's arms. With Ryan's reflex skills he tighten his arms around me and flipped me over so he was on top.

"Don't be in such a hurry to go! I us to spend some time together!" Ryan said as he started kissing me.

I squeezed my eyes close while he forced me into a long kiss. I attempted to block him away from my thoughts as he kissed me. When would this nightmare end? After two minutes Ryan stopped his actions and looked at me. I could see frustration and anger in his eyes. He was angry at my lack of response to him.

"Take your bath!" Ryan ordered as he forcibly brushed himself off me. He did not even spare me another glance as he slammed the door shut.

At this point I didn't care if he was hurt or upset. I just wanted to leave his apartment and go home. It was obvious he just wanted me for sex, so why did I have to spend more time with him? With hesitance I got up to shower. The minute my feet hit the floor, I felt pain and soreness. Every step was painful but I quickly made my way to the bathroom. To my amazement the bathroom was the size of an apartment. There was a tub the size of a small pool and a shower fountain. The bathroom was designed for royalty. I went for the nozzle and let the hot water fill half the tub. Then I added the cold water to mix with the hot water. I used my hand to mix the contrasting temperatures together. When the water was to my liking I dipped my toes and moaned at the feeling of the soothing water. The water felt soothing and amazing.

Ryan scrubbed his body angrily as he seethed in his own anger. He was angry with Annabelle's lack of emotion and her eagerness to leave him. That's what she wanted to do was get as far away from him as possible. Since the night he saw her at the club, she was always rushing to leave him. He realized that she didn't have feelings for him. Why else would she be in a rush to go home? Even after taking her virginity, she still didn't feel like she was his.

What did she think? Did she think she could just leave him after last night! Did she think she could use him for his money and just leave? Never!

He would show her who was in charge. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him on how to keep Annabelle. He would force her to move in with him. There would be nowhere for her to go or hide. If she was isolated from her family and forced to live with him, she would be dependent on him. Her world would have to revolve around him. Ryan smiled wickedly at the thought of keeping Annabelle prisoner. He needed to establish his reign on her.

Why did this have to happen to me? I cried seeing the dried blood on my woman part. It was the evidence that I wasn't pure anymore. My whole life I saved myself. Even after I lost the weight and guys pursued me. I never lost my value. I saved myself as a gift for my future husband. I still couldn't believe Ryan was the one who took it. Ryan "The most wanted guy in School".

I remember the time when I began to develop feelings for him. It was the summer before I went to Texas. We were sitting in my Tree house, I invited him the night before I left. He was sad because I was going to be gone for the whole summer. I wanted to say one last Good-bye to him before I left. Who knew that the night would be our final last good-bye?

That night we were throwing ooze slime against the wall, we were testing if the balls would stick. Then Ryan turned to me and asked me if I would miss him. I immediately said I would and hugged him tight. It was in that hug that I felt something. I had hugged him many times before, but that night I knew I was going to be gone a whole summer made me realize how much he meant to me.

The next day, I left for Texas with my family and I was sad. I was sad because I felt like I was going to miss my best friend. Who knew that when I'd come back he'd break my heart. If I had known that by coming back he'd change, I wouldn't have developed these feelings for him. I felt so stupid for having fallen for him.

Now here I am with him and I don't see anything in him that reminds me of the Ryan I used to have feelings for, or even the Ryan who was my friend. Before I repulsed him because I had gained weight, but now he repulses me because of his evilness. I wish I had never met him that day at the park. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have gone to the park that day.

"Are you still in there?" Ryan pounded on the door.

I had just stepped out the tub. "I'll be out in a minute" I said wrapping myself with a towel and stepping out. I almost cringed at the angry look in his eyes. What did I do to make him so angry at me?

"Took you long enough" he said annoyed grabbing me by the arms. "It looks like we need to establish some rules"

"What kind of rules?" I asked. Was our arrangement not obvious enough for him? I was his own personal hooker. He would call me when he was in the mood.

"As of today, you will live here with me. I'll send for your things "He commanded.

"No I won't! What about my family? They need me there and haven't seen me for four years. I can't leave them again" I panicked. I didn't understand why he wanted me to live with him.

"You can visit them! Pablo will be your driver and take you to see them whenever you want, but you will live here and that is final" Ryan said decidedly glaring at me.

"Why do I have to live with you? I thought this was just a one night thing. This is not how it was supposed to be!" I said beginning to get mad.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? I see how quick you want to leave me, but it won't be that easy! You're mine Annabelle! You'll always me mine! And I keep what is mine! So I suggest you get that through your beautiful head "he said pulling me against him and caressing me in a romantic gesture.

"Since when did you decide my future? You've mistreated me all my life. You scarred me emotionally. Do you know how long it took me heal from all the torment you and your friends caused me? Do you even care how much those cruel words hurt me? And now you're binding us together. You do realize I hate you right? I will never see you with eyes of love. I will never love you or even care for you. Why would you continue to do this when you'll never be happy with me?" I said trying to get my feelings across to the beast.

"That's where your mistaken love" Ryan said staring at me with a wicked grin as if my words didn't faze him. "Having you with me does make me happy. It's not about your happiness, darling. It's about our situation. Yes, we had our issues in the past, but that's where it is. It's in the past. I always had feelings for you. Despite appearances, I still thought of you in the back of my mind" He said looking into my eyes.

"Don't insult my intelligence with this crap!" I shouted beginning to push away.

"No my love, I want you to hear this" he whispered going on with his words. "I know I made the mistake of being influenced by my friends. But I couldn't be with you at that time, still that didn't stop what I felt for you. At first I was disgusted by my feelings for you when you were fat, which explains why I had to act out by hurting you. After graduation, I went on with my life. I slept with countless women, but I couldn't feel anything for them. It wasn't until I saw you that night at the club and these feelings came back. But this time my feelings were stronger. When I realized it was you I saw your hatred. I knew you wanted nothing to do with me. I couldn't accept that! I will never accept that! Then I saw you were in a bind and I used that to my advantage. This isn't how I wanted it either! I would love to have your affections. If I could have it my way, you'd love me the same way I love you. But this is how it is. I know I can't have you willingly, but that doesn't stop my love for you. Call me selfish but if this is the only way I could have you, then I will take it. Because not having you is not an option" Ryan said kissing my forehead.

"Do you realize how crazy you sound Ryan? You don't care about my feelings.. The only person you care about is yourself, which is fine. But let me make something perfectly clear. My family is the only thing that matters to me more than my own life. I'm only doing this to secure their happiness and safety. So I will live with you. I will stay here as your prisoner, but you will never have my heart. You may have me under your control but I will always loathe you and see you as the ugliest thing in the world. You repulse me more than anything and it is taking everything that is in me not to vomit at your sight" I said with honesty. Ryan seemed disturbed by my words. His eyes widened and he gripped my jaw.

"You think you're going to hurt me! All your hate and your rejection! You're going down a dangerous path that will only end badly for you. It doesn't matter to me if you are willing or not. I will take what I want and get it. Since I'm taking care of your family, you will follow the agreement. It would be easier for you if you conformed because the only one who will suffer is you" he said kissing me on my mouth. There was something desperate in his kiss as he held me tight in a loving embrace. After our kiss he continued to hold me as if his life depended on it. He nuzzled his cheek against my wet hair.

"Let's get you dry. We have a meeting to attend at Geja's Cafe and I want you with me" He said wiping my tears away. Though I still hated him with all my being, I would have to change. It was evident he didn't care about my words. I would have to mask this hatred.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" The waiter asked Ranvir.

"Water is fine" Ranvir replied politely looking at the menu.

"And for the pretty little lady?" the waiter asked Ranvir's niece causing her to blush.

"A soda please" she responded hoping her uncle wouldn't say anything. Her mother never let her drink soda because she felt it would lead to soda addiction.

"I'll be back with your drinks" the waiter smiled as he walked away.

Ranvir kept his eyes on the door waiting for any sign of Ryan and Annabelle. Soon his wishes were answered as he spotted them. Annabelle walked shyly behind Ryan. She wore a coral short dress with gold sandals as she carried a white with gold Gucci bag. Her long wavy hair bounced with every step she took. Annabelle was just as beautiful since the moment he saw her. If anything she appeared to have gotten more beautiful. His heart began to beat rapidly as their eyes made contact. He could see her eyes widened as she made contact with him. She was definitely trying to tell him something with her eyes. Suddenly she began to frown as her eyes landed on Diyva.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks again to the people who left a comment. I know that when writing about different cultures, there might be people who will get offended. I apologize if I offended anyone. I'm a Mexican-American and I have always had a love for learning about different cultures. My fiance is Indian, which is why I was inspired to add Ranvir's character to my story. I fell in love with the culture and have learned so much from my friends and in-laws who continue to educate me on their culture. Geja's cafe is an actual restaurant here in Chicago, where my fiance took me on our two year anniversary. It was very special to me which is why I used my experience there in my writing. In the future writing Ranvir will have much to think about having fallen for a woman who is not his ethnicity. Ranvir's character is based on the struggles my fiance dealt with his family for having fallen in love with me. We went through so much before we got the blessing of his parents. But I am very blessed his parents looked past my race and grew to accept me as their daughter. They have also became like my second parents.

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