You ignored me

You know, you weren't the only one full of fury

Of course, that's what you were taught not to see

But why did you leave my doubting my sanity?

You know what? I hate you

It's what they'd been telling you

So your reaction was just a default

I get it, I really do

That wasn't your fault

But you were the one just standing there

As my life skid to a halt

I hate you

You were just so obnoxious

Like they taught you to be


Robbed me of everything


You said that you hated me

Well, I can do it back

You said that you didn't care

Well, I did

I do

I still hate you

The funeral

With the crocodile tears

Of those who hated me all my life

I could have laughed

If I wasn't about to cry

If I didn't know

They were relieved that I'd died

And you

You were pretty

As always, and you were crying

I thought maybe

It wasn't true


You didn't hate me

Like you didn't

Before you proceeded to get rid of me

Before you confronted me

With the truth I'd always refused to believe

You thought you got the last word, didn't you?

You're wrong.