Boredom is a silly little thing,

It strikes you at odd hours in the day.

But one thing I do suggest,

Is to never sit idle that is when you are most at risk!

First it creeps up on you…

Sneaks past your eyes,

And enters your brain via your ears.

It starts of slowly,

First you try to distract yourself;

You pick up a glossy mag or newspaper,

Or you doodle on your hand.

Maybe even the internet,

Though there are lots of trolls on there.

Then it takes control inch by inch,

You flop on the sofa or on the bed.

After trying your very best to fight it off.

Then to a passer-by,

Your mum, your dad, your annoying siblings or even the family pet,

You turn and say,

"I'm bored!"

They wind you up or send you jobs to do,

But that niggling and nagging feeling in your head,

It tells you that you're still bored!

Not just bored but hopeless bored.

This impish little creature, called boredom, has the power.

He snakes you into endless boredom.

However, this is one cure to boredom…

One cure that is so feared but any living creature.

It's called Homework and will strike the boredom dead.

Though it is likely to cause the following side effects:

Tiredness, brain block and buckets full of complaints.

But sometimes in the back of your mind when you sit and write…

There is the boredom imp who is clawing his way out of his cage.

So beware of the little creature before he strikes you unaware…