Creating chaos is a disease

that is contagious and Jesus

is nowhere to be found in the

world. Unsecured and careless,

society accepts whatever with

arms wide open in the sign of

a cross unaware that the body

of Christ may be broken. Common

sense doesn't exist anymore, this

is nonsense. This doesn't make any

sense at all, why is everyone so intense?

Buildings collapse and cancer patients along

with recovering alcoholics experience a relapse.

This is nonsense, I can't erase my name off of

Satan's hit list. This doesn't make any sense at

all, why do humans have to fall from grace all of

the time? Times are hard right now, but I will

never stop showing my appriecation for God

my family and friends. God's power in which is

a higher power much more greater than you and

me will be able to hold us together forever, my soul.