Author notes:

Um... This is my first time writing stuff, and I have to admit I'm not that good at describing things. So... I hope nobody kills me for my lack of words OTL And also, English isn't my first language so if there are any wrong grammars, misspellings, or any mistakes please feel free to point it out, I'll be glad to fix it and probably learn from my mistakes too.

This story came from my dream, by the time I woke up I quickly thought that the idea is good and so wrote it down. But by the time I wrote it down, the story is starting to sound like Gakuen Alice o_o I guess that's because I like that anime a lot (Especially Natsume *insert irritating fangirl here* XD) So if the story ends up to something similar to that, blame my dream for ending up that way lol XD jk

Oh, and I'll italicize their thoughts and bold on things like shouts and emphasis. Hope that's not much of a bother ^^;

Sorry for making the author notes long (I hope I'm doing it right *has no experience at this kind of stuff /shot*

Hope you'll like it. And I hope it's easy to understand... OTL I'm bad at explaining and describing so you might not understand it... *worried* :

Chapter 1 - Admission

On some place, where the ocean's waves can be heard under the clear, bright sky… Two figures can be seen. One is of a tall middle-aged man, and beside him is a teenage girl with purple, long-braided hair flowing through the wind. They are on a mission to hunt down ghosts on an abandoned island not far from where they stand. This mission was requested by a rich family who wanted to buy this island, but were scared of the rumors they have heard about the island.

It was said that whenever ships, owned by tourists or adventurers, or simply just fishing boats, stop by this island to have some rest… They would end up found destroyed the following day, and their bodies not found. Without a doubt, the two thought that it really is the work of ghosts. Ghosts that wanted to avenge their death. And so they immediately went to the place.

By the time they have arrived, the place was already in ruins. Walls broken, and full of dust… Shattered stones and fragments… But this certain structure found at the center of the island, looks very suspicious. As it is the only building in the island that you can call decent-looking, like it doesn't seem to fit in well with its surroundings. But you can still call this structure as part of the ruins, as it managed to preserve the beauty of history...

Like what the hell am I even talking about.

They entered the room leading inside the building, and found what they came for. It's the ghost, though it is alone... But nonetheless they continued their job.

"The pay for the job was quite high, but I guess that's just rich people throwing their money huh…", the girl said as she rolled her eyes.

"I guess so… Anyway, let's just keep our guard up just in case" the guy whispered in a soft but serious voice, trying to prevent the ghost from hearing. But it seems to have noticed their presence…

"Oh crap! It noticed us!" the girl panicked

"That was because you're not keeping your mouth shut!" the two quarreled…

"Fine, I'm sorry Rio, happy?" the girl said in an irritated voice, as she snatched her bow and arrow from her back.

"Ugh… Let's just get this over with Sai", Rio said as a sword appeared from his hands through thin air.

Sai was ready to support Rio's back in case of trouble, but you can tell from her stance that she's ready to kick that ghost's ass out. Rio let out a smirk, while dashing through the enemy with his sword. But the ghost easily dodged it, after that its form slowly gets visible.

The ghost appeared in front of Rio in the form of a woman around his age. "It's wearing a lewd outfit… So I guess it's trying to seduce Rio", Sai thought while letting out a chuckle. "Good thing Rio isn't into that kind of women, or else this mission might just end up as a failure."

"What are you laughing at Sai, be serious!" Rio said as he tries to attack the ghost in front of him, he took a glimpse at Sai and…

"SAI BEHIND YOU!" he shouted as he saw a hoard of ghosts behind her.

"What's behind m-" she was surprised by the amount of ghosts behind her and runs quickly to the center of the room and attempts to hit it all, but ends up falling down to a room below it.

"Oww… Why the hell is this building so old, yet it looks so amazing outside?!" She complained as she shook off the dust on her head, and before she knew it she is on a room full of ghosts.

"Oh dear… What mess did I run into now?" She said on her thoughts.

"Hey, you alright?" Rio asked as he looked at her from the hole above. "I'll go there once I'm done here, be careful with your part, ok?" he continued while fighting the remaining ghosts on his location.

"Men aren't worth it." "That's right! Just leave that guy to us, and we'll make sure to give him what he needs." "You should just go with us, he'll end up fooling you in the end anyway." "Men are all liars." One by one, the ghosts around her talked to her and stated their thoughts.

"All this ghosts must have been fooled by men… I wonder what happened…" Sai thought while wondering if she should play along them or go against them.

"Hey, mind explaining to me what happened to you all?" Sai asked with a bit of hostility in her voice.

"Are you planning to take his side…?" A ghost said with a bit of anger in her tone.

"Huh? No, I was wondering what happened. I just wanted to know, is that bad?" Sai replied, acting a little curious and innocent.

"At first, there was a group of women that were stranded in this island" Another ghost stated with a serious tone.

"After some days, a boat came… It was a ship owned by a lot of men, at first we thought they were nice people. They built this building here and raped us all. And after that, they killed us one by one." The ghost said with a solemn face.

"I see… So that cycle continued till you reached this number?" Sai replied while nodding, showing her understanding.

"Yes, that's right. Now that you know the story, are you with us?" A ghost in the form of a woman said, Sai thought that she must be the leader of these ghosts.

"Hmm… Not really, I trust Rio a lot. Unlike you people who easily loses their trust on the whole race of men, just because of a mistake made by a different one." Sai said with a poker face. "All the people in this world are different, in some sense. Don't ever make a stupid mistake of thinking that two people are completely the same just because they are the same in some way. That just stupid, really stupid." She continued as she prepared her bow and arrow, ready to shoot and kill.

"Tsk, let's see who's the stupid one." The ghost in a human form said, prepared to attack as well.

Sai shooted a hundred arrows at the same time, and took a bottle of holy water on her bag at the interval she shot it. Some arrows hit the ghosts and disappeared, while a few managed to dodge it. She threw the bottle of holy water to the group of ghosts that survived. But most was unaffected by it.

"Tsk, I thought they were just some low-level ones… I guess my guess was wrong." She thought. "Rio… Where the hell are you when I need you." She continued talking in her thoughts.

Sai shooted the remaining ghosts with her arrows, but there is still one remaining. It seems to be the one she thought of as the leader. She shooted it with her arrow and hit it, but was unaffected. Sai wondered why, that arrow should be strong enough to kill it. The ghost threw the arrow back to Sai, but noticed it in time to dodge it… But the arrow passed the skin on her shoulder so it bled.

"Tsk, to get hit by my own arrow… At least I didn't put poison on that arrow or el-", Sai was disturbed from her thoughts as she suddenly coughs blood. "?! N-no way… This ghost actually… " She continued her thoughts, as she looked at the ghost she was fighting with, which has a ghastly smirk on its face.

"Sai! You alright?" Rio rushed to them and saw Sai with blood. "Hey are you alright?!" he continued, surprised to see that Sai is injured.

Sai nodded as a reply, and pointed at the ghost with an irritated look on her face clearly showing she wants Rio to finish it off.

"I understand, my princess" Rio chuckled as he took his sword out from his back.

Rio quickly rushes to the ghost to slash it, but the ghost dodged the attack. A sword then appears on its hands and tries to return a blow to Rio. As they continued fight, Sai slowly stands up and observes how the ghost fights.

"The ghost… Seems to be copying his attack… "

"… Mimicry?..." Sai thought deeply, and tried to think of a weakness for the enemy. "Tsk... Guess I have no other choice..."

Sai took her bow on the floor, and an arrow. She poured some sort of liquid on the tip of the arrow that made its color change from gray to gold. She shoots the arrow to the ghost quietly making sure it doesn't notice her and hits it, this time with an effect. The ghost shouted in pain, as it tries to remove the arrow.

"Gotcha!" Sai said in her thoughts, with a smirk. "Finish it off now Rio!" she ordered.

As Sai ordered, Rio finished the ghost off with one big blow cutting it in half making it slowly turn to crumbles and disappear.

"What a troublesome enemy… I had to use my drop on it." Sai stated with an irritated face. "Anyway, glad it's over…" she continued with a sigh.

"… Well the view outside is good, want to take some rest? The job's done anyway." Rio suggested, while pointing at the window showing the sea.

"Fine, just a little breather I guess." Sai agreed with a tired face.

And so the two went outside, and sat on a low wall near the building. Sai stared at the sea with a bit of sadness on her eyes, you can tell that she is thinking about something deeply. Rio, on the other hand, looks at her deep blue eyes, he seems to have an idea of what she's thinking about so he didn't dare ask her.

After some time, Sai's vision started to get blurry. The first thing that comes to her mind is her anemia. "Damned anemia… ", she cursed in her mind as she slowly looks at Rio. Her vision was blurry, but she can clearly tell that what's happening to her isn't her anemia because even Rio's getting the complication.

"H-hey, Rio you alright?", she holds Rio's back, and before she knew it Rio has lost his consciousness which made her panic.

"Hey! Wake up!" Sai shouted with a worried tone. After some time, her vision turned pitch black and also lost her consciousness.

"Hnn..." Sai mumbled on a bed and slowly wakes up. "Where am I?..." she thought as she looked around the room.

The room is very luxurious, the table beside the bed is made of crystal and has a lot of expensive jewelries. The walls are painted with gold, but with the way it shined it must literally be gold. The bed I'm lying on is obviously expensive it's a king-sized bed with thick high-quality bed sheets.

I left the bed, and started looking around more. I looked up and saw some chandeliers above the center of the room with a large fluffy carpet below it. Near that is a round table, probably used for drinking tea and a window with a balcony in front of it and its curtain flowing gently through the calm wind.

"This isn't the kind of room that Rio could buy" I thought and assumed that I'm probably at some rich person's house.

As I came near the door, I heard some voices. It was from people I don't know of, but since I was thinking of leaving the room I continued to the door and opened it.

Upon opening the door, I saw a fine-looking man in a very formal outfit talking to Rio. The man has blonde hair and grey eyes that looked a bit empty. Curious about what they're talking about I asked them without any hesitation.

"What were you talking about?"

The man smiled with his eyes closed and said "About your current situation"

I was slightly confused of what he meant by that, and wondered if it was about my health or if he meant something different, making me ask again. "Uh... What do you mean by that?"

"Sai, he's the principal of this school" Rio replied while sighing.

"School? This place is a school?" I asked back showing some hint of being surprise.

"My name is Houseki Kyo, and I'm the principal of this school", introduced himself and bowed formally.

"I see so this is a school... Though I have to admit it doesn't look like one, not one bit. It looks more like some sort of hotel to me." I blurted out what should have been inside my thoughts unconsciously.

"Sai, your manners" Rio warned. "And yes, now let's continue what we were talking about" he continued.

"Ah, yes... As you can see, you are no longer in the place you call Earth." Kyo said in a calm voice and expecting us to react from what he just said.

"I see so we're in a different dimension… Sounds fun." I thought with a faint smirk on her face.

Kyo opened his eyes and showed a serious yet smiling face and continued. "You can say that this place is a school of the dead, since that's what I usually say to the others. The people who are here are mostly dead, but they'll get reborn back to your Earth depending on how they grow here. This school is built just like the schools on the physical world, and the system is also the same. But there are also some special people like you two, who are here alive." he stopped waiting for us to respond.

Since I noticed that he was waiting for a response, I did the job of giving one to make things fast. "Just get straight to the point."

"I want you to exorcise the ghosts and monsters in this place. They've been appearing frequently here lately and it's mostly attacking the students that don't know how to fight them." Kyo continued while putting his right hand on his chin, showing a worried look. "Oh, if you're worried about money. I'll also pay you, since the currency in this world and yours, the physical world, are the same." He pointed out.

"I don't mind staying here to exorcise some ghosts, it actually sounds fun but…" I was talking on my thoughts and suddenly looked at Rio with a pout showing that I wanted to stay, which he saw.

"I'm sorry, but I have a lot of things to do on Earth." Rio replied to Kyo which made me sad and disappointed. "But I don't mind leaving Sai here since she's strong enough to handle those ghosts anyway." he continued with a smirk showing that he was only teasing me.

"Thanks Rio!" I replied while hugging Rio which made him surprise and blush a little. He was a bit surprise because I rarely thank someone sincerely, hugs someone, or show any emotion to the point that my body will move unconsciously to show it. After some hugging and jumping, I suddenly got hit by reality and noticed what I was doing.

"Uhh… Anyway, thank again Rio." I stated, back to poker-faced self, while blushing lightly which made Rio smirk perversely, making me add. "Pedo."

Kyo watched the two of us quarrel for some time with a smile on his face. I then remembered that I haven't properly introduced myself to him, and thought that now is the right time to do so. I also assumed that Rio hasn't introduced himself so I'll also do the job for him as well.

"I haven't introduced myself. My name is Sai, Shizou Sai, a fourteen-year old and a 3rd year junior high school student in Japan. This guy ne-" As she was about to point at Rio, he took her hand showing that he'll do his introduction himself.

"I'm Yuuta Ryuu, but she calls me Rio because that's my nickname before. And I work as a teacher in Sai's school." Rio said.

"Pleased to meet you, now... Why don't I lead you to your room Shizuo-san?" Kyo pulled out his hand and bowed like a butler, he clearly wants me to hold his hand and have him lead the way.

"Ok, oh and by the way you don't have to be formal." I pointed out. I don't really like to have physical contact with the opposite sex much, so I usually try to avoid it. But there are times that I'll unconsciously hug someone due to happiness, so what happened a while ago was only an accident.

"I see…" Kyo mumbled as he led the two towards my room. We continued walking the quiet and empty hallway till we reach an opening leading outside the building through some sort of connector or bridge connecting to another building.

As we reached the outer part of the building, we were able to see the whole campus. The campus has two large and tall buildings facing opposite from each other, I thought that those were probably the dormitories. The building they're on was in the middle of the two buildings, so I thought that this must be the dormitories for the teachers and the other two for the boys and girls each.

As I looked further, I saw a road that leads to a long building around ten to fifteen floors making the top one as the rooftop. To the right of it is a wide field and a closed building that's just around the right size for a gymnasium. And in front of the field is a large garden, and a greenhouse in the center that can be a good place for relaxing. On the other side of the campus, to the left of the school building, is a group of buildings which is probably where club activities and rooms take place. Next to it seems to be some sort of place for leaving and taking care of pets and animals.

The whole campus is surrounded by trees except for the path outside it, to the town. The buildings are all newly painted and looks new. Each are painted with a different color, probably to avoid confusion. My guess is that the girl's dormitories is the purple one, and the one for the boys is the green one. The school is painted in a grey, silver-like color with some gold lines around some corners and sides. The buildings for the club are painted in different colors as well, with the color of violet, blue, green, yellow, red. One for the different hobbies, cultural clubs, subjects, sports… "Uh what's the last one for?" I asked in my mind, with a slight confusion for what the last building is for.

We continued walking, till we reached another opening leading inside. It seems to be the lounge area for the building. As I expected, there were no people in the lounge. "All the people in this campus must be in the town, spending their holiday the way the liked it, or just stayed inside their room for some peace and quiet."

After going down some flight of stairs, we passed through the lounge and to the door leading outside. The sun was shining brightly by the time we went outside that I had to cover my eyes. "Ughh… This is irritating." I said in my thoughts.

As my eyes slowly adapt with the light, I managed to see my surroundings. The violet building is on our left and the green one on the right. It is both surrounded by trees that danced gently through the calm wind. I followed Rio and Kyo quietly as they both chatted while heading to the violet building. "Looks like my guess was right."

We went inside the building, and found a lounge area again. It was similar to the lounge area for the employees, it has a lot of sofas and seats. Each formed into a circle and has a table in the center. Each circle has two long sofas facing each other and two seats on the side of the sofa and one between the two seats. The lounge has a lot of vending machines on the corner, where beverages and snacks are served. The only difference the lounge in this dormitory has from the other is the color motif, because the other one has gold all over the place while this one has purple all over it. Which makes me feel good and happy because it's my favorite color.

After that, we rode the elevator which can be found at the center of the lounge, next to some sort of counter. The two still continued chatting, while I just continued looking at the surroundings. After some seconds, the elevator stopped. I took a look at the floor number, and was a bit shocked that it was on a high floor. My room was on the 412nd floor! I then thought, how high this building was… I did noticed that it was quite tall, but I didn't expect it to be that tall!

"The top floor is noisy because construction is ongoing, but I think the noise won't reach it around this floor." Kyo stated while looking at my reaction. My face is still the usual poker face, but with my eyes a bit open showing that I was surprised.

"It's… Quite tall isn't it." I replied, returning to my usual face. While looking around the hallway.

The hallway was awfully quiet and a bit dark, walking around it alone would be quite creepy in some sense so I expect those stereotype girls to make some random ghost stories. I-it's not like I'm scared of that or something! It's just irritating to hear those kinds of girls shouting and squealing around, making my ears bleed and it's really fucking killing me!

We continued walking till we reached a room next to the stairs. 8729 is my room, I guess. "This is your room." Kyo said with a smile on his face while closing his eyes, and pointing to the plate of the room.

"Ok. Thanks." I replied, while opening the door.

The room was plain with a bed, bathroom, kitchen and all the basic things you need in a house. Overall, it's a simple room.

"You can decorate your room, students get money based on their grades." Kyo stated, back to his normal face.

"That's easy." I replied with a smile like getting a good grade is nothing. I'm good at memorizing so things like tests are easy. I'm lazy at doing assignments and projects though, but grades are mostly just composed of our scores from tests and quizzes anyway. There's sports too, which is a down-side for me as well since I get tired easily. Plus sports are bad for me since I'm anemic… I hate it really. But I have to admit I'm a fast runner.

"Sai is good at memorizing so good grades are easy for her." Rio explained. "She's always on the top even if she's usually absent from school and even if she's not reciting." he continued.

"Oh… I see." Kyo nodded as he replied.

"Rio, can you send me all my dresses here? I heard you two talking that Kyo and his friend found a way to travel between the two worlds and stuff."

"Ok. I was planning to do so anyway." Rio smirked a bit perversely.

"Rio's a pervert. A big, old, hideous pervert." I replied. "Oh, send all my stuff ok?"

"I'll let my people handle your stuff. And have them deliver it to your room tomorrow morning." Kyo said.

We talked for some time in my room till it was slowly getting dark. Rio then went home, and Kyo left my room. The night was quiet… And I expect a lot of things to happen starting today… Interesting things.

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted into sleep.

At first my sight was all black, then it suddenly turned to red. When I got home from school on my birthday, I was really excited. But something kept my heart beating fast… It was as if…

... I was afraid…

It was on my 12th birthday, on the year I entered junior high school. On a very fair, sunny day, a girl was standing in front of her house. A house being burned and slowly swallowed by a large fire. It was really unexpected… I was afraid, afraid to even move from my position.

A close friend of mine from just around the neighborhood, and was my classmate got home early and went to our house. He was supposed to help with the preparation for my birthday, with my parents and older brother.

Secretly… But I obviously know about it.

Before he was going to go back home to change, he remembered them cooking something because her mom and dad was asking each other what they should cook. I got home before he came back to our place, and resulted in the current situation. He explained to me what happened by the time he found me staring in front of the house.

After that, Rio called me on my phone because he wanted to greet me. I told him what happened and was surprised. He suddenly thought of something, and that is to adopt me as his daughter. Because I told him that I don't have any relative anymore, though I'm not sure about that but because I don't remember any distant relative making any contact with us I assumed there are none.

I continued studying on a school that Rio was teaching in. At first everyone was nice, until they knew about what actually happened to me in my past. That was when I started to hate school and avoided talking to anyone, and started to just talk through my thoughts. This continued, and the pain inside me kept on filling and filling on.

My classmates bullied me for not having any parents, after knowing that Rio was only my step-father…

They bullied me for being alone…

For being such a poor child…

For my misfortune.

I ignored them. They wouldn't understand me. They wouldn't understand the pain inside of me, all this pain, because they haven't gone through everything I've been to! I lost the chance to show my family how much I loved them… Every single chance I could get… Was lost. I couldn't even show them how amazing and precious they are to me. Especially my brother, he was always there with me. Every time I get bullied by my classmates, he would be there to protect me. I would always share my problems to him, and him to me.

Now that his gone, I'll have to face this things all alone.

I can't do that!

After this event, I closed my heart from the world. And got bad at expressing my feelings, whereas I was always full of emotions before. Now I usually end up saying rude things, even though I meant the opposite of it. I guess that's just me but… Am I wrong… ?

I remember the time when Rio and I first met. I was just randomly making noise in an online game and then he suddenly broke in and asked if he could join my party. It kind of made me laugh, but in the end I accepted his offer. We started talking about random stuff, and found out that most of our hobbies are quite similar. That cycle continued and our friendship grew each day. We would eventually share our problems with each other, and even rant about life sometimes.

I started to trust him, and it grew and grew until I shared to him a secret I haven't told anyone I knew with. And that's me studying Witchcraft, it may sound like nonsense for some people but it's actually possible with the right spells that can be found with proper research. That's what I said, and found out that he seems to be hesitating about saying something to me. And that's when I knew he was working as an exorcist, he told me that because he thought he should share his secret as well. My trust for him grew even more because of that event.

One day, he thought of meeting online. I accepted that offer, we both knew about each other's age so it should be easy to meet-up in real life. We thought of meeting on a café on a Saturday.

He messaged me and said that he's already on the café even though it's still twenty minutes before our meeting time. I was already there though but I just arrived. I just stood at the café, and continued texting him asking for his location. And met each other.

By the time we met, he looked at me with eyes that seemed to be saying something. I then noticed that he was starting to like me.

My guess was proven because of his sudden confession. "I love you." He said with a normal voice, without any expression. But you can tell that he was nervous because of his face, it was flushed all over.

"Pedophile." Is what I replied to him, which made him turn to stone… Literally. And that totally made me laugh because I thought he was only joking, but was actually telling the truth.

After that last event, I woke up.

As I look at my room still lying in the bed, I found a package which is probably my stuff. My eyes were still a little droopy from the long sleep I had. My dream brought back a lot of memories, some of it that was fun and some that was something I wanted to forget... and never to return.

Even though I knew that Rio loved me, I still continued with his plan of making him my "Father". I don't really think that he'll attempt to rape me or something at all. He might sometimes try to show that he's attempting to do so, but that's only because he wanted to tease me. I trust Rio, and I'm very sure he won't break that… Unlike some people.


It's 11:30am… I woke up quite early today I guess.. Well, it IS a holiday today. Going for a little walk might be nice, and eventually meet up with some ghosts. Is what I thought as I took a bath.

My mind is full of thoughts, most of it has something to do with my dream. It brought back some memories from the past that I didn't want to remember, so I'm a bit down. After taking a bath, I took my bathrobe and dug through my clothes on the box. After getting and wearing some clothes, I placed the clothes on the box to a wardrobe.

"Ugh… Rio forgot about my accessories! And my gadgets too… I thought I told him to bring all my stuff… " I shouted in disappointment. "Then again, maybe it's still on its way."

I took a deep breath to calm myself, and cooked a simple breakfast. I fried some rice and added some scrambled eggs in it. After eating that, I tied my hair with my usual hairstyle which is in braids.

I'm wearing a white spaghetti top which has a silver strap that forms an X on the front and is showing my bellybutton, so I wore a black see-through tube and have a lavender plated-skirt on paired with long black knee socks with a length just below my skirt. I also thought of adding some gray tight sleeves on my arm. As I was about to leave the room, I picked up my gray shoes and left.

I went out of the dorm, and to the school building. I wanted to take a look around my classroom if possible, but I remembered that Kyo hasn't told me about my room assignment. So I just wandered around aimlessly instead.

As I walked around the hallway, I can feel someone following me. At first I panicked, thinking it was a monster too strong for me to handle alone, but as I took a look it was actually just a guy. He was staring and following me at some distance.

He's not wearing his uniform, which is normal since it's a holiday today. If I were to guess his age, he would probably be around my age. He has a green hair, with orange eyes and glasses on. He is wearing a simple white t-shirt and denim pants. Judging from the way he dresses, he's probably the type of person that gets fooled easily yet still stays loyal to the person who fooled him. Overall, he could be a good companion in this school… But I think I shouldn't get him involve in this. Though that's not my problem right now! My problem is…

"WHY THE FUCK IS HE FOLLOWING ME?!". This kind of stuff really frustrates me, especially with the way he stares! I hate getting stared at or getting attention the most!

While I was lost in my thoughts, I suddenly hit a wall. "Ow… That hurts alright.", I stated in pain as I pat my head. There's no bleeding taking place, so it's nothing serious. I just bumped my head on a wall, it's just that simple and stupid.

And before I knew it, a hand is stretched out for me, clearly showing that it wants to help me. I looked up to see who it is and saw the guy with glasses, who was following me.

"Are you alright?" He asked with a worried tone and look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine, nothing serious." I replied and stood on my own, ignoring his hand.

"I'll take you to the infirmary."

"No, like I said I'm fine, you don't have to."

Nevertheless, he still dragged me to the infirmary… By the time we entered the room there was a guy lying on one of the bed. He has black hair and is wearing a black jacket with a hood paired with black pants, that seems to have some chains in it. I couldn't really see his face because he is sleeping with his chest on the bed and his arms are crossed on his face, but I think he has blue eyes and some piercings. He seems like some delinquent to me, but that doesn't scare me if he's dangerous or something.

"That's… " The boy with glasses stated with fear all over his face. "I think we should leave…", he continued.

Seems like my guess was correct. "Who cares, let' just stay here." I said calmly as I sat down on the bed next to him with my legs crossed. "So what are you planning to do? Dragging me here and stuff… "

He then remembered about it. And rushes to look for something he could use. I lied down on the bed with my chest facing the bed, and my legs swaying back and forth. I then hugged a pillow on the bed and slowly closed my eyes.

"Ahhh!... Um… " The boy muttered, I opened my eyes and looked at him, and saw him covering his red face with his hands. I kind of got an idea of what he saw, but I asked him just in case. "What's wrong with you? Your face is all flushed."

He then replied, with the answer I was expecting. "I… I can see your… Panties…" While looking away.

"What's wrong with seeing panties? It's just some piece of clothing made of fabric, yet you boys get sexually aroused easily by it." I replied with a bit irritated expression yet poker faced, by lowering one of my eyebrows. As I said my reply, I suddenly felt some chill down my spine and before I knew it the guy I was talking to is looking at the other guy on the bed. I turned and looked at him, and saw him looking back at me with his cold blue eyes, the kind of eyes I was expecting him to have.

"Who the hell are you and why are you here." The guy said in an irritated and intimidating voice, his sleep must have been disturbed.

"The name is Shizuo Sai, and I came here to hunt ghost. And how about you? Who the fuck are you?" I replied back to him the same way he asked, or maybe worse.

I can see from his face that his mood got even worse, I chuckled and made him even more pissed. The boy with glasses on the other hand seemed surprised, probably because of what I just said.

"Hey Mr. Badass, answer my fucking question." I continued with a very intimidating voice. And heard my reply.

"Looks sure are deceiving." He said with an evil smirk. "You looked and sound innocent, but the words coming from your mouth is the very opposite of it."

"Well, that's just how the world is." I replied, with a slight smirk on my face.

"Hey what were you supposed to do again? If you do have something to do, do it quick." I ordered the boy with glasses, and ignored the delinquent guy.

"Ah! Yes, right away." He said, with a hint that he totally forgot about it. I can't believe him really… He just doozed off for a second and then forgets what he was supposed to do.

He took the first-aid kit he found somewhere, and brought it with him as he went to my bed . And slowly and gently applied some cold compress even thought I kept on telling him that it really doesn't hurt. Though I have to say, why did he even looked for a first-aid kit if all he's going to do is apply cold compress on me.

"Hey, why are you so concerned about me."

"Yeah, what's the point of even helping a newbie, Mitaku Suzuki." The delinquent guy blurted out all of a sudden, he sat down properly on the bed and watched us.

That name must be the glasses boy's. But why the hell is he calling me a newb!? I'm no newbie! I've worked as an exorcist for almost three years!

"Shut up, idiot."

"Fine, fine, newbie."

I glared at him evilly, warning him to stop it. Who knows what kind of murder I could do here, even if this is already the spiritual world.

"That's not nice, Hitori-san." Suzuki replied with an irritating smile.

These two must have known each other, and by the looks of it both of them are exorcists…?

"Ugh! Just shut up goddamn it! I'm leaving!" I said after getting pissed because of this so-called Hitori.

"Wai-!" Suzuki shouted, but stopped after seeing me get out of the infirmary. I was on the stairs when I then heard some footsteps, two of them to be exact. Those two probably followed me. I just ignored it and continued wandering around the school building.

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