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Chapter 5: A Chance?

It's time for PE so we went to the changing room. I got my PE uniform on my locker, and followed my female classmates.

It's been a week since I transferred, and our investigation about the Kurogami isn't going smoothly at all. I saw the girl from the Kurogami changing alone on a corner, so I thought of talking to her… somehow.

"Sure is annoying in here… " I unbuttoned my blouse, showing my black, long-sleeved shirt under it. She looked at me with confused yet serious eyes.

"Everyone here has large breasts, it's really pissing me off." I sighed, as I removed my black shirt revealing my white camisole and the strap of my pink bra.

She somehow understood what I mean, but didn't say a word and continued changing, removing her blouse as well. Showing her fair white skin.

"She's flat like me… no, maybe flatter." I stared at her chest. I probably look like a pervert right now...

"W-What are you looking at?!" she was about to remove her skirt but noticed me staring. Seeing her embarrassed face is cute!

"Hehe… AA-chan!" I wore my white PE uniform and fixed my hair.

"!" she blushed some more. "S-Shut up!"

She turned around with her face flushed, and faced the wall. She removed her skirt and wore the uniform.

The boys are doing the sprint right now, while the girls did some warm-up because we came down late.

I saw Hitori running, and I have to admit… He's pretty damn fast.

We are doing some overhead shoulder stretch. I raised my right arm and bent my elbows, placed my hand behind my neck, and my left hand touching my right elbow and gently pulled it towards my head. After that I did the same to my opposite arm. "Stretching my body sure felt good!"

After some stretching and warming up, we did some jogging around the school grounds. Once we finished our second round, our teacher finally let us rest.

I sweated a lot after our jogging, and the summer wind isn't helping! There are some boys running, this time Hati and his twin Skoll are among them. I watched them running as I wiped my sweat with a towel. AA-chan, the girl from the Kurogami, is sitting on the ground alone a bit far from the track field so I took this time to talk to her again.

"AA-chan!" I called her with the new nickname I thought of, to tease her a little. I sat next to her and watched the boys running.

"I'm not 'AA-chan'… It's Inazuma Motoki." she blurted.

"Ohhh… How about Mo-chan then?." I smiled with my mouth similar to that of a cat's.

"… You're friendly today, what are you planning?" she looked at the boys running emotionlessly.

"Hmm… Nothing to be honest. Just wanted to know you, I guess?"

"Not to me." I looked at her with a surprised look, she's somehow sharp.

"Fine, fine. I want to know why you joined the Kurogami, and anything related to it." I admitted.

"If you want to know… Then fight me after class, on the same place as we did before." she looked back at me with a serious glare and sly smirk.

"… Sure."

"Unlike before, I won't bring anyone. So don't bring any backup with you. Just a fight between you and me… How's that?"

"Better." I smirked back at her. I can feel our atmosphere getting darker. "Oh, no ambush like before. It's really annoying."

"Haha, don't worry I won't do anything like that… Or not."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

"Shizou Sai…" our teacher called me. "You're running."

"Ok." I stood up and went to the starting line, along three more girls. I observed the distance we're going to be running on, and tried to analyze it.

"… If I'm running at this distance… I don't think I'll faint if I go at full force right?..."

As I was busy doing some analyzing I saw two people sitting on one of the benches near the field which were the twins, Hati and Skoll. They were both drinking water with towels wrapped around their neck. It seems that they are talking about something, but they're quite far away so I couldn't hear nor understand them making me ignore them.

"Will she be alright?" Hati asked Skoll obviously worried about Sai.

"Hmm… I don't think the teacher would let her run if she can't?"

"I guess you have a point there… " Hati sighed.

"You sure are worried about her." Skoll smirked at his twin.

"I-Is it wrong to be?" Hati blushed.

"Haha!" Skoll laughed while drinking water. "I'm gonna tell Suzuki about this!"

"Wait! Anyone but him!" Hati grabbed Skoll's arm to prevent him from leaving.

Hitori was standing on a tree somewhere near the two boys and heard their talk. He watched Sai who is now running at a good speed, and is leading the race…

The four students running on the field managed to cover more than half of it, only a few more seconds and it would be finished.

"If I keep this pace up… I'll probably finish first." I thought, as I ran in a steady pace.

"Now for the fight la-" I tripped as I was busy thinking.


"Hey are you alright?" the teacher asked, while the other students were surprised to see me trip.

"Ah… Yeah, my bad." I stood up, and slowly started to run back again. I'm now at the last place…

"Stupid, why did I have to trip… In front of everyone of all places… "

Now that I'm in last place, I think I should just use this chance to go all out and regain my lead again. So I ran with all my might, ignoring my stamina and what would come after the result of my choice. I ran swiftly like an arrow.

I managed to pick up the race again, and currently in a tie with the girl who was running 1st. I'm slowly getting tired now, because I used all my strength already. But… "If I could just keep it up for some time, I'll reach the goal!"

Just a little more, and we'll reach the end of the race… "Just a little bit more!"

I ran with every last bit of my energy, and managed to finish it. As I passed the finish line my body immediately feel on the ground, making me kneel and pant hard.

"Did I did it?" I thought, and continued panting.

"Congrats." I heard Motoki's voice coming from my right. To be honest I didn't expect her to say that, then again I'm not expecting anyone to say that. It was just a normal 100m dash after all…

"Hmm… Thanks is what I should say, right?"

"I guess so." she smirked at me, looking somewhat sarcastic.

I probably look like a weakling to her thanks to what happened earlier… Haaaa! This sucks! Just she wait for the battle later, I'll show her how strong I am when I'm serious!

"… -Toki" I heard our teacher call her name. It seems that she's in the next race. I'll take this chance to analyze her skills!

"… Then again, she could just hide them… "

I stared at her as she walked towards the starting line calmly. She took a deep breath and fixed her position.

"She's so fucking calm it's annoying me… " I twitched my eyebrows a little, feeling a bit irritated on her actions.

The race started and Motoki had a good start. As I watched her seriously, I felt some walking towards me from behind. I just ignored it and continued to watched, and then the person sat next to me.

"Nice job with earlier... Too bad you ruined it." I heard a familiar and sarcastic voice… There's no doubt that this person is…

"Arghh! Shut up Hitori!" I pouted, and I tried my best in ignoring him… But… Gaaah! Why is he so annoying! It pisses me off!

Seeing he ticked me off, he smirked and continued mocking me.

"I wonder how someone stupid enough to trip on flat surface became an exorcist?"

"Who cares how and why I became one! Just mind your own business!" I glared at him, obviously telling him to fuck off. He seemed to have noticed that it's something confidential and something that I don't want to remember.

"It seems her race is finished…" Hitori looked at the field. It took me some time to understand what he meant.

"That was kind of… fast?" I murmured to myself.

Seeing as I saw her done with her race, Motoki waved at me… As if we're close friends. She's probably just going with my way, and trying to get my guard down while she's at it.

I walked towards her, leaving Hitori behind but followed me a few seconds later. Motoki walked towards me, and muttered at a very low voice allowing only me to hear.

"Don't forget about the battle later." I saw a subtle smirk on her face, as if she's trying to mock me.

I looked back at her, as she walked away. I'll show her… Just she wait.

The teacher whistled and had us form lines. We're probably going back to the room… About time.

The remainder of the day went by fast. All that's left is homeroom and the classes for today is finally over.

Our homeroom teacher, Harigawa Kuri was her name if I remember correctly but I could be wrong since I usually ignore her, is quiet serious is explaining some things to the class today. It seems to be some bullying on-going around here. I'm not really listening to her at all, all I'm doing is just staring at the clock above the board waiting for the class to end.

"Just hurry up and end already… "

As if granting my wish… the bell finally rang!

I immediately stood up of my chair and took my bag, and slowly walked to the door. "Oh, I have to talk to Sylph first…"

I was about to turn my telepathy on but heard Sylph talking on my mind instead.

"Sai! I have good news!"

"Hmm? About what?"

"About your family! You told me to look for them didn't you?"

I suddenly remember ordering him to look for some information about my family, because he can't go near the Kurogami.

"Ah! Yes! Have you found them?"

"Yep, but I only found your parents… When I asked them about your brother, they said they don't have any children… "

"Eh?... Are you sure it's them?"

"I'm very sure, they have the same name and looks the same as the picture you gave me."

"Ok, thanks Sylph!" I let out a smile on my face, and can feel my tears going out. I tried my best to prevent myself from crying, I'll end up looking crazy here smiling and crying while walking in the hallways and all.

"It doesn't matter if you haven't found my brother… Just knowing my parents are here and safe is enough to make me happy. Thanks Sylph."

"I'll do my best in getting information about your brother… Anyway, want to visit your parents?"

"Hmm… Today isn't good, I have some things to do you see… How about tomorrow? Go and take some rest for now…"

"Ok Sai!" Sylph sounded like some loyal dog. I can imagine him smiling and wagging his tail just from his reply… So cute…

He cut the conversation, and I fixed my stuff on my locker. After that, I went on my way to the gym.

I opened the door of the gym and found Motoki, my enemy, standing in the middle.

"So you've come." Motoki said with a deep voice, almost sounding like a guy, and smirked.

"Yeah, yeah. I've come and all, let's start th-" just as I was about to finish my arrogant reply, she summoned some sort of monster and it attacked me with it's… "Tentacles?!"

"Wha-!" I can feel my body temperature rising, what's… going on?...

Motoki seems to be enjoying herself, is she lesbian or something? Urghh… I don't like this.

I attempted to cast a spell, but the monster's movement is distracting me… A lot.

"Urghh…. If this keeps up, I'll never beat her and end up making some sort of show for her… This sucks!"

I attempted to cast a very low-level fire spell as fast as I can, and worked.

"Kuh…" I heard Motoki groan in pain. When I took a look at her, she was caressing her left hand with her right.

"… Their linked…? Then that means… She was touching me the whole time?!" I can feel my face boil up, wait why? She's a girl for fuck sake!

"Geez just stop it already you pervert!" I quickly casted a middle-class fire spell, engulfing the monster and turning it to ashes.

Motoki's left hand was in flames for a second or two, and then the fire went out on it's own. The spell had an effect on her, but it doesn't seem to be the same amount as the monster's.

"She cut her link huh… Well it's not like I have any intention of killing her though."

Motoki took out a coin from her pocket and flipped it. The coin flew up quite high. As the coin was falling down around a meter above the level of her head, she raised her hand and the coin transformed to a silver scythe. By the time the scythe reached her hand, she swiftly assaulted me with a diagonal slash.

"!" I dodged the attack, but it got my knee socks ripped and scraped my legs.

"Ugh… I'm bleeding… I need to limit my spells and finish this fast."

As I were busy coming up with a plan in my thoughts, Motoki charged towards me at a fast rate. She jumped high and prepared to slash me in the air as she is about to land near me. I quickly summoned two daggers and guarded the attack.


The sounds of our weapons meeting.

I tried to push her away using my daggers with all my might, but she's stronger than I thought so I ended up taking a step backward to make some distance. I took this chance to cast a lightning spell, and had it appear before my dagger… hopefully hitting the target.

But by the time the lightning touched her it disappeared…?!

"No way, she absorbed it?!"

Motoki smirked at my dumbfounded face from what just happened. No, I shouldn't be making a big deal out of that. I need to choose my spells carefully, she's strong in lightning so there's a chance that she might be strong on other types of spells.

When Motoki noticed that I was finally recovering, her smirked slowly faded and turned serious again.

But she's not moving an inch at all…

"! Could it b-"

Just when I finally got an idea of what she might be planning, I was too late.

She already finished casting a spell.

Her scythe turned to chains and encircled me, making me immobile. After that, the chains shined in a golden-color. Motoki smirked again, as if the outcome of the battle has been decided.

"Agghhh…!" the chains tighten, and conducted lightning.

"Haaaaghh!... " the electricity coming from the chains is draining me of my energy. I feel weak, and couldn't even manage to stand anymore. "… No."

"I won't lose to this… " I gripped my daggers tightly, ignoring the lightning piercing my body.

I slowly try to untangle myself from the chains, but failed. So I casted Freeze on the chains to stop the current from flowing through it, at the same time turning it to solid ice.

"!?" Motoki's expression changed at the sudden change.

"… Now's my chance." I ran toward Motoki and infused fire on my weapons, making it glow into a scarlet-like color, and attacked her head-on.

Just when Motoki was about to dodge my attack, I already hit her with one of my daggers and continued swinging like those combos you see in games. But ended up hitting 3 out of 7 hits.

Hmm… I don't know if I should be proud of that or not, it looks like I'm bad at this but for me that's already a lot, but since I have a bad stamina it's like a miracle for me to last this long in a battle.

"P.E. sure is paying off! Gotta participate more on those activities."

Though now that I think about it, I'm starting to feel tired. Maybe if I ignore it the feeling would cease… ?

Speaking of stamina, I can tell that Motoki is also starting to wear out… Well except, I'm more tired than him by a very, very small fraction. I won't lose to this!

I continued assaulting her with attacks and casting low-level spells whenever I get the chance to, making sure she doesn't get any opening to attack.

"Kuh… "

Motoki groaned.

I looked at her…

And saw…

"BLOOD?!" I rushed toward her.

Oh no, did I go too far? Then again, she hasn't told me the conditions for winning and losing. She simply just told me to fight, just the two of us.

"Hey… I didn't mean to go far, sorry." I looked at her body full of blood. Almost on every part of her body has a wound in it.

"Ha… " were what came from her mouth. I can't really determine what she meant by that and so looked at her with a confused look.

"… Hahahaaa… " Motoki… laughed?

"Umm… Sorry, did I hit you in the head too much?"

"Haha! That's not it! I'm not getting crazy here…! Ha…haaahaa!", she continued laughing while she replied to me. Seriously what's funny? Maybe I should call a nurse or something?

"Then why are you laughing?"

"I haven't enjoyed a fight like this for some time." she lied down on the floor, not minding the blood coming out of her body.

"Uh… That's… it?" I stared at her awkwardly. I'm positive she hit her head, or rather I hit her head.

"Yeah! Got a problem with that?"

"Mm… not really, but what about the promise? Anyway, we should really go to the clinic and fix your wounds… " I let out a hand to her.

"Yeah, yeah. I didn't forget it, don't worry."

Motoki took my hand, and we left the gym after an… uh… how should I put this... Questionable battle? I don't get why she challenged me to a fight? Well she didn't really challenged me, but who cares.

"Maybe she's just tricking me…? That's possible."

"Don't worry I'm not tricking you." she replied from the question that rose from my mind, as if she can read my mind.

"…? " I looked at her at a somewhat surprised expression, but at the same time tried to make it look like I didn't have any idea of what she meant.

"Uh… Nothing. I just had a hunch you were thinking about that."

"Ah… Is that so? Then again I tend to trust people easily so if you ever fooled me, it's my fault." I tried to act like I didn't care, but ended up saying more than I needed. "…! Ugh… Shouldn't have said that… "

"Hmm…" Motoki looked like she wasn't interested of what I just said.

"We're at the clinic."

Morning has arrived again.

… and as always there's school.

"I woke up earlier than I thought." I stretched my body on a fine morning, and prepared myself to go to school.

I looked at Sylph's mini bed, which is next to mine.

"He's sleeping face sure is cute! " I giggled. What a nice way to start a morning, hehe!

He must've been busy from last night. Well, I shouldn't disturb him. He deserves this rest.

I arrived at our room, and found a guy sitting on Motoki's chair. He looks familiar, and at the same time he doesn't. One thing's for sure, he shouldn't be sitting there if he doesn't want trouble.

"Um… Excuse me, but there's already someone who is sitting in there." I meekly talked to him. Wait, why am I the one doing this anyway?

"Mm? Don't worry, I'm sure she wouldn't mind." the guy gave me a calm smile, at the same time annoying one. Seriously, what's up with the other girls in class swooning over him? I don't get it.

The school bell rang, and our teacher arrived after some few seconds. As Kurisu-sensei entered the room and fixed her stuff, she announced something. It was about Motoki.

Everyone reacted to her announcement. The boys were furious, while some of the girls couldn't help but blush.

"N-no way… " I murmured in a very, very low voice.

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