I once looked in my mother's closet

and I discovered so many costumes

I thought to my self, "it could belong to any theater"

for these are the costumes of my mother and step-fathers.

The things my mother buys when she's deepest in denial

Nice suit, she actually believed Mr. Alcoholic would put down the beer bottle to pick up a briefcase.

The man she bought it for was not the man who received it

And all the "Betty Crocker Mom" outfits were so close to reality that they were pulled straight out of a fairy tale.

Then the nice slacks and shirts were bought for a bacon-bringer, not a drug user.

And the things she buys for PTA meetings would make me laugh if it wasn't so sad

My mom seems to see anything in anybody except for the loser in the guys she brings home.

And of course the scatterbrain in herself.