Back when we were little,

Just packing our lunch

Playing on the monkey bars

In recess, which was a class

We bought your promises

Or should I say lies

Go to college, learn a trade

Education is the answer!

Do well, you'll get scholarships!

But we were too young,

Too blind, too naïve,

To see the poison in your words.

So we follow your words

Believing every sweet syablle

Until your mistakes prove us wrong

No scholarships, or very little

Loans are nowhere to be found

Jobs are few and far between

Economy tanked, education failed

All because of you

What caused this could not

Have been us,

We were too young

All I know is this

We have to clean up

Your mess

Yet some preach more dire

Scary words

Mike Judge gives us satire

We find all too accurate

All because of you

We were riding high,

We could have saved the planet

Nature is a bitch,

But you killed our potential

No longer we have access to the tools

We need to fix social issues

You raped that from us

I hope you're happy

Because of you we are failing,

Going to war for no good reason

Losing our religion

Packing and seeking our fortune elsewhere

Who's going to take care of you when

You grow old now huh?

Children were supposed to be

An investment in the future

But simply birthing us does not help

We do not come out

Ready to save the world

You failed to invest in us

All you do is bicker

Our fate is in your hands

Yet you suck at it

We are all going to

Regress to the Dark Ages

Because of you

Bipartisan politics

Corporate Greed

Frivolous spending and poor cuts

Because of you

Thanks a lot guys

Thanks for nothing.