Made: Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time: 11:55am

Pitter pa-da-da
It's pouring all around
Pitter pa-da-da
Muddy shoes sink in the ground

The rain falling from the sky
Can you feel it now?
No one can see you try
To the ground you bow

You're trying and you're failing
And life is just no good
There's no love, no supporting
No one who understood

Can you feel the rain falling?
Getting in your eyes
Your quiver lips are calling
For my sugary sweet lies

How it came to this
Only in your heart you know
Your tried a hit and miss
Now what do you have to show?

La-da da-da-da
Music to your ears
La-da da-da-da
Give me all your fears

Black and white
No room for gray
Like day to night
You will fade away

Such a sad little thought
That you were never on my mind
Your face and the rain are not
Anywhere to find

Just like a secret never spoken
Face up to all your lies
It's a promise that you've broken
You hear me say, "good-bye"