Hi, I'm currently on page 26 of this story, but have hit writers block, I know how the story starts and I know where it needs to end, but it's the bit in the middle I'm having trouble with and I think I've made a wrong turning somewhere so I've decided to post the story here for some feedback, reviews and some help – is it going in the right direction, should something else happen? Let me know!

The story is romance, but you'll notice with a sub category of horror and angst, it's not going to be nicey nicey, and there may be some non-con, but don't worry that doesn't all start until chapter 3...

It sounded like gunshots as the car skidded to a halt.

"Shit." He shouted slamming his fists against the steering wheel. "Just what we fucking need, a fucking blowout." She sat clutching her seatbelt the sudden unexpected stop had flung her forwards, she'd narrowly missed the dashboard. "You probably ran over something sharp, i knew you shouldn't have driven!" He was slurring his words as he tried to shout at her.

She gazed out of the window, it was no use telling him that he couldn't drive not in the state he was in. She hadn't even wanted to come out here, that her idea of a holiday was laying on a beach not sitting in a log cabin in the middle of the snowy wilderness, but he had wanted to hunt, she couldn't understand the thrill he got from killing a defenceless animal, but she had learnt not to argue with him, not when he was drunk.

He'd been planning this trip for weeks, he was supposed to drive them, it was his way of apologising for everything. She hadn't wanted to come, but was willing to make the effort to save their relationship, and to try and save him, being in the wilderness away from his friends, away from the drink was supposed to be a detox, but he'd stumbled in from a bar at 5.00 a.m., two hours later she'd had to manoeuvre him into the car so they could make the cabin before nightfall. At first he'd slept, but when he woke up he was still drunk, slowly developing a hangover which made him even meaner.

He got out, stumbling in the snow and walked round the car, she could hear him swearing and kicking the tires as he walked. She dug her mobile out of her bag, she had one bar on the signal line she dialled the first number on her speed dial, hoping the call would get through before the signal disappeared. Her colleague and before-Mike-best-friend Joanne answered on the third ring and she managed to get out the word "Broke-down." Before the phone cut out and the signal bar disappeared altogether.

She looked out the window of the car and watched her fiancée walking round the car kicking it, not doing anything that would actually help them and not for the first time she told herself that she needed to leave him. The thought appeared suddenly in her mind, but it was easier said than done, they had been together two years before he had started to change and by that point their lives had intertwined they had the same friends-his, the same house, shared a car every-time she thought about leaving she imagined the amount of work it would be and she convinced herself to stay for a little bit longer, she even managed to convince herself she was trying to save him, all her friends had told her he could not be saved, begged her to leave him then slowly drifted away as he became more controlling over her, not letting her see them, ringing her all the time.

He flung open her door. "Come on, get out."

She did as he said. "Three ties have blown, we're going to have to walk back to that track we passed not to long ago, there must be a house at the end of it."

"Can't we try walking to our cabin?" she asked, sure it couldn't be much further to the cabin he had hired them for the week.

"Don't be stupid, it's another 20 miles at least. We'd be better off looking for this other cabin."

She kept her mouth shut when she wanted to tell him that he was being stupid, for all he knew there wasn't even a house at the end of that track, but she kept her mouth shut, she knew better than to argue with him, zipped all of her layers up and grabbed her backpack out of the truck to trudge after Mike.