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"Every girl from age 14 to age 16 must sit in the front rows, and sit by district if you please." Our Wonderful Leader told us. How I hate all of them, especially the Prince. But being a girl of age 15, I have to sit in the front rows. Normally during these boring Ace meetings I sit in the back and use the feather in my hair as a quill; I would prefer a pen or a pencil but they take those away from you saying it could hurt the royal family. I don't care about these people or how they run the planet. All I have to worry about is that if I'm not engaged by that age of 17, I will be publicly humiliated and then killed. "My son, your future leader, has reached the age of 16 and has decided that he would like a bride. This girl will be your future queen when the time comes." Our Wonderful Leader said. This day just keeps on getting worst. First I wake up and stub my toe on the side of my dresser. Then I was forced to come to an Ace meeting, only nobles are able to come and being the daughter of noble parents I am a noble. And now I could be picked to marry the self absorbed prince. Our Wonderful Leader (that is his name FYI) stands at the podium like he always does. His chubby sides hanging everywhere, and his balding head stood no more than a foot above the small podium in front of him. "Your Ace will choose one candidate for marriage, she will then be judged by my son for his future wife." Soon after my districts' Ace, there are four in total, came over to look for a candidate.

He looked me over quickly. My grandma was a big gossip lady and she knew what would be happening today. I live with my older brother and maternal grandmother because both my parents died when I was only 5. Anyway, she told me to put on my best and only, red dress. She also dolled me up by painting my cheeks and lips with a light pink color. Above my eyes she put a nice blue powered that looked nice with my blue-gray eyes. I normally wear colored contacts but today I was instructed to leave them out. My red bangs were pulled back to form a small pony tail in the back of my head, while the rest of my black hair hung down. I am a big rebel when I want to be, which is why I have two different colors of hair on my head. Thankfully my Ace, known as Ace of Hearts, passed me and picked his own daughter at the age of 14. She was pretty enough I guess brown hair that fell to mid back, a soft looking face, which was plastered with too much makeup. She wore a yellow dress with hearts on it. We are always supposed to wear something that tells people where we are from; the heart on my dress is on my whole back in black. As I looked at the other girls that were picked I wasn't surprised to see the other Aces with their daughters. The prince didn't even look at them, he kept his head down. He was acting very strange but like I said before I don't care about these people. "The candidates have been chosen, everyone has to leave now." Our Wonderful Leader said joyfully.

We all walked out of the meeting house, it was like a huge black church. People didn't go home; they just stayed in front talking about who they thought would be the future queen. I then heard a little scream coming off to my right. It was one of the girls that I hate to be around. She was crying into her hands about not being chosen to be the prince's wife, stupid girls. I walked up to her. "Don't you get it?" I tried to sound nice and caring but failed miserably. "Wasn't it obvious? The Aces were always going to pick their own daughters. You never even had a chance." That wasn't the right thing to say to try and comfort her, because she then pounced at me, pulling my hair and scratching at my face. This girl was weak; fighting like a little baby gets you nowhere. I am no weakling; I know how to fight like a guy. I quickly switched our positions so I was on top of her back with her arms twisted behind her and immovable. "You are a spoiled little rich brat, you that." I whispered into her ear angrily. "No one here had a chance for the prince's heart so don't get all whiny and company because you didn't get chosen. The Aces were always going to choose family because they only care about themselves." I got up and helped her up; she was too shocked to do it herself. As soon as she got her composure she ran back to her friends. I dusted myself off and ran a hand through my hair; it had fallen when the brat was pulling at it. I then notice my feather is gone I couldn't lose it; it was the last thing I had of my mother. I search for it all over, but when I was just about to give up looking when I heard a soft chuckle. I turned to find a boy around a year older than me, holding my mother's red feather.

"Is this what you search so longingly for?" He asked, twirling my feather in his left hand's thumb and index finger. A smile appeared on his face but it seemed, for a lack of a better word, evil.

"Yes, it is." I said trying to keep even. I know I can fight like a guy, but I don't know if I can actually fight a guy. "I thank you very much for finding it." I reached over to get it but he pulled it away.

"Not so fast. I want to know what you told that brat you just beat. You whispered something to her before you let her up." I tried to make another grab for my feather but I was too slow. "Hey, I just want to know what you said. Did you say something that terrible that you can't tell me?" I bit the side of my cheek thinking. I couldn't tell him he could report me and I would be killed. I only told the rich brat because I saw true fear in her eyes, which would stop her from telling anyone. But with this boy, I didn't know if I could fear trap him.

"I told her, what I mean was no one here could get the prince's heart but she would find a nice man one day. Can I please have my feather back now?" This was starting to get on my nerves, but I had to keep my cool. I couldn't afford to get caught fighting. In this society woman are here to make the men look good and increase the species. I am not that kind of girl. Knowing this, my dad taught me a bit of self defense moves before he died, after I spent a lot of time alone with my brother. During these times my brother showed me more advanced moves than dad was showing me. My brother was sent to a highly voted fighting school and when he got home he would teach me what he had learned. Now we both have a 3rd degree black belt, although mine is unofficial. We are masters at every fighting technique they taught us, or at least taught my brother, and we even created some of our own moves.

"I don't believe you." The boy started to play with my feather again. "You don't seem to be the kind of girl that gets all sentimental. What did you really say to her? Now no lies, I want the truth."

I needed to get my mother's feather and away from this boy now. "How would you know what I am like? I don't know who you are or why you want to know what I said, but I need that feather back, now." He was taken aback by what I said, like it was something surprisingly happy for him. "Are you going to give me that feather or am I going to have to do something I will regret." I took a step closer to him. He seemed, truthfully, frightened. I guess I just might be able to fear trap him. I clenched my fist and took another step closer. This time his courage came to him and he stood his ground, and so did I. I was now scared, not the scared I'm going to get beat up, but the 'what am I going to do next' type of scared. I couldn't take my feather back by myself, I couldn't fear trap him, and I obviously couldn't tell him about my disrespect to the Aces.

I looked over this boy more carefully, using anything I could to my advantage. He had blond hair that was cut close to his head. He looked somewhat like the prince but a lot of boys looked this way to get girls. He was thin but I couldn't let this mean he was weak. I also had a small build but I could easily hold 4 times my own body weight above my head. He wore a red silk looking shirt with black pants. On the pocket on his shirt was the outline of a black spade. He was from the Ace of Spade's district. That was the worst one to be in, if you ask me. The roads are paved red like blood and everyone had to fight for themselves. The Ace himself is a cruel man; he will as soon as kill you if you look at him wrong. It is said he never got over his wife when she went on a killing spree and was never found when she entered the woods. The other Aces weren't all that bad. The Ace of Diamonds was an okay kind of guy, I guess. He would always wear a long blue scarf and a blue rose in his chest pocket. There are some rumors of him singing and then killing anyone who listened with a pistol he always carried with him. The Ace of Clubs was normal; it was his wife who was mad. She was the prettiest girl in the world, and still is. She was so much loved by everyone she was made queen of Clubs. She then had a nightmare that she died and hasn't left her home since. My Ace was said to have gone mad when he was a little kid. He was so deranged that he killed his own twin sister. He is not so now but some say he still has her body to this day, frozen so he can apologize for killing her.

"All I'm looking for is what you said, I'm curious." I put up my fist and got into a fighting stance I created. "I won't fight a girl, you know. You may have some knowledge of self defense but that won't help you here." That was it. I couldn't take it anymore, he was looking for a fight and who was I to deny him that.

"You will be amazed at what I can do." I cracked my knuckles, and started the fight. He seemed unprepared for the fight but I would give him that, woman can't fight, but none the less I beat him. Within seconds I was behind him, his arms twisted and immovable in my grasp, and I also had my hand around his neck. I wasn't pressing hard enough into it to chock him, but just enough to say 'don't even try to fight back'. "See, you never know what I can do. Will you give me my feather back now?" I growled into his ear and I tightened my grip on his throat. He nodded and relisted my feather. I took it back and let him go. I held out my hand to shake on a truce, I didn't want him to think about me as a jerk. He did not shake it.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" He asked with a little too much enthusiasm in his voice.

I tucked my feather neatly behind my ear. "I got what I wanted, so you don't have anything to hold against me. What makes you think I will tell you anything?" I walked started to walk off.

"I can tell Our Wonderful Leader that you know how to fight. Unless you are a relative of the Ace's, women aren't supposed to know how to fight." He had me there, and we both knew it. I now hated this boy with a deep passion. He was cunning and used anything he could to get what he wanted; is some way that was like me, but I knew when to let it die and leave it alone.

"My brother taught me." I started out slowly. If I were to tell the whole truth to this guy, my brother could get in real trouble. "He's a top fighter and when I watched him practice, I guess I sort of learned from watching. Are we done here?" I turned around to give him an evil eye. He was about respond, with a wise comment most likely, when the meeting house door burst opened.

"Where is he? I demand that he show himself, NOW," yelled the daughter of the Ace of Spade! She had an extravagant red ball gown on with the trim of the dress being black spades. The other three girls poked their heads out from around Spade's intimidating figure. Their dresses resembled the first girl's but blue for Diamonds and green for Clubs. "I know that he is out here! You better come back in here if you know what is good for you!"

"Looks like I have found out, guess those girls are smarter than I give them credit for." The boy behind me said with a little bit of annoyance in his voice. "Come with me." He quickly said before he dragged me by the waist to the back of the meeting house.


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