U-g-l-y. L-o-s-e-r.
Over and over again.
One, two, three, four.
Who knows anymore?

My pale, white skin is covered in red liquid, again.
I take a washcloth

from the cabinet.
Dampen it.
Red liquid disappears.

Dark green towel, darkened.
Pale, white skin is clean again.

I pull my shirt down.
Now, the words are gone.

For now.

Soon they will enter my head. But for now my head

is a paradise;
oasis even.
But, soon someone

will spit the words in my direction.
And then

my clean,
green oasis will be gone.

Replaced by a dark room,
that is my second home.

Who knows how long I will be there.

Back and forth.
Oasis, dark room,
oasis, dark room.

Never one for very long I'm sick of this. I'm unstable.

Emotionally unstable.
What a label.
It fits.
Like a worn, winter coat.

Who would ever think?
Me, unstable,
Back and forth.