My Snowy Winter

The trees so tall and the moon so small,

the snow drifts down and touches all.

The curtains are thrown back allowing in the morning light,

I see the snow, what a sight!

The gleaming trees of white lace,

make my heart race.

The snow before me as smooth as cream,

I let out a delighted scream.

The suns blaze does not melt it,

No green can be seen, not one little bit.

Jack Frost has been tiptoeing all around,

The snow clenched tight to the frozen ground.

There was no other creature that I could see,

only the winter birds, Mr. Robin and me.

Like the sun, the snow sparkles with hidden gems.

The cold so deep it has frozen the rive Thames.

The garden path has not been swept,

the sea of white makes it all seem dead.

Now I stand in the doorway and my foot touches the ground.

The first fat footprint for miles and miles around.