Chris glanced around the silent hallway and spotted not a soul in sight. Thank God; but even if he did see anyone, it wouldn't really matter to him. The apathetic teen rarely cared about what people thought of him or his actions. Fingers hooked on the front loops of Nic's jeans, he leaned against the door of the janitor's closet as he pulled the blond closer against him. He prayed the janitor was not occupying the small room or on his way back, he wasn't sure how he would explain himself.

Nic, pressed up and leaning forward to the brunette, had his lips locked to Chris'. Although the pair had a distinct height difference, they managed to work around that obstacle. His hands were clutching at the other's shirt as his lips pulled away slightly to exhale against Chris', who spoke quickly with a hushed tone. "Shit, Niccy. You couldn't wait for home?" Chris didn't mind making out during school, but Nic was easily aroused, which would usually lead to one of them getting some type of sexual release.

Nic's lips were curled into a sly grin as he shook his head, then speaking quietly after.
"Nope," He replied, popping the word from his lips and reaching a little behind Chris to turn the metal handle on the door behind the brunette.

It easily opened with a muted creaking sound as Nic pushed it open, walking Chris back into the small room. Although it was rather cluttered, there was enough room for both of them. A metal chair sat up in the back corner, which Nic continued to lead Chris to after he shut the door behind them. The only light source was a light bulb hanging above them, flickering slightly as it freely hung from a wire.

The blond's hands were latched to the taller male's belt, gently shoving him back to sit on the rusted chair. After parking his ass on the seat, Chris ignored it's rusting squeaks of protest and looked at Nicolai with a challenging expression.
His boyfriend's eyes were somewhat sharp and glowing with a suggestive look as he knelt down to rest on his knees in front of Chris, they both knew what this meant.

Nic quickly worked on the belt and fastenings of Chris's pants and successfully pulled away the worn denim to the brunette's knees.
The devious teen licked his chapped lips as his fingers danced around the elastic waist band of the boxer's still on Chris.
"Fuck, Niccy, don't tease me." The older male grumbled, relaxing back into the old chair. His boyfriend retorted a soft laugh and nodded, then worked off the boxers from the other's waist.

Using one hand, Nic began by giving Chris a couple pumps on his growing arousal to start him off, then began with teasing his boyfriend again after taking the member into his mouth. The blond kept a light hold on the base of the brunette's shaft as he began to work at the tip; slowly working his way down. Nic kept his head bobbing in a constant rhythm, tongue gliding across the slit.

Chris had his teeth sunk into his lower lip, breath coming out from the sides of his mouth in short, heavy puffs with on hand sliding into Nic's dark blond hair. His fingers twisted into the soft tresses as his lover continued to blow him. The ecstatic feeling was great; having his throbbing dick pressed into the soft walls of Nic's mouth, his tongue rolling over it smoothly. They didn't ever do this often, so perhaps that was making it even better for the both of them. Chris began to bite back a few moans, thriving on the pleasure he was given. "Holy shit, Nicolai."

Nic pulled back slightly, face aflame with color, to breath in a quick breath, then back down on Chris' erect member. The shorter of the pair would have smiled, had his mouth not been full; but Chris only called him by his full name when he was doing something right, so that was a good sign. The brunette had a light smile on his lips as he watched his boyfriend in satisfaction. The fingers he had locked into Nic's hair twisted deeper, practically yanking the other male closer.

Within a few more dips down, the brunette had reached his climax and came without warning; not that he could really say anything. His spluttering words weren't even comprehensible to Nic; not that it bothered him. In turn, after choking mid-dip, he pulled back away. He swallowed the hot liquid dripping from his mouth, then licked his lips with another sly grin.

Nic took a few breaths and looked up at Chris, who was inhaling in ragged gusts of air. The brunette slumped back against the rusted chair again, sighing in pure satisfaction after standing and pulling back on his lowered clothing. The blond did the job of buckling back up his belt, then wiped the rest of his mouth with the back of his hand and pulled himself up into a standing position. Nic stood on the tips of his toes to reach Chris' lips, planting a quick kiss on the corner of his mouth with a small grin and spoke smoothly.

"You can return favor when we get to my house, yeah?"

Chris stared at him for a moment. "Yeah, sure." He responded, lips twitching with the slightest of smiles. Despite being so sharp with him, he still pressed a firm kiss to Nic's lips; fully intending to return the favor when they got to Nic's house. Before allowing his boyfriend to leave, he fixed the messy, blond locks atop his head. Nic chuckled and continued to leave the janitor's closet, a nice grin now plastered onto his face. His hand soon found Chris' as they walked in a comfortable silence down the hall. They weren't really headed anywhere, but they still had time to kill before the bell rang.

As the couple contently strode down the hall, they came across the janitor, who was wheeling a cart of cleaning supplies and mops. Nic eyed the man, unable to hold back the foolish grin, and winked at his just as they passed him; just barely catching the confused look on his face. After turning the corner at the end of the hall, he glanced up at laughed at Chris and he laughed too.

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