Distorted Jesus

I'm beautifully insane

It's hard to refrain

From losing another breath

I'm not in love with pain, only death

Walking into the shadows amongst the cold and lonely

Leaving a trail of regrets

Somehow after all this time, he still forgets

I'm the poison running through his veins

Where the pleasure comes from inflicting pain

Close your eyes and think of me

I'm playing tug of war with my vocal chords; they won't let me be

Pull my dreams from my sleep and kiss me unconscious

I'm adorned in thorns and nails to be reborn

I'm your distorted Jesus

Can't you see my fires burning, igniting a red blood sky

Time is only temporary

The world is falling like a final curtain to my feet

And this wish for your applause is taking over me

Worship my every word

Eyes black, a raven bird.

Confess your sins my darling.

Nine inch nails, and a crown of thorns

I'm your distorted Jesus.