Nobody Knew

He raped her thoughts

With his continuous cries

He silenced her dreams

With the mocking of her cries

He threatened her love

For all she held dear

All in a sad attempt

To keep her near

He laughed at her tears

As they seeped into her skin

He mimicked her feeble fights

Cause at the end she always gave in

He smiled at her fear

And nearly choked on his pride

As he stroked her hair

And forced himself inside

He smiled as she cried out

Her voice fading in the night

He laughed and told her

"Come on baby, do it right"

He thrust his cock inside her

Ignoring her cries of pain

And to think she may have loved him

Most called her insane

He continued to rape her

Even as she cried and begged him no

He was afraid to lose her

But he would never let it show

For in his heart deep inside

He knew one thing was true

He had to get revenge for what the man did to him

but the problem was

Nobody knew