My eight-year-old cousin ran around the park area, looking in and around the various tents stationed. I sprinted after her, but could never catch up unless I call her name. Then she would turn around, smile back at me, and wait for me to catch up. I noticed a huge number of colorful balloons this year. In fact, almost every stall had at least one balloon floating around. My cousin seemed to have noticed as well as and pointed at them excitedly.

"I want a balloon! I want a balloon!"

As if almost magically, I noticed a man standing a few yards to my left with what looked like a thousand colorful balloons, each of various size and shape. Some were boxes, some were round, some were long, and some were even triangular prisms. They also came in a full spectrum of colors, ranging from red, blue and green to magenta, teal and brown. My cousin became jumpy and impatient, pointing to the brilliantly colorful array of balloons. I walked up to the man selling the balloons. He appeared slightly green, as if seasick, and his hair hung like yellow straws on his head with two tiny, almost unnoticeable, bumps protruding from it. They looked like horns.

I quickly handed him the money and selected a normal, round, red balloon since it was the closest color to pink, my cousin's favorite color. I found it strange how the only colored balloon that was not there was pink. I turned towards my cousin and was about to give her the red balloon when she started running off in the opposite direction again. I chased after her, calling out her name, but this time, she never turned around back to me. Even though I ran as fast as I could, I still couldn't catch up to her. It was like running on a treadmill, using up so much energy but never getting an inch closer.

Eventually I stopped and noticed that the stalls all looked as if paint had been splattered on them. They were covered in brilliant colors, colors that were similar to the ones I saw in that thousand bunch of balloons. All this annoyed me very much, since I was expecting a fun day with my cousin after not seeing her for four years, but now she's run off to nowhere. She's gone, as if she disappeared from mid air. I let out a frustrated sigh and kicked the brown dirt in until I heard a loud roar coming from inside one of the largest tents. Having nothing better to do, I walked into the rainbow-splattered pavilion.

Inside, four risers surrounded the tent, and standing on those risers were animals! There were lions, tigers, elephants, bears and even mice. All of them sat in their seats cheering, roaring, and stomping their feet as they watched the center of the tent. A lion was standing on his hind legs, all dressed nicely in a black suit and top hat, directing a naked man to jump through a hoop of flames. The animals' roars grew louder as the naked man got ready, pushed off the ground, and jumped through the hoop of fire. The crowd of creatures went wild with excitement.

In the following act, a thin woman kneeled on a platform, balancing a pink-with-yellow polka-dotted balloon with a one meter radius. As she moved her thin, supple body to keep the balloon in balance, it slowly began to expand. The red balloon I held in my hands also began to expand, getting bigger and bigger each second. Before I could say or do anything, the two air-filled spheres burst into a cacophony of noise and spray of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

"I want a balloon! I want a balloon!"

I blinked and stared at my magically appeared cousin. Standing a few yards away from us was the balloon seller, holding the very red, round balloon that had just exploded.