"This is getting dangerous", Mendel one of the biggest executive of Huge-Bail-Outs Bank said to his bussiness partner, Kane, while they both were looking down the street to all those protesters from one of the luxurious office of his building

"What? Are you scarred?" Kane asked

"A little"

"What do they want?"

"Things that we can't provide, but we cannot deny either"

"How do we stop them?"

"Don't know either Mendel...but we better thing something and FAST"

The days were passing by, and Kane and Mendel were trying to figure out how to stop all those protestors, but they couldn't think in a single idea: They could handle international bonds and stocks that make and destroy fortunes everyday but they couldn't think how to please thouse youngsters.

"It's getting worse and worse!" Mendel exclaimed "Oh! Here comes the guitars and the bongos!"

"Well, yeah, it's scary, but on the other hand, it kind of remind me the 60's"

"Oh yeah, but there was a difference: those are just a bunch of over-priviliged NEET's! we were protesting against something real! A real cause! you know...the...the..."

But Mendel couldn't complete his sentence.

"What's going on?" Kane asked

"I can't even remember the reason we used to protest..."

"Oh, don't be silly Mendel! It was the...the..."

But Kane was surprised that he couldn't remember the reason either.


"Oh, shut up Mendel! It was in the 60's! We were high as..."

And then, they both had the same brilliant idea.

"Mendel, call to Washington, we need to start to lobby for this plan..."

The next week...

"What a wonderful day Kane!" said Mendel with glee while entering to his office, after seeing that all those protesters were gone

"It worked?"

"Of course it did! Can you please turn on the TV? I want to hear it again!"

Kane turned on the tube and he sintonized the Fucks News Channel.

"...And it's with proud that I declare the Ammedment to legalize the use and trade of Cannabis" the President was annoucing to the Nation in the congress.

"I can't believe it worked..." Kane said

"Why not?"

"I thought these kids were different than...well, us"

"Oh, don't be so idealistic! In the end, it all comes to one single thing: not anticapitalism, not socialism, not anarchy...it's all about legal pot"

"Yeah, it is kind of dissapointing right?"

"Yes, I know..."

"Wanna get high?"

"Just like in the good ol' times!"

And Mendel and Kane keep the current system working, and while all the former protesters were making huge lines in the Drug Stores trying to get something for their "back pain", those two bankers realized that in the end, the youngsters and the old guard aren't really that diferent.