Most of you have probably been on DeviantART. Well on DA they have bases for pictures. This is sort of like that only it's for writing. But don't think of it as merely a base. Think of it as a challenge to turn a paragraph into a story and make it as creative as possible.

I wrote these to challenge experienced writers and inspire young ones.

*ah hem* I also wrote these because I get too many ideas in my head to manage and I thought if I couldn't use them someone at least should.

You can change genders or add/take away from the paragraphs.

If you use these I have the following requests:

-At the very least, mention me in your author's note or something. Or give me credit for the paragraph but credit yourself for the ingenuity.

-Review telling me which prompt base you'll be using/PM me giving me the title of your story so I can read it.


Prompt Base I

His words—no, they couldn't be true. Yet still he had spoken them so smoothly, truth weaved into every syllable. It was so horrifying to think that [protagonist] could be anything like the wretched adversary he had faced. They were so different, still his haunting words struck fear and doubt in [protagonist]'s heart. Could it be true? Could he become corrupted as easily as [antagonist] had?

Prompt Base II

He had prayed it wouldn't come to this. Still the time had arisen like the sun at dawn—it could not be stopped. He was expected to finish it in this way, but how could he? Murder was not in his nature though self defense came quite naturally. His sword was made for him, perfectly balanced. But now the sleek, narrow weapon he had once wielded so calmly, so gracefully was as heavy as his heart.

Prompt Base III

He was going to pay the ultimate price. Death had wrapped its ghastly claws around him and would not set him free so easily this time. To think that his journey would end this way. He had failed to complete his quest, but when he looked up, his spirits rose though his heart shattered.[love interest] would live. He locked eyes with her and tried to comfort her with a gentle smile, but all he accomplished was turning one of her tears into a cascading waterfall of grief.

Just three for now, but I'll add more as ideas come to me. You can use more than one by the way and for different stories as you'd like.