Did you know that your soul can leave your body if you want it to? You can actually leave your body and roam around without people seeing you. Wouldn't that be swell? You can visit your friends and see what they're up to without them knowing you're watching them at all; you can eavesdrop at parent-teacher meetings and find out what they really think about you or your other classmates; you can even trail your crush and see if there's a hint that he might have feelings for you or even thinks about you at all. Think about all the possibilities.

People have called this an astral journey. I simply call it an adventure. Would you like to try it too? If you do then all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

The first thing you need to do is to relax. You can't do this if you are panicked or distressed. One thing you must remember is this: it has no harmful effects, I assure you. You can slip into your body as easy as you got out. Think of it as merely taking a walk. It s pretty much like that anyway. The next thing you need to do is lie down either on a bed or your couch, anywhere so long as you re comfortable. Breathe deeply. Relax your muscles. Close your eyes but don t sleep. Have you done that already? Good. Now, with all your concentration, imagine yourself floating off into the distance. Imagine that your body is as light as a feather. Concentrate but not too much that you'll break your calm. You ll slowly feel sleepy but, if anything, do not sleep. Just bask in that moment for a while. You're floating, remember that. Keep thinking that. Now, if you do feel like you re floating, like you no longer feel the soft cushions on your back or the pillow that was rested on your head, then you re almost there. Slowly, calmly, open your eyes. Don t expect to see the ceiling or whatever you were facing before you closed your eyes. Instead, expect to see your sleeping body. If you see your body in the position you were last in, then congratulations, you've done it! Your soul is momentarily out of your body. Now you can do the things you've always wanted to but was afraid to because of the horrific effects.

One last thing though. If you suddenly see a woman that you've never met before go near your sleeping body, don t worry. She won't harm you. Don t try to talk to her or anything like that. It will be futile. If she starts to lie down next to your body, don t mind her. Pretend that you never saw her and just walk away. Trust me. Just have fun with your new found freedom. If the woman suddenly disappears and your body suddenly jerks awake, well, good luck trying to convince someone else to leave their body. I just took yours. I hope you don t mind.