Epic Text War

Before you can try to wrap your mind around this crazy story first you need to know that Alyssa, is a Ninja Leprechaun and Adrianna is a Zombie Pirate. Me and my friend made this story up together as we were texting each other. That's why it is called an Epic Text War. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. haha.

Alyssa: lol, that's funny. You sound like a zombie.

Adrianna: I am! :O Rawr, I'm going to eat your brains! :b haha.

Alyssa: Oh no! Dx Run away!

Adrianna: Haha, I'm going to shoot you with my cannon so you can't run lol.

Alyssa: Oh no I must ninja teleport then!

Adrianna: Crap! Well I jumped into your teleporting area so I came with you.

Alyssa: Oh no then I'll take me pot o gold and smash it on your head. Xb

Adrianna: Well, I steal all your booty and then break your pot with my sword. :P Then, I'll make my parrot poke out your eye with his peg leg. xD

Alyssa: Ah! My raping ninja monkeys attack your parrot leaving it very violated, having to take years of therapy, and I do a little tap dancing on your head.

Adrianna: Oh no! I'm throwing all your raping ninja monkeys into the brig and then my other parrots are going to peck out their eyes and say "Polly wanna cracker" so many times that they go insane and have to go to a mental institution for years!

Alyssa: Bwa ha ha little do you know that they all came from the mental institution but sadly they are blind now… but I rescue them while flying on my magical rainbow and send out more of my minions to take back my gold!

Adrianna: Well, little do you know I paid off the therapist to release Polly and him and his evil flight of minion birds were hiding in the clouds waiting for your monkeys with loaded guns that are built into their wings! And all their feathers are really armor so their indestructible. xD

Alyssa: Ah no! My monkeys must use their hidden weapon then. ;b Their raping fire ball ninjutsu which unleashes a master fire ball that envelopes the parrot's armor melting it, leaving your parrots defenseless and very hot. And while your parrots are distracted with my monkeys I tip toe into your ship's office to face you one on one.

Adrianna: My parrots! D: Oh it's on! Once you're in my captain quarters I release all my booby traps and you fall into the bowels of my ship where I keep my vicious snakes and they're special snakes that take away your magically delicious powers every time they bite you!

Alyssa: Then I take out my recorder and charm all your snakes! I teleport from your booby trap to right next to you and start konfu poking you with the poke of death from Invader Zim.

Adrianna: NOOOO! Not the poke of death! That leaves me helpless D: but you forgot about my legeance of zombies that are hiding right above your head! Ready to eat your brains!

Alyssa: Oh noooooooooo! Curse me for being magically delicious! That gives me an idea! I take a yellow hour glass marsh mallow and slam it to the floor instantly stopping time for a few seconds leaving me enough time to dismember your zombies' bodies moo ha ha ha!

Adrianna: They're special zombies though! Every time you dismember one, another one grows from the broken limbs so now there's millions of them ha ha ha! Not even your magic can stop them now! xD

Alyssa: Oh no! Time to escape, then. I grab a pot out of my pocket that I just happen to have and all my money magically dances into the pot and I whistle which signals my magic rainbow and fly away as my raping ninja monkeys flee!

Adrianna: But my ship's masks are in the way of the rainbow so you can't escape mwuhaha so then you and your monkeys are redirected to Neverland which I own!

Alyssa: but, but the rainbow broke the roof of your office for my escape :( Oh well, now that me and my monkeys are in Neverland we kidnap Tinkerbell and shake her dust on us all and we fly away from Neverland and somehow end up in London. Now my rainbow rescues me and we ride back home feeling very tired from the epic battle and curse the sky saying "We'll get you next time Captain zombie pirate Adrianna!"

Adrianna: No! Because my boat sails away with all the fairies carrying it to London where I bomb your house and leave you homeless bahaha! And then I disappeared into the sky….

Alyssa: But I don't live in London so you bombed some innocent people's houses haha. xb This was an epic text war and I'm almost at school so 'til next time zombie pirate! Hahaha!

Adrianna: Gosh darn it! Till next time leprechaun ninja! :b

Hey I hoped you liked this lol. I made a poll to see who you like better. Ninja's or Pirates? You choose! lol