to think you know something
to wake up wondering, wandering
to surrender to pleasure
to cut ties and climb trees
to call upon your gods
to pay rent and bills
to eat without chewing
to get to know broken glass
to skip town and never shake your shadow
to be an orphan to fragile forevers and naive nevers
to be a dumbass
to live without shelter
to panic in the streets of las vegas
to play musical couches in los angeles and new york city
to know you don't belong in minnesota
to rest your head in new jersey
to steal water and borrow oxygen and bum cigarettes
to search for something inside yourself
to catalog your soul's songs
to hold your fire
to sweat tomorrow
to sleep all day, yet dream all night
to wake up next to some one just as lost as you
to drink too much coffee too fast
to run with scissors
to walk with waffles
to realize what you were born into
to grow up in that which killed your parents
to laugh and laugh
and laugh

to mock a killingbird.