What kind of God would let this happen?

Does God not care?

People ask these questions all the time, both believers and non.

The answer is not so simple, yet so simple human kind can't accept it.

People ask these questions as if we are meant to have a perfect world.

They seek a reason and without listening for the answer, chose for themselves that God is not real, or he just hates them.

In a world where God would keep every bad person off the streets, and every homeless soul would find a home, this was God's first intention, but knew all to well it would not stay that way, not when he gave us a free mind and will to do as we please.

The world we live in is both full of good and evil, there is no prefect world for us here on Earth.

Bad things are going to happen, but its how we deal with it is what makes us grow, or fall.

God is always with us, but you have to be wiling to let him help you-even if you don't believe in God or maybe just not Jesus, but he is always there and ready to listen.

Maybe your reading this and thinking 'what a prick' or 'keep your religion to yourself' and that's fine, I respect your point of view, even if you don't respect mine.

all I'm saying is don't be so fast to rush to the conclusion that God hates us/you, or he just doesn't care, its not true, this world is balanced by both evil and good, if we want a prefect world we have to help out too.

God will only do so much, we have to be willing to met him half way.