3 Girls' Nightmare

Julie awoke to a very obnoxious sound that pulled her away from her dream and sent her into a fit of aggravation and a "fuck this shit" mentality. She hammered her hand down on the snooze and felt tempted to just stay in bed. But she couldn't. It was homecoming day at her university, and she was on the school dance team. Unwillingly, she rolled out of bed where her roommate unwillingly was greeted "good morning" by Julie's black lace bra and short shorts.

"You know, I don't pay hookers," her roommate said jokingly. Her name was Sara, a slightly nerdy girl, not because she has glasses, but because she was a whole 1.0 in GPA higher than Julie. Sara was cute though. She had quite an unusual sex appeal with those glasses unlike most girls could pull off. She was a blonde haired girl, had a slender figure, shapely legs from all her yoga, and the cutest two feet ever seen on a junior college girl.

Julie on the other hand is what most guys in college would fantasize about. She wasn't cute like Sara, she was smoking hot. She was Cambodian and had C-cup breasts, a very firm butt, long and gorgeous straight black hair, shapelier legs than Sara, and a very athletic tone throughout her body.

"Ha-ha," she responded in the same joking tone. "Are you going to Tom's party tonight?"

"Yeah, 9, right?"

"Yep," Julie responded while fixing her hair in the mirror and then turning to Sara who was still sitting up in her bed, "You know, it wouldn't hurt to put on something a little slutty. Jeff's going to be there."

Sara rolled her eyes, "C'mon Jules…"

Julie stopped her right there, "You have great legs! And nice boobs! You have to show them off tonight, it's homecoming AND…it's Jeff."

Sara buried her face in a pillow, looked up and sighed, "But I don't have anything…slutty."

Julie smiled, jumped off her roommate's bed and grabbed a very small dress out of her closet and pushed it into Sara's arms. "Here, you can borrow this. We're the same size anyway. And you can borrow my black heels too."

"The slutty ones?"

Julie frowned and put her hand on her roommate's knee, "Stop ok? You're going to look amazing. Do you have contacts?"

Sara nodded. She hated those contacts.

Julie perked up with a smile and said in a cutesy voice, "Ok great! Now I'm going to get ready, I better see you tonight, Roof Lounge for pregame?"

Sara agreed with a smile.

Roof Lounge was super crowded. It was a very stylish lounge and bar for a college setting. This looks like something you'd expect out of downtown Manhattan in New York City. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. The football team won so some people were still drunk from the afternoon. Julie sat at a 2 person table alone by the railing that overlooked all of Main St. alone waiting for Sara.

Main St. sure was crowded. There were tons of stunning girls walking around in the tallest heels, shortest dresses, and lowest tops. She didn't care though. She was sporting a new dress she had gotten. It was fire red and it passed her crotch by about an inch and a half and stopped to let her two legs go on for miles after sexy miles without it, all coming to an end at a pair of red slingback high heels with open toes. She wore a black belt around her waist to give her figure a more curvy appeal.

In the crowd, she spotted her Indian friend, Shilpa and threw her right arm up to get her attention. Succeeding, the beautiful Indian goddess strutted over to her equally gorgeous friend. Embracing, the girls gave each other a kiss on the cheek and started to catch up.

Shilpa was just stunning. She was wearing a tight short skirt that stopped long ago about five inches above her knees, she had a very tight long sleeve tunic on that showed off a lot of her own pair of C-cup breasts, and she was wearing the cutest pumps that even caught Julie's eye.

"I love your shoes! You look so gorgeous right now!" Julie commented.

Shilpa smiled, "Aww thanks Jules! You're so beautiful too! Who are you waiting for?"

Julie looked around and spotted her roommate in the crowd, turned to Shilpa and said "The roomie" as she waved her over.

All three girls were great friends. They all dormed together, but Shilpa recently moved in with her boyfriend in an apartment. It was in the plan that all three of them would be roommates next year.

Coming out of the crowd, Sara walked over looking the most stunning she ever has in her life. Julie giggled a little in excitement and amazement and gave her roommate a hug and told her how she looks so perfect. Julie got the waitress' attention and within minutes produced three shots on the table.

"Hey Shilpa, we're going to Tom's party, what are you doing tonight?" Asked Julie.

"Ummm," Shilpa looked back at her friends who seemed to have gotten dance partners for the night, "Going with you of course!"

Sara and Julie smiled, and all three cheers to a good night.

A "Good" night…