I don't know

I don't think that I am good enough for you

How will I know when everything is right?

Is our love really true?

Are you just playing a game with me

Trying to get into my head?

When all you really want to do

Is see that I am tucked inside your bed.

I am scared you will see

Just how much you frighten me.

I had hoped that you would understand

That I am not ready to have those feelings

I am not ready to share that part

For now I want to keep it in my heart

I don't know how to tell you

I just feel that I have so much to loose

I don't think you are being true

I have my doubts

Doubts I wanted to hide.

However now you give me no choice

I don't know if I want to be part of your life.

I can't seem to get over my fear

And your not making it easy to be here

I really want you to understand

But I don't know how to tell you