Demonic Charm

Regina ran as fast as her slender legs could carry her. She had to hide somewhere, anywhere, and hopefully lose him. The revelation was so frightening that nothing else matter anymore to her. All that mattered to her now was getting away.

'How? How could it turn out like this? Why did it turn out like this?' She questioned herself. Her life was going perfectly fine until now. 'Was it because of that stupid bet I made?' Her mind recollected on her memories over the past two weeks as she ran for her life, hoping that she'll find the answer there.

Summer vacation had finally ended. It was beginning of fall and Regina Chambers was now a junior at Willowton High School. She had been popular since her freshman year, due to her high grades, charismatic attitude, cool exterior, and beauty. She was a beautiful 17-year old girl with long smooth black hair, round chocolate brown eyes, and soft caucasian skin. Her body was well-developed, complete with slender fingers and long legs, thin waist and gorgeous hips, and impressively very large, round, perky breasts; her looks alone drew the attention of many boys and girls during her previous two years. She was very tall too, rivaling most of the boys in the height department. Naturally for being popular, many boys had asked her out but she turned them down every time. Even the girls who fancied her didn't interest her.

But when the new school year began, she was greeted by her only friend, Angela "Angie" Smith, who chatted with her during lunch, like what they always did in their previous years. They both use to be rivals during their freshman year, desperately trying defeat the other. It was strange on how they manage to end up as friends afterwards. Regina believed that she became tired of the pointless contests and thought that Angie grew tired of it too.

"By the way, Regina, don't you think it's time that we start getting ourselves boyfriends?" Angie cheerfully asked.

"Not really," Regina replied dryly. "No boy in school interests me."

Angie smirked. "Then what about any g-"

"I don't swing that way, Angie," Regina interrupted her friend before she finished.

"Well I think we should start dating somebody,"


"It can be fun!" Angie grinned and looked down at Regina's chest. "And it'll be easy with figures like ours. I mean, I have a great butt to die for and you have boobs that would have even famous star actress Bella Valentine surprised."

Regina sighed. Angie had always been a bit of an air head and a thrill-seeker, but she was too eager to jump into things without thinking things through. Regina knew that her friend was smarter than she let on, a trait that factored into their old rivalry in the first place, but why this? Besides, she wanted to enjoy her life as a free single girl a lot longer before she decides to look for someone.

"You scared, Regina?" Angie asked.

"No. It's just pointless." Regina retort.

"There's nothing pointless in dating someone." Angie said. She wanted to make Regina more sociable, to drop the cool, semi-lone wolf attitude and start enjoying the experiences of life. "How about we make a bet?"

"A bet?" Regina asked. "No thanks."

"Aw, come on, Regina. Don't be sourpuss." Angie pleaded. "What if I make the reward great enough for you to accept?"

Regina looked at her friend from the corner of her eye. "It would have to be really convincing to change my mind."

"Okay, let's see." Angie put a finger to her chin and worked her brain. "Ooh, how about if any of us manages to date someone for an entire month, the loser has to give the winner their next five paychecks, and has to be the winner's servant for the entire next month."

Regina was quiet. Money from their part-time jobs and one being the others servant for a whole month. Such things have never been bet on since back during their old rivalry. If there was one thing she could compliment Angie on was that she was good at convincing people. Was she trying to relit the flames of their old rivalry. Angie, that little devil.

A smile crept on Regina's face as she looked at her friend. "Very well then. I don't like it, but you've convinced me. It can be anyone, right?"

"Yes, anyone." Angie confirmed.

"Very well, but just for the month. I don't have to truly fall in love with who I choose. I've just gotta keep them hooked onto me, right?"

"Yep! But if anything happens that makes you and whoever you choose break up, then you lose." Angie grinned.

"Very well." Regina said. The two looked at each other sternly, baring an evil smile at each other.

"Just like old times, eh, Regina?" Said Angie.

"Yes," Regina answered. "Before this is over, I'll be walking around town spending your money while keeping you on a dog leash."

But it was easier said than done. The past few days have been unsuccessful for Regina, not because everyone turned her down but because she couldn't bring herself to ask anyone out. Regina pondered about it as she walked out the front gates, school now over for the day. Most of the other students just didn't interest her enough to speak to them, let alone ask them out; this put her at a disadvantage. Angela was more sociable than she was and not as picky, so it was likely that she had already found someone by now. The thought of handing over her months worth of money and serving Angela was enough for her to wish that she hadn't agree to this obnoxious degrading game.

"Ah!" A voice gasped, snapping Regina back to reality. She looked down to see a girl picking up her hand-held bag of school supplies. Her black hair fell down pass her neck and ended in between her scapulas. Large bangs hanged down over her round dark blue eyes and a single long strand stuck up from her cranium like an antennae. Her skin was soft and fairly pale. She wore a grey double-sleeved shirt, the secondary sleeves being black, and dark blue shorts.

"Excuse me." Regina apologized as she observed the girl in front of her. She'd never seen anyone like her before during her previous school years.

'A freshman?'She asked herself. The poor creature looked rather nervous, as was typical of anyone who would begin their freshman year in high school. Despite her smooth soft hair, her clothes suggested that she was a tomboy, at least that's what Regina thought.


"Huh?" Regina shook her head, realizing that she was lost in her thoughts again. She looked down at the new girl and asked. "Yes?"

"I said it was alright and then you just stared at me. It's rather rude, you know." The girl replied.

"Sorry about that," Regina apologized again and was intending to turn and make her departure for home, but there was something about the new girl that for some mystery persuaded her to stay. "Are you new here?"

The girl smiled and answered. "Yes, it's my first year here."

"Are you having trouble knowing your way around the school?"

"No, I've gotten use to where I need to go." The girl replied. There was a small pause between the two. Regina couldn't think of what to say next. But then was there ever a need to? This was a complete stranger she was talking to, but she figured that's how friendships are suppose to develop from. "Are you riding the bus home?"

"I have a car of my own." Regina decided she should introduce herself. She's in a conversation after all. "I'm Regina Chambers. This is my junior year. What's your name?"

"My name's Reno," the girl answered.

Regina raised an eyebrow. Reno? Even in today's society where it's not uncommon for boys and girls to have opposite gender names, a girl with that kind of name was a bit of a stretch for her, especially this girl looked pretty feminine. Unless, she was looking at her all wrong.

"Hey, could you raise your arms?" Regina asked Reno.

"Huh? Why?"

"Please just do it. I need to check something."

Reno shrugged but did what was asked and raised her arms up. She nearly jumped from the surprising feel of Regina's hands touching her hips. "H-Hey!" But Regina ignored her and continued feeling her hips. They felt very strange. Maybe she wasn't an expert on various kinds of hips, but Reno's weren't soft and curvy enough for her to be a girl. It felt more blocky with the bones being clearly felt against the surface.

"Strange," said Regina as she let go of Reno's hips.

"What was that for?" Reno said defensively, blushing while taking a step back away from the tall girl.

"Sorry, but I had to know something." Regina replied. "Your body structure isn't that of a female. Reno, are you... a boy?"

Reno made a 'hmp' and folded his arms over his chest. "Of course I'm a boy. Though, admittedly, I do look more feminine than a boy could normally look, but I'm still a boy regardless."

Regina was speechless. She never once visually saw a boy who looked so feminine that he rivaled a girl's natural beauty. And the he blushed all embarrassed from the reveal gave her a strange fuzzy feeling in her core. She didn't know why, but she was somehow interested in this boy. "I apologize for touching you like that. It's just that your name sounded rather too masculine and strange for a girl to have, and you look very feminine that I thought you were a girl at first."

Reno looked back at Regina. "I guess I can understand how one could mistake me for the opposite sex, but..."

"Let me make it up to you for what I just did," Regina interrupted. "Let's hang out this Saturday. I'll treat you to lunch."

"W-Why? We just met and..."

"Please?" Regina insisted. She didn't completely understand why she was acting like this, but she did knew that she didn't want him to end up reporting her for sexual harassment. Reno's silence was making her nervous.

"I'll check my schedule." He finally answered.

Saturday went surprisingly well for Regina. She scheduled to have Reno meet her at Burger-a-Go-Go at noon and to her surprise, he had showed up like she wanted. After she asked him out yesterday it didn't took long for her to realize that she had nabbed herself a boy for the bet. Now all she needed was to keep him on her until the month ends. At first she was still nervous over what happened yesterday but then she was surprise to see him so forgiving of her.

After lunch they decided to walk around town together. Regina found out that Reno lived in New Vale, the lower middle-class section of Willowton. Regina had lived in north of New Vale in Makadewà Parish her whole life, so she had little knowledge of what life in the other sections was like; after all, she had it better than most people in New Vale and Clearport Industrial Park.

Days went by as the two continue to go out together, doing many things like shopping at the Willowton Mall, to going to Central Willowton and learning about the Mahìngan Tribe, and other activities. Eventually they started inviting each other over to their houses. Both Regina and Reno lived in relatively descent two-story houses. She was relieved to know that his family was getting by just fine. Regina was overly surprised of what had happened to her over the whole time she spent with Reno. Before all of this, she had no interest in anyone and wasn't at all excited about the bet no matter how much money and servitude she would accept from her friend Angela, but after these days of dating Reno was when she realized how close they've become together. He was surprisingly very fun and nice to her, and they shared similar interests, and he really liked her a lot.

However, she was also confused. She wondered to herself why out of all the boys and girls she's ever met, Reno was the one she genuinely liked. But one day when Reno invited her over to his place for games, he answered the door and She was surprised to see him standing in front of her wearing a gothic lolita dress. She had mistaken him for a girl again, only to have him correct her that he just liked to cross-dress. It was then that Regina had found her answer. If there was ever a kind of ideal boy her subconscious fantasized about, Reno fits it perfectly; One feminine enough to be mistaken for a girl, yet was able to be both feminine enough and masculine enough in behavior for her to understand and be comfortable around with. She didn't know why but she found such a boy to be very attractive to her.

It was those special feelings that Regina felt guilty. She really likes Reno and she was just using him as a pawn to win a stupid bet for personal self-interest. She didn't want this go on any longer. She wanted to be upfront and honest with her feelings, so she confront Angela one day at school to call off the bet with her. Angela at first thought that Regina was desperate and wishing to call off the bet to avoid the humiliation of losing, but her friend pleaded her to stop, telling her that her feelings for Reno were real, and that it wasn't right to keep this up. Angela had never seen her so serious and sincere before, and felt sorry for her. She realize that their competitive rivalry should've been kept in the past, for this bet was hurting her dear friend.

But before Angela could say anything, they both heard something behind them but when they turned around to see who it was, there was no one there. It wasn't a simple feeling like a student was simply walking by. No, they both had a dreadful feeling that they were being watched the whole time.

Since that very moment, Regina hadn't seen Reno for the rest of the day and he had been absent to school during the following days. She became very concerned for him, worried that something bad might've happened to him. She tried calling his house but no one would pick up the phone.

What is going on?She would asked herself those words over and over again, but it only made her more worry and concern.

And then Saturday, today, came. Regina decided that she was going to go over to Reno's house and see for herself if he was okay. She had put a black sweater and a simple pair of jeans and left her house. She didn't felt like driving all the way there and decided to take a quick bus to New Vale then walk the rest of the way to his house. Reno's neighborhood had little to no activity, and the cloudy sky that hanged above made the scene rather eerie.

She walked up to Reno's house. The place looked empty, but one could never be too sure. She took a deep breath and knocked on the front door. A minute went by before she knocked again, but no answered. Regina was really getting worried now. "Reno, it's me, Regina. Are you home? Answer the door." She called, knocking quicker and harder this time, hoping that someone, anyone, would answer her.

Her spirits lifted when she heard the door unlock from the other side. Finally, she'll get some answers of what's going on. The front door slowly opened. Regina expected for someone to greet her, but instead no one was there. The door had fully opened, so she knew that there was no one hiding behind it, and no one came walking out either. It all felt strange, even a little creepy, but her concern for Reno's well-being was far too great for any primal instinct to tell her to leave.

"Hello?" She took a step inside and looked around the corner. Again, there was no answer. She invited the rest of herself in, forgetting to close the door behind her. To her seventeen-year old teenaged relief, she found Reno sitting on the couch in the living room. He was in the gothic-lolita dress he wore that day when he unintentionally revealed his personal fetish to her. Regina smiled, putting a hand to her chest in relief and walked over towards Reno. "There you are," She said to the feminine boy. Her relief then vanished and was replaced with utmost concerned scolding. "Where have you been these past few days? You've been absent from school and you had me worried sick! What's going on here?"

Reno didn't say anything. In fact, he didn't even move, let alone reacting to see her in his own home. Regina took noticed and kneeled down to meet him at eye level. "Reno?" She asked and pressed her fingers against his cheek. He still didn't move, not even giving a single flinch. At first she thought that he was asleep, but she then noticed that he wasn't breathing. Regina was starting to get a little scared. What was wrong with Reno?

The lighting in the living room dramatically change, decorating it in red. Regina uncomfortably sensed that something was behind her. Something abnormal. Her head slowly turned and her eyes widened in uttered shock. Floating above her was a bright red light, the source of the dramatic change of lighting in the room. It was crazy for her to think so, but she couldn't help but think that this... light was staring at her. The light floated down towards Regina and Reno. Regina's sight was fixed onto it, too shock and in awe to move. It came in between her and the boy, and could only watch as it slowly moved towards Reno and disappeared into his body.

Lighting returned to normal and Regina regained her senses. She looked at the motionless Reno, scared and worried for him. "R-Reno?" She asked and raised her hand up to his face. When her finger were about to make contact, Reno's hanging head jolted straight up, making her fall backwards in surprise. His eyes shot wide open but instead of the calm beautiful dark blue color she was so use to seeing, they were an eerie shade of blood-red, bearing a glare devoid of light and life.

Regina got to her feet and kept her distance. Those eyes were too creepy; it was as if they were staring into her very soul.

A smile appeared on the Reno's face. "Regina! You came to see me!" He cheerfully spoke, happy to see her, and got up from the couch. "If I had known that you'd be visiting, I would've been more prepared."

'Prepared?' Regina thought to herself. 'What does he mean by that?'

"W-Who are you?" Regina asked.

Reno blinked, then said "It's me, Regina."

"You're not Reno! He has dark blue eyes. Your eyes are red. Who are you and what did you do to Reno?" Regina spouted questions. This whole experience was really freaking her out. Just who was the person standing in front of her?

Reno only giggled. "Regina, I am Reno. Actually, Reno is just a simple alias."

"An alias?"

Yep. It's an anagram for my real name."

"T-Then what's your real name? And what the hell are you?" Regina said demandingly out of rising fear.

Reno stared at her with his life-devoided red eyes and then smiled again. "It's Nero. Nero's my real name." He took a step forward, resulting in Regina taking a step back until her own back was against the wall. "And I'm a devil!" He happily announced his true self.

Regina felt her heart skipped a beat. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on their ends, and her throat became a hard lump. Reno... no, Nero wasn't human? A devil? Like the ones who were fallen angels of God that resided in Hell torturing the damned?

"A Devil?" Regina asked.

"That's true," Nero said, still smiling. "This is not a real human body you see before you. This is just a shell crafted for me to inhabit and interact with this world. Aww, I never thought that I would fall in love with a human, but here I am talking to Regina Chambers, the human girl who is so sweet and kind to me." He put his hands to his cheeks and gushed like a young hopelessly romantic girl.

"I love you so much, Regina." Nero said to his girlfriend. "That's why I'm gonna protect you."

'Protect me? Protect me from what?' Regina thought but then realized that Nero was slowly approaching her. Terror filled her senses and quickly panicked. "N-No! Stay away from me!" She ran towards the opened front door which then suddenly slammed shut on its own. She grabbed the knob but it wouldn't budge. She saw that it was locked and tried twisting the locks but they wouldn't budge either.

"Sorry, Regina," Nero's voice spoke from behind her. "But I'm afraid that you can't leave." She turned around to see Nero looking at her over from the living room. He looked very happy in a rather terrifying way. "I said that I love you and I will protect you. Even if it means keeping you here against your will."

"No!" Regina cried and ran towards the nearest window she could fine. Putting her arms over her face and using all of her might, she threw herself against the glass window. It shattered into many pieces and she fell hard onto Nero's front lawn. Her senses kicked into high gear and she quickly got backed on her feet. She felt like her whole world had turned upside down. This whole time she had been dating a demonic creature that not wanted to keep her all to himself.

All she thought about was running, running as far away as possible from that demon.

And here she was, running for her life from an otherworldly being. 'Why? What has happened to Nero?' She asked herself. Remembering the past events led her to only one conclusion. Nero was the one who had eavesdropped on her that day when she talked to Angela about ending the bet. She knew that she had no proof, but who else could it have been?

She shook her head. This wasn't the time wild guessing. That no longer matters now. What matters is that she must get as far away as possible. She quickened her pace and ran faster. Even with her bra, her immense breasts jiggled at each pace, but she was too frightened to care.

"Hey, Watch ou-"

Regina opened her eyes and ran into a couple of girls who were walking in her general direction. She hit one and fell down on her side.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" said one of the girls.

"Are you alright?" said another girl.

Regina looked up see the six teenage girls standing before her. They all looked younger than her, though one or two of them looked really close to her own age. What was she doing here on the ground looking at these girls? She had to get out of here before he catches up.

"Hey, beautiful," The boyish, spiky-haired girl smiled and held her hand out to Regina. "Are you hurt? Do you need assistance?"

She was wasting time. She had to get out of here!

"S-Sorry! I just... I gotta... I gotta..." She stuttered in panic. She jumped to her feet and took off again, forgetting to thank the girls who offered their help.

"Um..." The spiky-haired girl, Liadan Clohessy, uttered.

"That was rather rude of her." said the buxom, bandanna-wearing brunette, Sienna Ricci.

"I hope she's okay." said Pinky da Silva.

"Something's not right," said Amber Ramírez. "Did you see her expression? She was absolutely terrified. I don't think she was clumsy or just wanted to run without looking; she was running away from something."

Beryl Bleszinski stepped forward. "In that case, we have to go help her."

"But what about our mission?" Sienna interfered. "We can't forget about it."

Beryl looked at Sienna bitterly. "Don't tell me we're just gonna leave her like that. She might need our help, Ricci!"

Sienna frowned. Admittedly, she wouldn't want to abandon a person in need, and the girl was amazingly gorgeous, but she knew that Rêveam was an evil force that can extend and happen anyway. It was their duty as Kinrangers to keep Willowton safe, and after doing enough scouting in Makadewà Parish, they needed to patrol the other areas too. That was why they were on their way to New Vale.

"Well?" Beryl spoke up.

"Well we certainly can't ignore the people in New Vale who might need our help!" Sienna retorted.

Liadan quickly got in between the two. "Come on, no fighting you two."

"It won't help matters anyway." said Fu Qing. "How about we split up into two teams of three? Three of us will head into New Vale and conduct the search and the other three will go help the girl. How does that sound."

Sienna shrugged. "All right then." For her, it was better than choosing one and having to suffer of the consequences of the other.

It wasn't long until Regina slowed down and then completely stopped to catch her breath. Her hands on her knees for support, sweat dripping down from her bangs and chin, and her chest moving up and down as she breathed deeply to refill her lungs with fresh air. She found herself on the road just leaving out of New Vale. At that this rate she'll never make it out of this. What's worse was that she realized that she can no longer return home. Nero would know that she's heading back to her house, and he'll just simply follow her and then capture her and take her away. Worse, he might even kill her parents to get to her.

'What do I do then?' she mentally asked herself. The best possible option she had was to hide somewhere, hoping Nero would give up the chase. Even for the best possible option she had, she had no idea if it would work, or if Nero would give up so easily; for all she know, he might be messing with her and would just wait for her to come out of hiding before attacking her.

'I don't have much of a choice.' She thought to herself and when her energy returned, she turned and ran off the road and into the woods. She ran farther and deeper until she can no longer see the road behind her.

Regina brought herself to a halt again and sat down with her back against a tree. After burning up from so much running, the cool air felt so soothing and relaxing. The peaceful, quite scenery around her provided her with some comfort. But even that wasn't enough for her to eventually realize that she likely won't be able to ever return home as long as Nero hunts her.

She buried her face in her knees and hugged her legs, wanting to shut reality out of her senses.

"I found you, Regina." A soft voice, almost seductive in tone, whispered in her ear. Regina's blood turned to ice water and her skin tried to crawl off her body. She slowly turned around and found herself facing a familiar face and all too familiar red eyes.


With a cry of shock, Regina leapt away from the tree she was sitting against, and immediately getting back on her feet to face the creature. Next to the tree was Nero, still in his gothic dress, smiling at her dearly.

"That was a fun game," Nero chirped. "Though I wonder if you really thought you can get away from me."

Regina backed away, her eyes showing terror and hopelessness. How did he catch up to her that fast? "No, you just stay away from me."

"You shouldn't be running away from me, Regina." Nero took a step forward. "But it's alright. You'll be safe, Regina. I'll keep you safe."

"No! You're going to keep me trapped in your place forever. There's no way I'll agree to that!" Regina shouted back. Her voice was a now a mixture of fear and slight irritation. It seemed Nero had no consideration for her opinion and only wanted things to go his way.

"We can work something out then." Nero replied. He didn't seem bother by Regina's raised voice.

"But back there, you…"

"If I said something that scared you, then just pretend it never happened." Nero remarked. "I don't wish to give you unpleasant memories."

"But that's the point! You are scary!" Regina shouted and hid herself behind a tree. She expected Nero to reply back, but instead she heard nothing. She peaked out from behind the tree to see Nero standing there. He looked shocked and speechless, much to Regina's surprise.

"What?" Nero spoke. "What did you say?"

"I said you're scary!" Regina blurted out, hoping he would take a hint and give up.

Silence hanged between the two. Regina didn't bother to peak out to see if Nero was still there; of course he was there, staring back at the tree she was behind.

"Who are you calling scary?" He said softly. Regina couldn't hear him though.

"Hey, who are you calling scary!"

A distorted voice roared from behind, followed by a loud bang. Regina felled down and saw that the tree she hid behind was sliced the two. The top part fell and hit the ground with a loud thud. She turned to see Nero standing over her with a sad look on his face.

"Regina," He said sadly. "Is it true? Am I scary?"

Regina instinctually nodded as she tried crawling away from the demonic boy.

Nero closed his eyes sadly. He looked as if he was going to cry. Regina wondered if she was too harsh with that line.

'What are you thinking about, Regina?' Her mind argued with her. 'He's going to kidnapped you and imprison you!' She got back to her feet and got a few feet away from him.

A little smile crept on Nero's face. "I see." He said sadly. "I'm scary? Scary? Me? Who wanted to be the perfect boyfriend for you, Regina? Me? Who would do anything for you? That's just not fucking possible!"

He slammed his fist against another tree, breaking the bark and penetrating the vascular cambium. Regina cried and jumped back. She couldn't believe what she was seeing in front of her.

"Regina is mine! Regina must love me! Regina can't be running away from me! If anyway tries to take Regina away from me, I'll kill them!" Nero was being delirious, spouting sentences that Regina couldn't understand. He was going off his rocker. "You understand? Do you understand? Hey, do you understand?"

Regina didn't say anything. She didn't know how to respond to him, not in this state. Nero's face then contorted to a look of rage. His demonic red eyes shrunk down to small circles and his mouth opened, revealing a row of sharp teeth. "Hey, answer me when I'm talking to you!" His voice became distorted. It was something not of this world. He slammed his fist into the tree again, damaging it even more. It now looked like one more punch from him would completely break the thing in two.

Regina still didn't say anything to Nero. She feared that if she said something he'll not like, he'll…

Nero pulled his fist away from the tree and looked the glowing aura around it. His angry look disappeared, replaced with a broken smile, teeth still being shown. "Of course,"

Regina wondered what he was going to do now.

"My magic can do a lot of things." He looked at Regina with those unholy eyes. "If Regina keeps fucking with me like this… I might do something terrible to Regina."

He took a step forward and started walking towards Regina. Her eyes widen in terror. 'He's coming this way. He's coming towards me! He's coming! He's coming!'

Her senses returned to her and she immediately turned to run away from the demon. Nero wouldn't have it that way.

"Come back here, Regina," Nero's walking became a light jog. "If you don't know, I'll do something terrible to you, like sucking your soul out and eating it. Or maybe I'll just eat you alive!"

Regina ran faster but it only motivated Nero to start running too. "Or I can use my magic to make you explode. Huh? How about that? Or I can make your blood boil melt your insides. Or I can set you on fire! Or I can turn you into a blob of meat! How does that sound, Regina?"

Regina was panicking, tears coming down from her eyes. She was being chased by a real monster and it was making death threats at her. She had before been so scared in her entire life.

"Is that too much?" Nero called from behind. "How about something more mundane? Like how about I stab you repeatedly with a knife or a sharp stick? Or how about I cut your head off with a hacksaw! Or how about I gouge your eyes out, break every bone in your body, and slowly pull your internal organs out?"

Regina felt a strong force lunge come down on her back, forcing her to the ground. She cried and screamed, struggling to get Nero off of her, but he was too strong for her. "Or how about I do all at once? It would hurt, wouldn't it? I bet it'll hurt. It'll really hurt. Really, really hurt. Really, really, really hurt! And you'll be in so much pain that you'll scream! And scream, and scream, and scream, and scream, and scream! You'll be begging and crying for me to help you because it hurts so much!"

Regina cried in absolute terror and agony as Nero laughed maniacally in her face. It was over for her, she knew it; she was going to die here. She can only put her hands to her face and weep as she awaited her inevitable fate.

When Nero finished laughing, he looked down at Regina and said. "Hey now, it's alright. You don't have to be so scared. There's no way I would harm Regina, right?"

But then he realized that behind her hands, Regina was crying whimpering like a frightened child. Crying…

Nero looked down at Regina in a near-frozen state, and then his broken smile slowly disappeared. Regina felt a wet drop fall on her hand. She looked to see, much to her absolute surprise… Nero crying.

"What… have I done?" He said sadly, tears strolling down his cheeks. "I made Regina cry. I just wanted to be a good boyfriend for Regina. Regina's right; I am scary. Now Regina hates me, even though I love her this much. Even if she was using me to win a game against her friend, I still love her. Even when there's an evil force lurking in Willowton, I just want to protect Regina, but I made her cry."

Nero moved off of Regina and she then sat up right. It turned out that she was right about him being the one who spotted her and Angela that day. But even though every ounce of logic and instinct told her otherwise, even though she had every right to hate him, even though she can report him to the authorities, she actually pitied him. Because she felt responsible for contributing to the events that led up to this. Even though her feelings for him, if they still existed at this point, became real and led her to wanting to end the bet, she still used him during half of the total amount of time they spent together.

As far as she knew, she was just as guilty.

She put a hand to his head. She whispered to him. "I'm sorry."

He lifted his head to look at her. Even though his eyes were still red, the tears made them look less intimidating. "It's true that was using you at first, but then my feelings for you became real. That day with my friend, I wanted to have her call off the game we were in, because I didn't want to hurt you anymore. Can you forgive me?"

Nero wiped away his tears and put his hands on Regina's. "I'm sorry too. But…"

The tone in his voice changed slightly. Regina felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end again. "You must still stay with me. As I have said before, I must protect you for your own good. But if Regina keeps saying mean things to me… I might lose it again."

Regina was beginning to regret her actions. Was he still willing to do this?

"So I'm going to ask you one more time," Nero said, holding Regina's hand with his own up to his mouth. His red eyes with locked with hers. "Regina… am I still scary?"

Regina didn't want to say anything to upset him again. The best option she had was to give him the words he wants to hear.

She slowly shook her head.

Nero smiled. "See, there's no way I can be scary anymore, because Regina loves me. You love me, right?"

Regina nodded. Her feelings were now conflicted. One hand, the time they spent together was genuine and she wanted to keep those feelings alive, but on the other hand there's this…

"Yes! I love Regina too!"

"What do you mean you couldn't find her?" said Sienna.

"It's exactly as I said it." Beryl retorted.

"It was as if she just disappeared." said Pinky, scratching the side of her head. "But that's silly; humans can't disappear, right?"

"Unless she ended up in Rêveam," Amber spoke up, and then frowned. "But in that case…"

"Don't say it, Amber," Liadan interrupted Amber. "I don't want to assume the worse."

"Let's just hope that it's not the case," said Fu Qing.

"So what about the scouting mission?" said Amber.

"We didn't precisely found anything specific," answered Sienna. "But I can't help but feel that there's something odd going on in New Vale. Whether it's Rêveam or something else, we should continue investigating there."

"Yeah. Perhaps." Beryl agreed.

The six girls left school and went home. Shortly coming out from the front gates was Regina and Angela.

"Okay, I'll end the bet then," Angela concluded. "Though I guess I can consider you the winner anyway. At least you were able to get a boyfriend; I couldn't find anyone these past few weeks."

"Maybe it's best we put this rivalry behind us for good, Angela," said Regina. "I don't want to partake in anymore contests if they can be won at the expense of others."

"Yes, you're right." Angela. "You really didn't want to hurt his feelings. Oh, speak of the devil, here he comes now."

Devil. That word alone had changed Regina's entire life. Since that fateful and terrifying encounter last weekend, she continuously asked herself questions about the world. If Nero was a Devil, then are there other Devils living here too? Where did they come from? Why are they here? Why do they exist? Are there other creatures besides Devils that live here, hiding amongst humanity? Magic really exists? And what was this evil force that Nero spoke of that day?

These questions made Regina realize just how so small and insignificant her life was. There so many things in this world, hiding in both the most desolate places and in plain site. And she-no, all of humanity is completely in the dark. Humans are fragile beings, and there was no telling what all of these forces are capable. The thought alone was scary to her.

Regina Chambers, who wanted to enjoy the rest of her youth in peace, who thought the world was normal, was dead. Regina Chambers was now the girlfriend of an actual Devil, and a shell of the person she once was.

"Come on, Regina," Nero said cheerfully to her, holding her hand in his. "Let me walk you home."

Regina smiled weakly. "Sure… okay." She fortunately able to persuade Nero to not keep her captive against her will and let her continue living her life as a high school student.

"Everything will be okay now," Nero said. "Regina will be safe while I'm around. "Maybe Regina can form a pact with me? That way, she can learn to harness magic."

"R-Really?" Regina asked, confused and curious at the same time.

"Yeah!" Nero answered. "That way, Regina will be even safer. Regina's mine. I won't let her come to harm, and I won't give her up to anyone, because I love you, Regina."

"I love you too, Nero." Regina replied. Nero smiled then turned in front of her and brought her into a hug. She gasped as she saw him nuzzling his face against her big breasts.

"Yay! We'll always be together," He was very happy. "We'll be together for today, then tomorrow, then the next day, then the next week, then next month, then next year, two years, five years, and ten years later…"

He looked up at Regina from her chest and smiled happily with red eyes.

"Together… forever!"

The End

Author's Note: It's been a while since I've last posted a story here, so I hope this was good to anyone who liked my previous stories. This was a story that I wanted to do for a while, but had no idea of how make it work. Then Rabukurafuto's Summer's End and The Company of Wolves stories were what had me decide to set it in Willowton. Speaking of which, Sienna, Beryl, Liadan, Fu Qing, Pinky, and Amber are his original characters. Willowton is part of the An'uuto Mythos, also owned by Rabukurafuto.