Rourke walked down the stale white hallways, the sound of his combats boots the only thing giving off noise. The doors were sound proof; where no voice could be heard giving vital information to staff that weren't authorized to even hear what was going on behind those walls. Rourke knew for he had to know as chief Security General. He knew the teens that were given a second chance to become the greatest soldiers of America, fighting the bad guys that can't be mentioned in the news. His mission wasn't to worry about all the bad guys in the nation; he had to worry about one specific person that was on the eyes of Lab 13.

He put his hand on the thermal lock, and the door swished open. He entered the room, and saw the group of teens sitting around the table. Well, most of them were sitting around the table while one was on it, meditating his Buddha crap.

The Striker Squad all looked at him, even Isamu opening his eyes from his trance. Blaze was playing with fire on his fingers and quickly sat up and stopped as Rourke came in. Frost was fidgeting with his coat button, Rourke wondering why he would have a coat on in the summer heat. Janice stood in the corner, her arms crossed and not happy to see Rourke.

Then again she was never happy to see Rourke. If it was up to Rourke he would put Janice off the team and find another telepath on the team. Unfortunately they didn't have many telepaths in Lab 13 that had such an extent to match up with Janice. Any of them weren't as skilled and trained either. He shrugged off his thoughts and sat in the seat facing all of them, rubbing his jaw to soothe the pain. That boy with super speed gave him quite a hit, and was lucky to be sighted by his colleague to get out of the building in time.

He cleared his throat, and began the meeting. "Hello, Striker Squad. It's all good to see you healthy and well from the last mission you had. From what I heard it didn't go as planned."

"We underestimated the Zulu Unit by a large calculation, sir." Isamu's eyes was once again closed, his lips the only thing moving from his body.

"Yes, well those calculations got your team leader killed, didn't it?" said Rourke with a hint of discipline in his voice.

"It's not our fault that Ivan was so damn cocky and oblivious to teamwork. All he wanted to do was grow into a huge monster and punch things to death. The guy was a psycho." Blaze didn't have any sympathy for his dead teammate, and lay back in his chair. He was about to put his legs up on the table, but saw the nasty look on Rourke and decided against it.

"Well, despite the lack of leadership your team leader had, I decided on a new team leader, one that will give you the extra advantage if you ever come across the Zulu Unit ever again." Rourke opened the file case he carried inside.

"A new team leader, that is quick don't you think? Why not make it one of us?" asked Frost. He was hoping he was able to call the shots in the Striker Squad.

Rourke gave a quick glance at Frost and let out a short and silent chuckle. "Because none of you are equipped to lead a team of your own, so instead you'll all have a new leader. Is that a problem for anyone?"

There was no objection to the matter at hand, so Rourke continued.

"Your new team leader is a gifted one, I'll give you that. Enhanced speed, strength, agility, all five senses, able to project photon energy out of his body, and here's the big one: He is able to mimic your abilities for a short period of time."

Everyone's eyes lit up, including Janice's. She knew only one person who was able to do that, and it happened only once in her life. She didn't think it could be the same person. She made sure they wouldn't have him in this place ever again.

"How the hell can he do that?" said Blaze, his voice almost outraged.

"You'll see soon enough, allow me to introduce you to your new leader. Come on out Derek," shouted Rourke, and the door swished opened.

Janice was able to let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding, and saw the boy who came in. He was fairly tanned, bright blue eyes, and short fair blonde hair. He looked just as handsome as Oliver, but in just the opposite way. Oliver had round, city boy looks. This boy named Derek looked like he was from California going out surfing every other morning. She couldn't help there was something about Derek that she couldn't put her finger on it.

"This is Derek Swift, codename Trojan. He will be your new team leader, and lead you on missions whenever you are needed." said Rourke, standing up and putting his hand on Derek's shoulder.

"Good afternoon to you all," nodded Derek to the Striker Squad. They nodded back, and Derek turned to Rourke. "How are you feeling today Mr. Rourke sir?"

Rourke smiled stiffly and nodded. "Feeling just fine son," he coughed to clear throat, and looked over to the Striker Squad. "As you will go on frequent missions daily, you will have one secondary mission that you will always be doing when the job is at hand."

"And what would that be?" asked Janice.

Rourke tossed the file case to the center of the table, landing perfectly in front of Janice. The file contained a case a young boy with brown hair and green eyes. Janice recognized that boy anywhere, and cursed under her breath.

"You're secondary mission is find and retrieve Oliver Qwinn, codename Spartan. When you find him, you will capture him. When you do, I want you to—"

"Kill him" interrupted Derek, a glint of rage in his eyes.

"Yes, when you find him. I want you all to kill Oliver Qwinn."

"What happens if we don't?" Janice's eyes were full of rage as well, but not for Oliver.

Derek looked over to Janice, his face calm and his eyes returning to calm as well. "Well if you don't kill him, then I will, and if you stop me, I will kill you myself."

Janice's body stiffened, and sunk in her chair, looking at the file case.

"Now is everyone good with the terms we have for our secondary mission?" asked Rourke.

Everyone nodded, and Rourke padded him on the back and smiled at him. "It's settled then. Welcome to the Striker Squad as the new team leader Derek. It's good to have you with us."

Derek smiled, and when he did Janice's stomach twisted into a knot. The smile didn't seem natural, and it didn't seem friendly. "It's good to be here, Rourke. I'll be looking forward to kill for my country."

End of Book 1

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