Hey,it's me. This is an introduction to the characters of my up-and-coming story.


Jessica"Apple Ass" Dedo-New found lesbain-Long Blonde Hair,brown provacative-even if she doesn't know hair,G-CUPS, Almost perfect apple ass, has her eyes set on one of her roommates. Horny all the time, but conceals it.

Devi "Hot" Miyomaska-Lesbian 5 years and running-Angle Bobbed hazel hair and green very straightforward with her fucks, and her interests. Nice and purposely provacative.H-CUPS,perfect apple ass,has her eyes set on her homeroom teacher and one of her roommates. Horny if she eats too much chocalate.

Rebecca "BT(Big Tits)" Hoolio-Lesbian Since Forever- Extremely long blonde hair,blue that she's hot;lazy,likes her girls extremely sexy. Sarcastic and purposely flashing off her K-CUPS, kind of an apple ass, but not really. Horny after drinking to much Mountain Dew.

Elizabeth"NE=Not Easy" Webbster-Lesbian Since Freshman Year-Black Hair,purple eyes. Not Easy for a reason-wants to save herself for a senior-D-CUPS-Has a ass, just not an apple when around that certain Senior Girl.

Jade"DC=Don't Care"-Lesbian since 8th grade- Red hair, dark brown eyes,almost balck. Really doesn't care, she must get fucked at least once every month.E-CUPS. Has a big ass,apple-looking most of her jeans. Horny when in situations involving lingerie or swimsuits(preferrably bikini's).

Those are all the main characters, so stay tuned for the ACTUAL story, it's sure to be very...lesbian. = ).