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Jessica's POV

I walked down the hallway of my apartment building when I thought I heard something coming from the apartment next to ours.

"MORE!GOD,MORE!" Was that my sister? I peek into the room and find it to be true. My sister and my best friends sister are going at it. Fast and hard. I suddenly find myself being turned on by the scene, and snuck my hand up my shirt. When a dildo was inserted into Ashley,my BFF's older sister, I lost it. I sprinted down the hallway and towards our apartment. I skidded into my room,where Yoshi(my best friend) was.

"Is it okay for girls to have sex,Yosh?"

"WHAT?Oh, I don't know...Maybe." She closed the cap to her signature nail polish and came towards me.

"Do you wanna find out?" She nodded eagerly and I led her to the bed.

"How do we start?" She asked innocently.

"You strip. While I kiss you." I started passionately kissing her while she removed my pants and I removed hers. We separated for air and to pull our shirts off. We were in such heat of the moment, we started kissing again. She removed my lace bra slowly, where as I tore hers off.

"That totally turned me on..." She breathed.

"Just wait,babe." I slid down her stomach(because I was on top) to her breast, where I jiggled her C-CUPS. That was the first moan I ever got from a girl."Do you want me to touch your breasts,baby? Do you want me to lick your breasts,baby?" I whispered into her ear slowly.

She moaned again,touching herself. "YES!GOD,YES!" I felt content with the heartfelt scream, so I started attacking her mounds. Licking,sucking,biting. She was close to the end when I stopped."W-what? Keep going!" She grabbed my head and stuffed it into her womanhood.

I breathed into the delicious,cleanly shaven pussy,causing her back to arch. "MORE!" I did as directed and showed four fingers into her, cousing her to buck her hips around me. I got wet at the sight of her beautiful C-CUPS bouncing all around as she did. Mmm,ass. That sounds nice right now. I slapped my left hand hard on her ass,and started rubbing. I did the same with my right hand, only I was roughly kneading her breast. All the while, I was still exploring her pussy with my mouth.10 seconds later I had warm,delicious cum all over me.

"Delicious." She decided,licking it my face while I nipped her neck."Your turn." Yoshi flipped me over and inserted a pen into her hole, and bent down to share it with me. I twisted left and right, in so much pleasure. I kissed her as she continually fucked me, fast and hard. But it wasn't fast enough,so I slammed my hips into hers. "FASTER!" I shouted, and she did as I screamed. Yoshi, my best friend, was on top of me, fucking the shit out of me while licking my breasts. She kneaded them together roughly, and then took as much grouped-together G-CUP she could get into her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop.

I climaxed about 2 seconds after she started kissing was some blood, just like there had been in her's, because we were both virgins. I mean, until now. She lapped up my cum like a cat, and let me lick the rest of it off the pen.

"What are you doing,man?" Our two older sister's said, as if they didn't know. "Go get cleaned up." Me and Yoshi took a shower together, kissing and feeling all the while. We cummed for the second time today, and got out of the shower only to hear moans. What the fuck, man? Did they do this all the time, whenever they could find a bed? I motioned to Yoshi to not turn the shower off, and she abliged, even if she was confused. We both reached for towels, and I grabbed a pink where as Yosh grabbed a purple one. We peeked our heads out the bathroom door, and saw them making out and rubbing each other's pussies.

"I'm a lesbian, I do believe." I stepped out from behind the door and laughed at their shocked faces.

"Are you sure?"


"Yoshi?" Ashley asked, turning to the black-haired girl beside me.


"Okay, then. We'll have to set you up our school for lesbians." Theresa, my sister, picked up the phone and smiled at me.

"Hey,Jess, we need to talk." Yoshi pulled my into a small closet,so small that my G-CUPS were rubbing her C-CUPS. "I'm a lesbian."

"So I heard..." I started rubbing my back against the closet door,so that our nipples were brushing past each other.

"And at this school...there will be lesbians.I don't wanna be tied down while i'm there, so..."

"It's fine. I'm sure they'll all be plenty sexy, too. We don't even have to know each other. Plus,our sister's are like 'fuck buddies' so it's weird for us to do that kinda way, no one knows we slept together. Sound good, Yosh?"

"Sound perfect,Jess." We stepped out of the closet-nipples hard, thanks to moi- and shook hands.

"They said you can join next Monday. Stay home from school until then, you two." Ashley said, visible cum in between her and my sister's legs.

"You guys are freaks. Like, super freaks." Yoshi said, walking out of the room.

I can't wait till' Monday.

What did I say? Very lesbian,no? = )

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