AN: Just a warning, I'm not going to make an author's note every Chapter that I update. But I finally got this Chapter written! It took me forever to start, than I had to figure out a way to end it. Anyway, this is my original piece of writing! I hope you all like it!


Chapter 1

I narrowed my eyes at the two men in front of me. I back up slowly as they swung their axes at me. I growled. "Easy their wolfie, we don't wanna hurt you," The bulky guy smirked, waving his axe at me.

Did he think he'd have me that easily?

My growling intensified. There was a stone wall. If I got close enough I could climb it. Suddenly something really sharp poked my skin. I looked at my back foreleg and my leg was spluttering out blood. I yowled in pain and took huge steps backwards. The men laughed at me and came forward.

I started to swerve and become dizzy. All I remember was the men laughing at me before I feel into a complete state of darkness.

Groaning, my eyes flickered open. I looked around and immediately my ears pinned back. I was in a white room with computers all around me. I was sprawled out on a table with cables hooked onto my pelt. I didn't like this. Not one bit.

"Ahh. You're finally awake! Excellent!" A scrawny man smiled, walking over to me. Self-consciously I growled, my ears pinning back. "Now, now. We don't want to hurt you," He assured me. I barked out a laugh. That's what the two guys said before they knocked me out with whatever they knocked me out with. I don't know how they did it, but they had without me knowing.

The man just laughed, "We just wanna see how you transform and how it works." He informed me with a smile. I whimpered. I didn't want them to find out. Some secrets were better left unsolved!

He placed something really cold on my chest. "I don't know why you haven't transformed into your human form…" He murmured. I snorted. I could transform at will. I really didn't want to show him my human form.

He raised an eyebrow at me but stayed quiet. Clever of him. He continued to tap his pencil on his paper. "We have three others of you. Different forms," He told me. I narrowed my eyes. "No other wolf transformations. You're the only one we found at the moment," He quickly informed me for some reason.

"Doc, can we see you for a minute?" A feminine voice asked, concern etching her voice.

"Oh, yes. I'll be back," He assured me and walked out with that lady whom had called him.

I have to get out of here! I thought to myself, moving in the wires. An alarm went off and I scowled. Great, just what I needed.

The door opened as soon as the alarm went off and I felt a presence of somebody beside me. "It's time for your rest," The voice slurred. He sounded drunk. I growled when he touched me. Then, I felt limp and was able to move. I grimaced and tried to run away. I yelped as something hooked onto me.

"We can't have you running," He warned, eyes dilated. "That's an electric collar. Try to run away, and I zap you. Got that?" I nodded my head with a heavy sigh. No escaping this place until they got what they wanted. "Now, transform into your human form. We supplied a meal for you," He told me.

M, eyes rose at the thought of a meal. I haven't had a decent meal since I don't know when. That would also mean showing my human form, and I didn't want that yet. I glared at the man. "What?" He asked, than realization hit his face. "You don't want to share your human form, correct?" He asked. I nodded my head with a small bark. He man sighed, flipped open his phone and dialed a number. "Hey, Logan… Yeah, the wolf doesn't want to show us her true form. Mmhm… Yeah, alright." He murmured and hung up. "I'll set your food in your room. I'll leave so you can eat. But you only get an half an hour to eat," He warned me. I bobbed my head up and down. He led me to a small room with a very petite window. He opened the steel door and shoved me inside, shutting it with a slam.

I growled, turning my head. My growled stopped when I saw a plate filled with meat; Steak, chicken, pork and bacon. Beside the plate stood a monster. I licked my lips and changed into my human form.

I was skinny with mess brown hair that had natural black highlights, which was in a bun. I had the eyes of my father; which was Lime Green. I wore an old blue tie-dye shirt that was faded some places and some pants that were ripped.

I sat down on the chair that was in there and picked up my plate. I took a bite of my steak and savored every last taste of it. A low grumble entered my throat. This tasted really good. When I finished the steak I picked up the chicken and took a big chunk out of it. I munched on the chicken.

I heard a light knock on the door and I frowned. "Hello…?" The voice called steadily. I shape-shifted into my wolf form as I place the other half of the chicken on the plate. The door opened and a young man, probably in his twenties it looked like. "Oh! I'm terribly sorry! I thought this was where the white raven was…" He quickly apologized. I perked my ears and looked in his eyes. They were the same as my mother's light blue eyes. "I guess you're the wolf Jake and Mave were talking about…?" He asked, raising an eyebrow with a soft laugh.

I narrowed my eyes. I wondered if those were the guys that had attacked me. I narrowed my eyes more and he laughed, "Yes. It's the same guys." He answered my unspoken question. I growled. "They didn't mean to hurt you," He explained softly.

I growled, lowering to the ground. "I know you don't believe me. But they honestly didn't mean to," He still stood up for the men. They must've been good friends. I narrowed my eyes in warning. I'm still hungry. I could eat you if I wanted too.

He got the hint. "I'll leave so you can finish eating. I' sure they didn't give you enough time," I barked in response. He tipped his head and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Finally… I transformed back into my human self, finishing my chicken. Whatever the people wanted me for I knew I would not like. And I knew I had to get out of here. Before they found out what exactly makes me transform.