Hello Everyone. :) So this is my first 'story' here on FP. It's kinda just a cutlette. (like a piece from a whole story kind of thing). I doubt I'll make the full story, so you may just get pieces from it :) I hope that's okay. Hehehe, Be sure to tell me whatcha think please! :D

Dim light poured through the open window, making everything look silvery. I sighed, letting cool air that came from outside into my lungs. As I sat on a bed, not even my own, and remembered everything. Everything we had done together, anyways. The rest of my memories were mere smudges that took up space in my mind.

I let another breath escape my lips. This time however I turned my attention to the window. The scene before me was one I could never get use to. House upon house. They were stacked together, one right next to the other, taking up all the room and blocking the beautiful forest that ran just beyond them.

It was horrible, this place. But it was the only way we could both stay safe. It was the only chance of us meeting one another again.

The door to the room I was in opened a crack. A strong voice coughed and caught me off guard. I swiftly turned to look at the lady who stood in the doorway. She was tall, with short blonde hair that was pulled back into a tight bun. Her face was set with worry, not only for herself, but for me as well.

"Still awake are we?" She questioned. I nodded. I hadn't spoken since I arrived at her home, so nodding was my only way of communication.

"It's late you know. You should get some rest." She indicated the time by pointing to the clock that hung on the wall. The hands signalling that it was 4:23am. I smiled a sympathetically.

"Listen Lillie, I know this isn't your home, or even his. But for the time being it is. Please try to take comfort in this. It's not the ideal place for you. I understand that, but in order for you two to remain safe and unharmed you must stay and make it at least count. You don't want him to know you only stared out windows the whole time, do you?" Her voice was hard, but caring. I knew she only meant the best for me, but I couldn't just relax while everything was falling all around me.

I nodded, indicating another 'yes'. She sighed, probably disappointed that I still won't speak to her. Even after her somewhat heartfelt speech.

"Alright then. Goodnight Lillie." She said, closing the door shut as she left.

Once I heard her footsteps slowly walk away from the room, I went back to looking out on the town. Images of him began pouring into my line of vision. Memories of us flooded in as well. My eyes stung as I remembered how we had met, and how we had been led into this. This horrible life where we can't see one another for who knows how long. All because of me and my stupidity!

The tears I had been holding back spilled over, streaking my cheeks. I sobbed silently to myself, feeling helpless and stupid. 'It's all my fault.'

I sobbed for a while. It didn't help my breaking heart, but I felt a tiny weight lift off my chest. If only I hadn't left. If only I had thought about the consequences. 'Stupid!'

"Nate...Where ever you are...Please stay safe and wait for me..." I whispered my prayer, hoping it would reach him. And as I looked out at the white moon one last time that night, I felt like he was thinking the same thing.

I know it's really short..Sorry for that! But I hope it was still good :) Lillie is the main girl in this cutlette..I'll hopefully have a full profile about her & the guy mentioned (Nate) finished up, so I can write longer one-shots or something for them :)

Thanks for Reading,