An: Hey guys, this was inspired by a girl on my swim team.. I just thought what would happen if my dad married her mom after two ugly divorces. This would never ever happen but still thanks Lauren. So enjoy. PLEASE read and review. WARNINGS: cutting, drinking, drugs, eating disorders, and anything else I decide to put in there :p

Sisterly Enemies

Jamie Patterson sat on the edge of her bed, her white knuckles clenching and unclenching the sheets, why do they always fight? Yelling came from behind the closed door of her parents bedroom, as if the door makes it any less loud. Pitter patter of feet came into the noises surrounding her, Tyler was coming down the hall. The six year old always came into her room when the yelling started, and sometimes the occasional crash was heard as her mother's 6,000 dollar vase crashed against the wall. The creak of her half closed door grabbed her attention and she smiled. The small boy look innocently at her through his brown saucer eyes.

" Sissy… Can I sit with you?" She smiled and motioned to him to come over. Her arm draped over his small figure and she rested her head on his. The soft brown hair rubbed her cheek and she smelled the watermelon scent.

" Why do they fight?'" His voice but a whisper she barely heard him.

" I don't know love…" For once the truth came from her mouth, she truly didn't know what happened to the seemingly happy couple. He nodded and sighed, this was something a six year old shouldn't have to see….or live with. Finally after the screaming dulled to angered talking the boy hopped up and went to play with his legos. They were his life, all he talked about were his legos. I hate this… if they cant get along why don't they just sign the divorce papers? The thoughts enveloped her and she walked over to her book bag, reaching in the bright blue canvas. Pulling her global work out she went back over and tried to let herself be distracted. Putting her headphones in she let the music be her world…. Just escape… Closing her eyes she leaned against the wall and sighed.

" Jamie!" The voice startled her and she jumped, hitting her head against the wall. Damn, what now? Walking out to the hall she saw her parents in the hall, looking at her. Well glaring more like it.

" Yes?"

" Your going to be deaf by the time your twenty. If you don't keep it down its going to be with me for a week." I looked at her blue eyes, bright from anger and decided it wasn't worth it and apologized.

" Good. Now go do your homework." It would be easier if you two would shut up for three seconds.

" Yeah, I'm going." Closing my door I leaned against it and slid to the floor, my head in my hands. You know what you need… I knew what would fix this feeling, the solid silver blade. The more I thought about it the better it sounded, almost in a trance I walked over to my dresser and opened the first drawer. Sifting through bras and g-strings until my hand felt the cool metal. Closing my hand into a fist I pulled it out and walked over to my bathroom that was privately my own. Sitting against the porcelain tub I slowly dragged the blade across my wrist. Small scarlet drops of blood formed and slid down my forearm, the pleasing sensation making everything wonderful. Now this is what you needed… Now wrap that up and let's go for a walk, don't forget to blast your music.

Kaeleigh Barlow packed the last of her things in a box, moving away from the only home she had ever known… In fact the only town she had ever known. Carrying the heavy object down to her father where he would put it on truck without saying a word to her, what did I do wrong? That thought repeated itself in her head over and over again. It wasn't her fault they fought. It's not like I wanted mom to take me and leave. Being an only child she had grown up with her parents attending to her every whim. She saw her mom walk back into the house and walk up to her dad. Please don't fight… Just one time act normal…

" Goodbye Steven." He nodded and cleared his throat.

" Bye Tanya." She turned and looked over to me.

" Say goodbye Kaeleigh, you wont see him for two weeks." I walked casually over to my father, the only thing holding me back from jumping on him crying was mom. She was all about composure. Which is funny because she never keeps it when she's around him.

" Bye Dad.." He looked at me with no emotion, no expression.

" Bye Kaeleigh." He had no meaning with it, not even sadness. What did I do so wrong? He said it more lovingly to my mother then me… Following Mom I walked out of my house and into the silver car sitting in the driveway.

" We will be in Waverly by four, so what do you want for lunch?" She smiled an obviously fake smile and started the car. I shrugged and put my headphones in, music was the only thing that made it bearable.

" Well then we're going to Olive Garden outside of Thomasville, okay?" I nodded, not really paying attention. The lyrics were drifting in my head, I just wanted to let go and dance.

Just dance, It'll be okay… Some of the truest words ever spoken.